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Lanzhou University Yuzhong Campus Museum

Lanzhou University Yuzhong Campus Museum

4.8/55 Reviews
"First visit to Lanzhou University (Yuzhong Campus) Lanzhou University is divided into multiple campuses. The Yuzhong campus is where most undergraduates spend four years of undergraduate time. Following the wheels of the school bus, we went to the Yuzhong campus to complete the reporting procedures. From the time they got off the school bus, each college began to separate camps, each guided their freshmen to their camps, went through various reporting procedures, received relevant materials, and then the senior students guided them to their respective dormitories. The dormitory is clean and bright, the dining hall is spacious and tidy, and the campus greening is very prominent in the northwest region. The green grass, green trees, and purple flowers bloom in full bloom. Let us temporarily forget the current situation of lack of water resources in the northwest. Just looking up inadvertently, seeing the low hills surrounding the campus on three sides, looking at the yellow hills that are completely different from the green on the campus, this question re-entered my mind. There is a very interesting saying that the orchidaceae family is very famous. One of the main scientific research goals of the orchidaceae family is to make the Cuiying Mountain of Lanzhou University change from "Zhuyang Mountain" to a veritable "Cuiying Mountain". Yingshan". There is also the name of the various buildings of Lanzhou University, which have strong northwestern regional characteristics. The library is called Kunling Hall, the teaching building is called Tianshan Hall, and the laboratory building is called Helan Hall... A breath of remoteness is blowing. We met the most beautiful time ever in the Yuzhong campus of Lanzhou University. We believe that the campus will be better and better in the future, but the beauty now belongs to our classmates in school."