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Things To Do in Lanzhou

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    Lutusi YamenLanzhou,China

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    Lanzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition HallLanzhou,China

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    Xujiashan National Forest ParkLanzhou,China

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    Zhuangyan TempleLanzhou,China

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    Dengjia GardenLanzhou,China

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    Shimen Resort VillageLanzhou,China

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    The Yellow River Iron Bridge: Screws from Europe The first bridge across the Yellow River #Yellow River Iron Bridge is also known as: Zhongshan Bridge, one of Lanzhou's most important landmark buildings, is also, the Yellow River's first true bridge, with a history of over 100 years. # The 100-year-old Iron Bridge# was built during the Westernization Movement during the late Qing Dynasty. The construction was proposed by Zuo Zongtang, and was supervised by Sheng Yun, the successor Governor of the Shaanxi and Gansu Provinces. It not only applied German engineering design, but was also built using steel and screws imported from Europe.
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    About Lanzhou

    Lanzhou is located along the banks of the Yellow River and is the provincial capital of Gansu. Lanzhou offers an experience of true immersion in China's great northwest. According to many tourists and travelers, this city is just a transit and transfer point where, after just a short stay, they will continue onwards to southern Gansu or west along the Yellow River. But Lanzhou also has its own enchanting charm. After arriving in Lanzhou, eat a bowl of beef noodles, sip a sweet cup of "sanpaotai" tea and go for a stroll along the Yellow River. Then, you can begin your explorations of China's vast northwest.

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    Here are the best places to visit in Lanzhou, including: Lanzhou Ocean World,Baitashan Park,Lanzhou Water Park Dinosaur
    You could try Gansu Provincial Museum,Lanzhou Ocean World,Waterwheel Expo Park,Yellow River Mother Sculpture,Wuquanshan Park in Lanzhou
    Take the train and take a day trip to the local area
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