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Lake Tekapo,Recommendations
Mount John
Mount John in South Island New Zealand offers a stunning view overlooking lake Tekapo from the top of the mountain. During winter it is covered in snow white, so if you are a fan of snow then come during winter time. It is about 45 minutes drive from lake tekapo which is 2 hours drive from Christchurch. Worth your time, worth to go. #wintergetaway #wintergetaway
Lake Tekapo,Recommendations
Famous attractions - Lake Tekapo Tkapo Lake is located between Christchurch and Queenstown, the famous tourist city of New Zealand's South Island. It is located in the heart of the Mount Cook Basin and MacKenzie. The second place after driving from Christchurch~ The beautiful and charming Lake Tekapo is surrounded by bushes covered with golden sunshine and snow-capped mountains. Originally an untapped glaciers, the unique blue-green rocks in the bottom of Lake Tekapo give the entire lake a dreamy scene. ChurchoftheGoodShepherd on the shores of Lake Tekapo This beautiful stone church is located on the shores of Lake Tekapo in New Zealand. The background is a vast landscape, and many newcomers choose to do it here. Wedding . From the window of the church altar, you can see the most spectacular views of the Southern Alps. The beauty here is like the Swiss style, the night is sparsely populated, it is a must for couples and couples. Our hotel is just across the lake - Peppers Bluewater Resort
Lake Tekapo,Recommendations
Lake Tekapo
New Zealand is the most snowy mountains and lakes. It is very pleasant to take pictures on the blue lake. It is recommended that you wear a small skirt or bright sweater shorts, or elegant skirts! When taking pictures, it is best to use telephoto to shoot out in far away places, so that you can shoot snow-capped mountains and lakes, you can put people in the middle of nowhere. If there is luke, you can use it as a foreground, so the environment portrait will be more vivid. !
Lake Tekapo,Recommendations
Lake Tekapo
Lake Tekapo in the South Island of New Zealand is a famous star town. You can't miss the star-watching tour here. You can join the star-watching group organized by the travel agency, or you can go to the nearby Shepherd Church to shoot the stars. Of course, stargazing activities are closely related to the weather. It is good for us to have good luck. The first time we see the stars, we can only use the amazing stars to describe the Southern Cross stars that are not in the northern hemisphere. If you are lucky enough, you can also see the Antarctic light. We deceive ourselves and think that we see the Antarctic light. To see the starry sky, you need to have two conditions, one is sunny, the other is less light pollution, the town of Tekap is a star town, the local residents and hotels are consciously paying attention to it. Light, let us appreciate the unforgettable beauty of the sky. The Shepherd's Church is a free place to watch the stars. Remember to never use the mobile phone glare, because it will affect the shooting stars around the world. It is also a great place to shoot the stars, under the stars. Is the church very beautiful? It is recommended to use the starwalk2 software to point the phone to the starry sky (as much as possible to dim the phone lights), you can see the corresponding constellations, so magical, of course, I also found my Gemini. About four hours before and after we finally experienced the blockbuster we thought, we left at 2 am, still many people gathered, and you will find that the most you listen to is always Chinese, feeling I have a fake New Zealand. Of course, there are people here who will take wedding photos.
Lake Tekapo,Recommendations
Lake Tekapo
On the fifth day of the South Island trip, starting from Christchurch, we crossed the Canterbury Plain, and there were snow-capped mountains and lakes in front of us. This is the difference between the South Island and the North Island. The volcanoes and hot springs of the North Island, the South Island have glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and lakes. It is recommended to come to New Zealand from the North Island. This town, which is known as the world's super-starry sky, surrounds the super beautiful lake Lake Tekapo. The blue waters of Turkey are lightly milky white, and the colorful luke flowers in summer. Blooming on the lake and on Mount John, just pressing the shutter is like a postcard. Two hours drive to Lake Tekapo, the second largest lake in New Zealand, surrounded by shrouded trees and snow-capped snow-capped mountains. You can see the superb starry sky, the quaint church of the Good Shepherd standing quietly by the lake, everything is so quiet and peaceful. Many people will choose to come here to register for marriage, and to achieve the beautiful marriage of God's joy under the testimony of the pastor. Good Shepherd's Church Located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Tekapo in New Zealand, the back is a vast landscape, and many newcomers choose to have a wedding here. Although the church is very small and the area is only 20 or 30 square meters, the facilities are very good. The current Good Shepherd Church has become one of the first choices for newcomers to marry around the world. However, it is necessary to reserve a pastor long beforehand. It is said that it has been reserved. Next year.