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Mount YoshinoNearby City

Mount Yoshino

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Ranked #12 in Nara Can't Miss Attractions
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"I want to go to Mount Yoshino. It's the cherry blossom season, the Nakasen-bon cherry blossoms rain, thousands of cherry blossoms bloom, the sunny clouds intersect, and the temperature is right. In this way, I set off from Osaka. At Tennoji Station, I took the Kintetsu Abenobashi Line to the end of Yoshino. I bought a limited express 1480, which soon arrived in an hour and a half, and the car was much more comfortable than express. These days, the cable car at Yoshino Station is closed, so as soon as I left the station, I saw a dense crowd, mainly Japanese, all queuing up to take the 360 yen bus to Nakasenmoto. I also followed to save my energy. In fact, you can get off from the Ruyilun Temple, and you have good physical strength in the morning. The scenery in Nakasenmoto is already very charming. When the spring breeze blows, the petals are falling, and everyone is softly wowing. It is a wonderful sight. From a thousand books to thousands of books, it's not too tiring. You can pass by several natural viewing platforms in between, and the scenery is invincible. Thousands of water shrines are beautiful, and there is a huge cherry tree inside, which is old. If you want to go to Okusenmoto, take a good rest here. Let’s talk about Okuchimoto, because many people don’t go to Oku from far away. Indeed, the road from the top to Oku is a bit torturous, and there are always cars passing by (by the way, remember to wear a mask), but gradually I find that the scenery tastes more It has become more and more like Alishan, with fewer and fewer cherry blossoms, and more and more virgin forests. It takes about 40 minutes to walk from the upper to the gate of Oku, and the slope is relatively steep, so be prepared. Here is the location of the hidden tower of Gen Yoshitsune. Those who know this history can visit it. When I arrived in Oku, I was the addict who cleared the customs, so I followed the road signs and went up again. About 20 minutes, I arrived at Nishiyuki-an, a small and small repaired temple where the priests of the Kamakura period lived. The style here is completely different from the bottom, the middle and the top, the eyes are yellow and rough, and I thought I went to the northwest. The walking path is very exciting, even if you are not careful, you don't know where you went. It will take more than 20 minutes to return to the hidden tower of Jinfeng Shrine from here, but I think it is worth it. Next, take a break and go all the way down, which will take about one and a half to two hours. To sum up, it takes a long time to come by express express. If you arrive at Yoshino near 10 o'clock, you can finish all the events in Shimochukō Oku and Xixingan (I am a little girl) in one day. Jinfengshan Temple is worth seeing. Don't wear high heels, but some people do. There is no food near Ouchenmoto, and there are buses from Oku, but the frequency is very long. Generally speaking, you will definitely want to play at the bottom, middle and top. Mount Yoshino is more primitive and beautiful. Don't worry, talk less, and you can feel the tranquility of the cherry blossoms. I said a lot, just to give you a reference, nothing more."