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Maru-boat--net red house and delicious restaurant Japan travel meets a lot of "limited" winter food limited steam train limited etc. / Hh/ I think the limited things must go to try If you don't live here, you can also eat here Gudan here after the tour is not a lot of selectivity Mumuzhou B&B offers a limited winter dinner needs in advance breakfast After a general stay, Auntie will ask if you need to prepare for breakfast tomorrow If you need it, you can add it directly dinner ingredients are prepared according to the season different seasons to play food for meals should be different I am going to winter qualifying "venison" If I am not going to try it easily in China, But when I travel to Japan, I feel that I want to try out the afternoon. The aunts will start preparing dinner dinner together with 7 dishes including Staple food venison barbecue pork covered rice peas fish fillets hot pot hot vegetables volume At that time, I feel that I am not full all finished and found to be full the essence of the material is delicate and slow venison for the first time component is not special More But when I come up, I feel that the meat is very thick and the Q is very thick is quite delicate a little cute square grill grid antique Chinese style small oven The taste of venison is similar to that of beef I personally think it is more tender than beef is a little bit sweeter I myself eat in the living room aunty together Come over also tell me how to eat venison estimated that in addition to going to Japan to eat should not eat venison when eating aunt and grandfather also asked me if you want Listen to them singing also said that the opportunity is rare hahaha breakfast taste is light Japanese breakfast must have rice hot spring egg tarts or Very delicious (Figure 8) Tips : Strong friends who come here to stay for one night eat food and go to the hot springs more happy The hot springs here are open-air public hot springs There are a lot of swan seeing you hot springs oh oh : When you take pictures, there must be no one. When I go, I see someone in the hot spring/ Hh/ There are tourists taking pictures This kind of behavior is not good Traffic suggestions: suitable for chartered to winter bus only two shifts Hokkaido winter The travel time is basically black at 4 o'clock in the afternoon reasonable time to arrange the game
Lake Akan
Punch a super dream hot spring, you can take a hot spring with the swan! The eastern traffic of Hokkaido is extremely inconvenient, but for this super beautiful hot spring that can be soaked with swan, we first take JR and then transfer to the bus, then chartered to go, but it is not a trip, Akan Lake is really beautiful! This hot spring is called Gudan Hot Spring. It is located on the shore of Qushui Road in Hokkaido and can only be driven by car or chartered. The spa is not big, it is open-air, and it is free of charge! This hot spring is forbidden to bare bubbles, so be sure to bring a swimsuit. There are two small houses next to the hot springs that can change clothes, divided into men and women, and there are public toilets in the parking lot not far away. We arrived at around 9 in the morning, and there was no one at all. There will be a group of swans playing outside the hot springs, and its a dream to take pictures. Recommendation: Before 10 o'clock in the morning and one hour before sunset, it is better to go to the light. Equipment: Swimwear, towels (all of which must be provided) Traffic: Sit JR to Kushiro, on the left side of the station No. 15 and other buses, there are not many flights, to be advanced Buy tickets at the station and go to the hotel on Lake Akan, 2,700 yen per person. We booked a chartered one-day tour online, and the return route was from Akan-Lake Road. In the peak season, the chartered car was 3,800 RMB. The result was a small tourist car (a dozen small buses).
Mimo Chiu
Akan Yuku No Sato Tsuruga
Within Hokkaido, there are no fewer than ten hot spring holy sites, such as Noboribetsu, Dingshanxi, Shishengchuan, Ranbe, Chuantang, and Akan. Akan Hot Spring is located on the shores of Lake Akan, and there are oversized hotels in Heya Group. Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan, once stayed at the Akan Lake, Akan, a long time, Heya. Checkin in the VIP area, you will begin to experience the delicate Japanese service, the first to taste the traditional Japanese matcha and dessert. Immediately led by the kindly kimono Auntie, the room in the lake was very nice, and I was glad that I finally decided to raise my budget to live in this lake view room. Enter the room, there is limited ice cream in the refrigerator, and black tea and Japanese fruit are prepared on the table. The room is divided into two parts, the room and the room, and the tatami room can be used for two beds, and the foreign room area has two single beds. During the day and the room area, it becomes a living room. From the large windows, you can see A Han Yue, soak a pot of hot tea, enjoy the snow scene, and you don't have to feel the cold, very comfortable. The whole afternoon, playing snow, bathing, enjoying the scenery in front of the hotel, the time is slowing down. Youjiuzhi and the wing of Heya next door, the two hotels are connected on the first floor, a total of four hot spring baths. It is especially recommended to visit the large bathing area on the first floor. There are not only four or five bathing pools, but also a few steps away from the open air. The open air of this bath is very quaint and is within easy reach of Lake Akan. First, soak the heat in the room, then soak it to the outside, and enter the water for a moment, especially satisfied. From the open air, the Akan Lake has been covered with snow, and the Aohan Mountain is not far away.
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