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Luanxian Ancient City Without Civilians
Intangible Heritage Cultural CenterNearby City

Luanxian Ancient City Without Civilians Intangible Heritage Cultural Center

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Open from 9:00am-9:00pm (Local time)
"Civilian Culture Art Garden, Luan County, the hometown of Chinese shadow puppet art, and the hometown of Chinese Pingju art, blooms the treasures of Luanzhou shadow puppetry, Luanzhou Pingju, Luanzhou paper-cutting folk art, and excavates, protects and inherits intangible cultural heritage projects. The shadow puppets in Luanzhou, which are in the world, originated from the first batch of national intangible heritage lists during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty. One of the representatives of the three genres of Shaanxi shadow puppetry, Chaozhou shadow puppetry and northern shadow puppetry in China. Gu Jiegang's "Lanzhou Shadow Play": It turned out that after Mr. Huang invented (actually disseminated and improved) the shadow play, the spreader was very prosperous. After decades, the power spread to the three eastern provinces. At this time, Manchuria was booming. Yizi Xingqiang Pingju has a crisp and tactile voice, and the common people love to hear it. Its birthplace is in Luan County. It was named the hometown of Chinese Pingju art by the Chinese National Association. Luanzhou Pingju art has a profound foundation and inheritance and development. Pingju is known for its singing skills. It originated from Lianhualuo in eastern Hebei. It absorbed the drum scriptures, singing and movements of Hebei Bangzi, Peking Opera, Luanzhou shadow puppets, Errenzhuan, etc., and established and gradually developed. West paper has moved into Luanzhou paper-cutting in the east, an important post in the northern paper-cutting art gallery. One is self-cut window grilles, blessings and embroidered patterns on pillows and cloth shoes; the other is used for merchandise sales. Paper-cutting is the art of Baigong, the trace of the intersection of nations, and the crystallization of cultural integration. The filmmakers dedicated to shadow puppet clubs are vivid and lifelike, and are high-end works of Luanzhou paper-cutting."