Things To Do in Lanshan

Jiuyi Mountain National Forest Park
386 Reviews
百合汨子I went on the National Day in 2019. There are two families in a row, with two 12-year-old children. The inside of the Zixia Cave is ok, but the scenic spots on the mountain need to be added with features, which are not interesting enough. In addition, the parking in the scenic spot needs to be improved
Lianzhou Underground River
2,466 Reviews
M71***01Lianzhou underground river, the attractions in the cave are good, very beautiful, walk in, take a boat out, the waterfall in the cave is spectacular, the strange stones in the cave are thousands of different, very surprised, the wine in the cave is good, can taste, praise!
Yunbing Mountain Tourism Sceneic Area
89 Reviews
sinteI decided to go temporarily, and the ticket was booked on the same day. I felt in a hurry. Haha! But after I went there, I found everything was worth it. The introduction of the attraction is very detailed, the road conditions are still easy to find, and the customer service contact is also in place. It takes less than 10 minutes after the ticket is finished to call back to verify the information, and I feel that the service is still full! I traveled with my family. When I went to find that the flow of people in the scenic area began to feel quite low, the number of people began to increase greatly when the Taiwanese bus came later, and then I found that it was all aunts hahaha... The recreational facilities in the scenic area including restaurants are all There are super convenient, as well as the hidden homestay in the bamboo forest, which is really more beautiful than expected~
Shundiling (Tomb of the Ruler of Shun) Tourist Site
57 Reviews
爱美食和旅行的胖哥哥[Scenery] Ningyuan County, located at the junction of Hunan, Guangdong and Guangxi provinces, is a mountainous place with beautiful scenery. Emperor Shun was the ancestor of the humanities of the Chinese nation. It is recorded in Sima Qian's "Historical Records" that Emperor Shun patrolled in the south, collapsed in the south of Cangwu, and was buried in the Jiangnan Jiuyi. Jiuyi Mountain, more than 20 kilometers south of Ningyuan County, is where Emperor Shun was buried. [Fun] Many people are not interested in cultural and historical attractions. They may come here just to see the beautiful scenery. The 60 yuan ticket will make many people not want to go. However, the benevolent see the benevolent and the wise see the wisdom, I think it really makes sense to come and see. [Price/Price Ratio] 60 yuan is a bit high for the price. It may be necessary to create an AAAAA-level scenic spot, so let the price go up first. Closer to home, it's really worth coming to see, five thousand years of Chinese civilization, I am very proud of being a Chinese!
Purple Glow Rock
28 Reviews
Geological Sites
_We***43Nice cave... I’m on my own. I take a bus to get there directly, and then take the ten-kuai money from the motorcycle to the cave entrance. Tickets are 30. There will be a speaker in there. If you are a personal tour, remember to keep the phone number of the master teacher , Because you have to take a car when you come out, otherwise you have to walk a bit far...then you can climb down this free mountain again, the scenery can...the climb up and down within two hours...and finally take the bus back to Ningyuan can enjoy it at night The supper in Ningyuan County is more delicious...
Qingyuan Jinzi Mountain Ecological Tourism Area
766 Reviews
小蘑菇wing仔Unexpectedly, you can watch snow in Guangdong too! ! ! The ice hanging on the Jinshan Mountain is super beautiful. It is only 4 hours' drive from Guangzhou. Just walk away! But if there is ice hanging, the temperature is generally around -2 degrees, the air humidity is high, the sleet is always falling, the road is slippery and icy, everyone must pay attention to keep warm and cold, bring your own raincoat, drive slowly, and try not to turn when turning. Too close to both sides of the road, it is easy to press the ice and skid~ but it is really worth it! great!

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Shizheng Square
Shizheng SquareYongzhou,China

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Nanping Ancient City
Nanping Ancient CityYongzhou,China

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Xiangjiangyuan Sceneic Area
Xiangjiangyuan Sceneic AreaYongzhou,China

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Square Children Amusement Park
Square Children Amusement ParkYongzhou,China

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Forest Botanical Garden
Forest Botanical GardenYongzhou,China

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Lanshan Bantang National Forest Park
Lanshan Bantang National Forest ParkYongzhou,China

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Lanshan Weather

Mar 1, 2021
Light rain
8 ~ 14
Mar 2, 2021
8 / 13
Mar 3, 2021
Light rain
9 / 13
Mar 4, 2021
8 / 12
Mar 5, 2021
8 / 12
Mar 6, 2021
8 / 12
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Lanshan
Mar 1, 2021 Lanshan Weather:Light rain, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:100%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:55/18:33
Lanshan Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Very Low

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