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Lake Tekapo

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Popular Attractions in Lake Tekapo

Mount John
81 Reviews
422 Godley Peaks Road, Tekapo 7999
Church of the Good Shepherd
388 Reviews
The Church of the Good Shepherd is a quaint stone church that is a symbol of New Zealand's Lake Tekapo. The church was constructed from building materials collected from surrounding construction sites, preserving the stones and plants around it. This gorgeous and elegant church blends perfectly with the natural scenery around it. The church is a popular destination for tourists, who enjoy taking a seat in the pews and watching the beautiful lake outside.
Lake Tekapo
288 Reviews
Lake Tekapo is located between Christchurch and Queenstown, in the heart of the Mount Cook Basin and MacKenzie. Surrounded on all four sides by thick bush and white snow, the sight of lake Tekapo under the dazzling sun is stunningly beautiful. As the glaciers of the Southern Alps melt into the lake, the rocks within the glaciers are broken into fine powder. As a result, the color of the lake in this area is a pale blue tinged with milky white.
The Mount John Walkway
3 Reviews
Outdoor Sports
Lake Tekapo,New Zealand

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Feb 20, 2020
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Feb 22, 2020
Partly Cloudy with Showers
Feb 23, 2020
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Trip Moments

On the fifth day of the South Island trip, starting from Christchurch, we crossed the Canterbury Plain, and there were snow-capped mountains and lakes in front of us. This is the difference between the South Island and the North Island. The volcanoes and hot springs of the North Island, the South Island have glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and lakes. It is recommended to come to New Zealand from the North Island.

This town, which is known as the world's super-starry sky, surrounds the super beautiful lake Lake Tekapo. The blue waters of Turkey are lightly milky white, and the colorful luke flowers in summer. Blooming on the lake and on Mount John, just pressing the shutter is like a postcard.

Two hours drive to Lake Tekapo, the second largest lake in New Zealand, surrounded by shrouded trees and snow-capped snow-capped mountains. You can see the superb starry sky, the quaint church of the Good Shepherd standing quietly by the lake, everything is so quiet and peaceful. Many people will choose to come here to register for marriage, and to achieve the beautiful marriage of God's joy under the testimony of the pastor.

Good Shepherd's Church Located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Tekapo in New Zealand, the back is a vast landscape, and many newcomers choose to have a wedding here. Although the church is very small and the area is only 20 or 30 square meters, the facilities are very good. The current Good Shepherd Church has become one of the first choices for newcomers to marry around the world. However, it is necessary to reserve a pastor long beforehand. It is said that it has been reserved. Next year.
Posted: May 2, 2019
Tikpo, the southern hemisphere's fairy tale fairy tale

tikapo is one of the world's seven starry sky reserves, light pollution is extremely low, while the altitude here is high and dry climate, with the highest sunny rate in New Zealand, most of the year It is suitable for star watching at night. Therefore, New Zealand's largest professional observatory, the world's southernmost observatory, the John Hill Observatory, and its sister observatory, the Cohens Observatory, are located here. All those who come to Tikpo should have the same purpose as us, and hope to see the stars and the Milky Way with their own eyes.

It is said that in order to protect the beautiful starry sky above the head, the town residents have been spontaneously reducing lighting since 1981 and installing the lamps in strict accordance with scientific calculations. The lighting of all monuments or buildings is strictly controlled to reduce glare and night sky glow. Since 2005, the town has begun to apply to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee to classify this sky as a Starry Nature Reserve, hoping to make the world aware of the importance of having a clear sky to humanity. .

When we wait for eleven o'clock every night, we will be in the Good Shepherd's Church like a bear. In the early night sky of the southern hemisphere, the stars and the galaxy of the sky are in front of my eyes. It is like a fairy tale fairy tale, away from the city, away from the pollution of light, the beauty is not true. Fortunately, like us, we can have such a wonderful encounter with the stars. At this point, you will feel away from the dust, everything is the most beautiful of nature.
Posted: Feb 22, 2019


10 BEST Stargazing Places In The World
Natural Landscapes
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Las Vegas
The Big Island (Hawaii island)
Lake Tekapo
Mount Cook
Why should stargazing be on your bucket list? Do you know that about 66% of the global population and 80% of our children cannot see the hazy center of the Milky Way even in the starry night sky? Are you aware that the light rays from electric bulbs scatter and strike dust, smoke, and air molecules scattering even more till they block the view of the stars completely? That is why stargazing spots are needed at sky preserves so we can watch the natural starry skies and the wonders they hold.
TripBlog   Oct 18, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Lake Tekapo, Mount Cook National Park, Mount John, Lake Alexandrina.
Here are the best places to visit in Lake Tekapo, including: Tekapo Springs, Church of the Good Shepherd Tour, Lake Alexandrina, The Mount John Walkway, Mackenzie Sheep Dog Statue.