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About Leshan

True to its name, Leshan is a “city of mountains and rivers.” The landscape here is magnificent, with many historic sites, and it is one of Sichuan's great tourist destinations. Mount Emei, in the area of Leshan, is one of the four great Buddhist mountains in China. Deep in the mountains there are many temples, suffusing the area with a serene Buddhist atmosphere. From here you can also gaze out at the sunrise and the sea of clouds. The Big Buddha Temple at Leshan is also a scenic spot you absolutely must visit. Designed as a statue of a seated Maitreya Buddha, it is a fine work of cliff-carving from the Tang Dynasty. Additionally, you can take a ride on the “living fossil of the Industrial Revolution”, as the Jiayang steam train is known. Chugging cheerfully along in the mountain wilderness, it showcases the elegance of trains made in the local area.

Popular Attractions in Leshan

Emei Mountain
19,202 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
Mount Emei is one of the four famous mountains of Chinese Buddhism, and it is also the temple of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva. There are numerous Buddhist monasteries in the mountains that combine to give this place a holy and serene atmosphere. The scenery in the mountains are beautiful. The four seasons each have their own characteristics. If you are lucky, you can see the sunrise and sea of clouds. Do note that the monkeys in Mount Emei are notoriously naughty. They are not afraid of people, and even take the initiative to ask tourists for food.
Leshan Giant Buddha
11,537 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Historical Site
The Leshan Giant Buddha is located on a rock wall of the Lingyun Mountain at the junction of Leshan's Min River, Qingyi River, and Dadu River in Sichuan. It is a sacred place for Buddhist and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Leshan Giant Buddha depicts a seated image of Maitreya and it is an exquisite piece of cliff-carving work from the Tang Dynasty. The colossal statue is about 70 metres high and over 1,300-years-old, making it the largest stone Buddha in the world, and by far the tallest pre-modern statue. It took an astonishing three generations of craftmen and 90 years to complete. When viewing the tall and majestic Giant Buddha, one cannot help but marvel at the wisdom of the ancients. In the absence of modern large-scale tools, they were still able to leave such a legacy.
Golden Peak Temple
1,935 Reviews
Observation Deck
Emeishan's Golden Peak Temple is surrounded on all sides by places of interest, attractions, and temples of all sizes, shapes, and historicity. To visit here is to truly experience the essence of Emeishan. Golden Peak Temple's golden statue of the Samantabhadra (the Universal Worthy with Four Faces and Ten Great Vows) is a must-see for many tourists to Emeishan. It is also one of the Han ethnicity national key temples of Buddhism. At 3,079 meters above sea level, visitors to the Golden Peak Temple will find their breath taken away by more than just the 48m tall Samantabhadra. While there, devotees may also go to the Huayan Temple to pay respect to the Buddha. From all four sides of the Golden Peak Temple, it is possible to see Emeishan's four wonders - the rising sun, the sea of clouds, the glory of the Buddha, and the holy light.
Lingxiu Hot Springs
1,332 Reviews
Hot Spring
Lingxiu Hot Springs are located in Emeishan’s famous Baoguosi Scenic Area near Lingxiu Lake. Lingxiu Hot Springs have many types of hot spring pools both large and small, which tourists can choose from according to their wants and desires. Even in the coldest winter a visit to Emeishan’s Lingxiu Hot Springs will always been warm and welcoming. Visitors can enjoy a discounted rate by entering before 5 p.m.

Leshan Tours & Tickets

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Leshan Giant Buddha 1 Day Tour
1 Reviews
Available for Tomorrow Onwards
Leshan Giant Buddha and Emei Mountain Train 2-Day Tour
Private Tour: Day Trip to the Leshan Grand Buddha from Chengdu
1 Reviews
Available for Tomorrow Onwards
Chengdu Panda Leshan Giant Buddha Emei Mountain 2 Days Trip


10 Amazing Places to See Buddha around The World
Cultural History
Leisurely Vacation
Religious Institutions
Vinh City
There are obviously numerous places in the world where you can see a Buddha statue, most probably inside a Buddha temple. Temples in Buddhism are said to be representations of pure land and pure environment and are designed to inspire peace both inwards and outwards. It is understandable that the architecture of these temples varies from region to region due to cultural intermixing and other impacts. A Buddhist temple is not just the main building however; rather it is the complete surrounding environment around it. The design of the temple is to symbolize the five elements of nature; fire, water, air, earth, and the fifth one being wisdom. The following guide will help you know about 10 amazing places around the world where you can see a magnificent Buddha statue.
TripBlog   Oct 17, 2019

Leshan Weather

Aug 13, 2020
22 °
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Aug 16, 2020
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Trip Moments

Emeishan Golden Top Raiders Emeishan tickets constitute big tickets 160 yuan, from the purchase date for two consecutive days in and out of the Emei Mountain Scenic Area scenic bus half 40, the whole process 90, including one up within two days One down, convenient for the passengers of the Golden Summit. Golden Tunnel Up 65, down 55, large ropeway, many people line up with the lifted cableway. About Shangshan: First of all, you can buy tickets and bus tickets at the high-speed rail station or tourist service center. You can book on Trip, you can directly print the ID card, it is very convenient, the price is the same as the one bought in the scenic spot. The bus will take about two hours to go to a site in the mountainside of the mountain, Leidongping, and then walk 1.5 kilometers to the mountain for about half an hour to the ticket office of the cableway - pick up the temple, then buy the ropeway ticket ( You can also book by Trip. It will take you to Jinding in about 3 minutes. Don't look at the cableway time is very short, but this section is really steep, the ropeway is very fast, so it is really very tired to walk on foot. After reaching the Golden Summit and then walking about 500 meters on foot, you can see the ten-party Puxian Golden top is divided into the bell tower drum tower, the ten-party Puxian statue, the golden temple, the silver temple, being repaired. Guanyin Temple, Observation Deck, etc.... can overlook the cliff... can only be fragrant in the designated area, there are many kinds of fragrance, Baifoxiang is 90, 120 two kinds of specifications, if it is still fragrant, A unified set of 20 yuan. Reminder: There are many monkeys in Mount Emei on the 1.5km walk to the ropeway. They are really naughty and totally unfearing. Be careful with your belongings and personal safety. Emeishan Golden Summit is a must-see attraction, it is really shocking. It is said that 365 days of Emei Mountain has more than 280 days of misty haze, standing in the lower part of the Puxian can be seen in the fog, but fortunately, this time to go to the blue sky, white clouds and clear skies, but also overlook the Sichuan-Yunnan Plain and Gongga Mountain, heart and soul, quiet and peaceful Another hint: Emei Mountain is more than 3,000 meters above sea level. Some people may have some slight high anti-reflection. If the mountain is sunny, the ultraviolet rays are very large, I am sunburned, so I want Do not do too much exercise for sun protection... Safety is the most important, I wish you all a happy time in Emeishan.
Posted: Sep 4, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Heizhugou, Jinding Cableway, Muchuan Zhuhai, Oriental Buddha Capital, Giant Sleeping Buddha.
Here are the best places to visit in Leshan, including: Baoguo Temple, Jiayang Little Steam Train, Leidong Plateau, Wannian Temple, Golden Statue of Puxian on Emei Mountain.
The train is nearly 20 miles a day, the fastest one hour.