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About Lechang

Lechang (乐昌) is situated in Northern Guangdong Province. It is known as the northern gate of Guangdong and is inhabited by the Hakka people. Lechang offers unique landscapes and beautiful scenery comprising Danxia landforms, karst landforms, lava caves and subterranean rivers. The region is also home to hot springs. Jinji Ridge (literally “Rooster Ridge”) is located in Pingshi Town, and is so named as the northwestern peak resembles a rooster. The area also has a large limestone cave, the ancient Buddha rock, which gets its name from the ancient Buddhist temple that once stood at the cave entrance. The stalactites in the cave form various types of stalagmites, “stone flower” lichens, and more, collectively referred to as the “three palaces and four halls.”

Popular Attractions in Lechang

Ancient Buddha Rock Cave
79 Reviews
Geological Sites
Ancient Buddha Rock Cave is a large limestone cave located at the junction of Shaoguan City and Lechang City.There are many stalagmites in the Ancient Buddha Rock Cave, with stalactites as well, arranged into three layers. Because the shape of the stone is very unique, much like the immortal Buddha, it is named the Ancient Buddha Rock. The shapes of stone flowers, stone pillars and stone curtains in the Ancient Buddha Rock Cave are all unique, like a elegant painted scroll.
Golden Rooster Mountain
67 Reviews
Golden Rooster Mountain is one of the famous mountains of Northern Guangdong, located in Pingshi Town, coming under the jurisdiction of Lechang city. Because Golden Rooster Mountain has cliffs and precipices on all sides, the mountain possesses odd rocks which are shaped like a rooster, and it seems to be crowing to the north, it is consequently named as such. At the summit of the mountain are three graceful piles of stones, which can be described as a natural wonder. Especially in midwinter, there is an expanse of white snow, and the snowscape is unique.
Jiufeng Town
47 Reviews
Jiufeng Town is a popular scenic spot in the local area. It is named after the town that has nine peaks. Every spring, there are areas full of peach, pear, and plum blossoms, which are very lovely. Most of the best flower viewing locations in the town are scattered in several villages. Pingshi Village is very close to Jiufeng Town. Tea Village is one of the more popular villages. In addition to the beautiful scenery of the sea, Shanglang Village has a more ancient feel with long history.
Jiufeng Town Flower Sea
18 Reviews
Botanical Garden
Jiufeng Mountain, a small town situated in the Gaohan mountainous area of Northern Guangdong, has a big temperature difference from day to night. The special climate has made the beautiful natural ecology of Jiufeng and has turned it into an excellent producing place for high-quality fruit trees. Every year from mid-February to late March, is a great flower viewing season. In the Flower Sea of Jiufeng Town, you can look at a large number of peach blossoms and plum blossoms competing to open. Strolling into Jiufeng is an ocean of flowers. In the spring days when the peach blossoms are in full bloom, the riverside, the village, and the hills are filled with blooming flowers.

Lechang Weather

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Trip Moments

Wearing a Chinese costume to see flowers, how to make a beautiful photo like a fairy? is the most beautiful flower viewing in a year, with flowers set off, blending into the sea of flowers, then how to shoot Hanfu flowers? How do all kinds of colors and costumes match harmoniously? Want to exercise the photography technique of training male tickets, how to take photos with artistic conception? Models and photographers need to do a small homework before shooting, so the photos they take are satisfactory. Flower color classification white flowers: cherry blossom, pear flower, plum blossom yellow flower: winter jasmine, rape blossom purple pink flower: bougainvillea, peach blossom red flower: rose , rose, peony bright color corresponding clothing color: white (preferred), all colors light color, material texture is soft, such as chiffon, gauze, feathers are the best, the whole person will be more lighter . light color corresponds to bright colors: dark green dark green (preferred, dark skin is not recommended) all dark lines with high saturation. This shot color: Peach blossom (too bright) Clothing: Qi chest skirt Hanfu (light purple) photographer 1. More than three colors, the color or pattern on the clothes should have the same elements as the flowers, so that the characters will look very harmonious and the characters can jump out of the flowers. 2. Model pose: Close your eyes, lie down, take a fan to block your face, look up and lick your chin with your fingers, and look up at 45 degrees. 1. The frontal composition is basically error-free. 2. Avoid being photographed in the middle, try to move to the right or left side, the composition will not be Low first, pay attention to the proportion of characters and flowers.
Posted: Mar 3, 2019