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Trip Moments

Bailuyuan Film City
Hengdian Studios and Ningxia Western Film and Television City are very famous in China. There is also a film and television city in Shaanxi, which is the Bailuyuan Film and Television Base, which covers an area of more than 1,000 acres and is located in Qianwei Town, Lantian County, Xi'an. The film and television city is very large, covering an area of 700,000 square meters. Tickets are free. After entering the scenic spot, you can see an elevator that claims to be the largest in Asia. You can take the elevator to the ancient town of the core scenic spot, but you need tickets for 20 yuan. Bailuyuan Film and Television City is a group of antique buildings built in the original book of Chen Zhongshi's novel "White Deer". The work of Mr. Chen Zhongshi's book "White Deer" was broadcasted in previous years. With the broadcast of TV series, Bailuyuan also became a people. In addition to "White Deer", there are also a lot of film and television dramas to be filmed here, such as "Bingouts". The whole white deer was originally composed of many scenic spots. The area just entering the scenic spot is a garden. The scenery is not bad. You can see a lotus flower, but unfortunately it has not been opened yet. The main scenic spots are composed of Bailu Village, Zishui County, landscape trails, creative arts and cultural areas, amusement parks and other redundant landscapes. At the same time, Wuguan, Xiaoguan, Dasanguan, Jinsuoguan and Shaoguan are selected to form a circle. Scenery, walking to the highest point of the scenic spot, you can see the white deer. Here, I have restored a lot of familiar scenes in the book. There is a Tianxiaoyu cave in the middle of the scenic spot. Tian Xiaoying is the most pitiful and controversial woman in the "White Deer" drama. Her fate is very rough. As a victim of the transformation of the old and new society, she has complicated emotional entanglements with many men in the play, but she is only happy with Hei. The cave door is very small, you need to bend over to get in, there are film and television stills inside, as well as arranged quilts, tables and other daily necessities, very lively atmosphere. The core area of the scenic spot is the Zishui County, the highest antique building in the mountains. The main attractions are Zhongdaxi, Cinema, Wenchang Pavilion, Yushe, Chenghuang Temple, Tongfu Culture Inn and Baiyun Temple. Of course, this is also a food street. Hungry, you can sit here and taste some snacks. Zishui County is an antique county-level building complex built by Chen Zhongshi's novel "White Deer" as the architectural blueprint. There is also a trick inside. There are performances every day, and the earliest performances are free to watch, but now I want to see performances. Still have to charge. In the innermost part of the scenic spot is the famous Bailu Village. Many film and television dramas are here. The same is the antique village complex built on the original book of Bailuyuan. The main attractions are the ancestral hall, the theater building and Guanzhong. Square, Baijiaxuan home, Luzi Lin family, etc. Bai Luyuan once had a lot of stagnation in Guanzhong. If you like to be a building and like Bai Luyuans play, you can still take a turn here.

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Shuilu Nunnery
A nearby attraction near Lantian County, all the way to the navigation, about 30 minutes. There will be a mountain road in the middle. We came late, and we went to the foot of the mountain at 4 o'clock. We caught up with a lot of private cars and went down the mountain. The mountains were small and the water was blocked. If you are planning to play here, don't be in the end, try to come as early as possible. As soon as he arrived at the door, he could see the stone statue of Wang Wei. Wang Wei had lived here in seclusion, creating the Xichuan Villa and Twenty Years of Luanchuan.
1. About tickets: Attractions are free and do not require tickets. It is also possible to take an ID card to collect tickets at the service desk and obtain a driver's license and other documents. The ticket will be redeemed at 4:30 and the holiday will be slightly later.
2. Opening hours: 08:00-17:00
3. Catering: There is a snack spot in a tent in the scenic area, selling some Lantian specialties, stuffed skin and so on. The price is also relatively affordable, 6 yuan a copy. There are also small shops selling ice cream and drinking water in the scenic spots.
4. Traffic travel: The traffic here is not very convenient. It is recommended to drive by yourself. The parking fee of 5 yuan is not limited, and there are many parking spaces. The bus has direct access to the hillside and it takes a walk and the number of trips is relatively small.
6. Suggested play time: 1-2 hours is enough, the scenic spot is on the mountain, and the appearance is a small building with Lingyun Cave. After entering, it is like a new world. There are water and stone in the scenic area, and the colorful lights are on the stalactites. It is very exciting. The depth of the cave is 527 meters, divided into two layers, ten caves, each with its own style. Even if the outside is sunny, the heat is surrounded, the hole is always cool, and the coolness is constantly coming. It is recommended to bring a thin coat.
8. Accommodation: On the way up the mountain, there are some farmhouses on both sides, and some offer accommodation. If you don't hurry, there is no need to live here.