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About Lhasa

Lhasa, the capital city of China's Tibetan Autonomous Region, 3,650 meters above sea level, has more hours of sunlight per year than any other city, thus earning it the name "City of Sunlight". Both inside the city and on the outskirts of town there are many noble palaces and temples such as the Potala Palace, Sera Monastery, Drepung Monastery and Jokhang Temple. These historic sites are well worth going to. Wherever you look, you will see devout believers and pilgrims paying their respects. Chakpori Hill is a good place for beautiful photos of Potala Palace in the light of the early morning. At the beautiful tree-lined Zongjiao Lukang Park, you can see Potala Palace reflected in the water. On bustling Barkhor Street, you can purchase colorful, unique Tibetan souvenirs. There are many precious artifacts on display at the Tibet Museum. If you want to experience a quieter and more tranquil environment, you can go to Xianzu Island in the southern part of the city.

Popular Attractions in Lhasa

Potala Palace
12,645 Reviews
Potala Palace is a transliteration of Sanskrit and is also translated as Putuo. It originally refers to the residence of Guanyin Bodhisattva. The main buildings of the Palace are the White House and the Red Palace. The White House is the place where the Lama lives and conducts political activities. The Red Palace is the spiritual tower and temple of various Lamas. It is praised as one of the top ten greatest buildings in the world. The Potala Palace is a symbol of Tibet. It is the residence of the Lama’s Winter Palace and is also the center of Tibet’s political and religious unity.
Jokhang Temple
2,612 Reviews
Historical Architecture
The Jokhang Temple is the end of the pilgrimage for Tibetan Buddhists. Regardless of its geographical location or status, the Jokhang Temple is a Tibetan Buddhist shrine and center in the hearts of Tibetan Buddhists. It is extremely important in the history of Tibetan Buddhism. The Jokhang Temple has a long history. It was first built by the Tibetan king Songtsan Gambo. The treasure of the temple is the figure of a 12-year-old Sakyamuni brought by Princess Wencheng when she entered Tibet.
Barkhor Street
948 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
Barkhor Street, also known as Bajiao Street located in Lhasa, Tibet. The street is a well known ancient street representing the culture and folk customs of Tibet. While walking on the street, you can experience what life was like in the past, and experience the food and culture of natives to Lhasa. You can view and learn things from traditional dress, and dances, to traditional meals, to the architecture of the town itself, which has been well preserved throughout the years. Barkhor Street is a must-visit location to experience in Lhasa.
589 Reviews
Norbulingka is a palace and surrounding park in Lhasa, Tibet, which has a lot of relics and treasures remained. As a huge and exquisite park of Tibet, there are more than 300 rooms in it. Norbulingka has a beautiful scenery surrounded by various types and numbers of plants and flowers, which is like a wondering place of the earth.

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Trip Moments

Posted: Oct 26, 2019
Tibet Travel|Tibet Travel Raiders niche game recommendation

Po Lord went to Tibet twice, the first time with the second game is actually similar, but because of the second time friends lead the way, so the regular route Played an unconventional beauty!
Prepare before going to:
1, sunscreen SPF50
2, sunglasses
3, hat
4, body lotion
5, mask (1 day 1 time) Or 2 times a day)
6, clothing: morning and evening temperature difference, no matter which month thick coat is a must, winter will be thicker jacket, and then according to the current season with the corresponding clothes on the line .

varies from person to person, it is recommended to go to the previous week to drink Rhodiola. Don't do strenuous exercise on the day you arrive, don't move without moving, don't bathe, especially wash your hair, drink glucose sprite to add sugar. The most important thing to relax is to adapt to Lhasa for 3 days before going to other higher altitudes.
How to play:

1, the most classic Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Barkhor Street will go.
2, choose a few temples to walk, more recommended is Gandan Temple, and Pabangka, basically no tourists, the scenery is good. It is most convenient to choose self-driving in two places. If you don't drive, Gandan Temple can go to Jokhang Temple Square at 6 in the morning. There is a bus back and forth for 40 yuan. Pabangka can drop directly. Sera Monastery scenery is also good, tickets 50 yuan / person.
3. If you are a little leisure, you can go to the Guangming Teahouse to drink sweet tea. In the evening, you can go to Xueyan Street and have a singer.

one of the three great holy lakes, it is recommended to charter around the lake, the most beautiful scenery on the road. There are two main attractions in Namtso. One is that the Tashi Peninsula is the holy elephant Tianmen, and the group is basically pulled to the Tashi Peninsula. We just circled the half-lake, the end is the iconic Tianmen, the scenery of that piece is beautiful! Can shoot super blockbusters! It seems to be the same abroad.

Yanghu articles:
Yanghu can also travel by car with the group. The second time I went to the chartered car. I stayed in the tent for camping for one night. The experience was better. Then the most beautiful season was in the autumn. Many leaves were yellow all the way, the sky was blue, the water was blue, and the oil painting was the same. The picture above is for the summer time.

Food articles:
You can try sweet tea, butter tea, hot pot, Tibetan noodles, Tibetan dumplings, yogurt, etc., which are famous in the city, there are magpies, bright teahouses, and gram powder. For yogurt, it is recommended to visit the yogurt next to the Potala Palace, as well as the old tree yoghurt at Barkhor Street.

It is recommended to play for about 15 days. If it is not available, it will take at least 8 to 9 days. There are too many beautiful scenery and it is worth going to go. Po will go to Ali's big ring line next time~
Posted: Aug 24, 2019
Wearing Tibetan clothes in the Jokhang Temple is the best way to travel in Tibet

Jokhang Temple, is the end of the pilgrimage of Tibetan Buddhism, the sacred of the Jokhang Temple, not inferior to the Potala Palace, located in the octagonal The core area of the street.

You can often see pilgrims licking their heads at the entrance of the Jokhang Temple. It shows that the status of the Jokhang Temple in the eyes of the Lhasa people is high, and more people are turning around the Jokhang Temple every day. It can be seen that the Jokhang Temple, a Tibetan Buddhist temple with a history of more than 1,300 years, is in the hearts of Tibetans.

Tickets: 85 yuan (can only be paid in cash)

The area of Jokhang Temple is not very large. If you visit it yourself, you can visit it in 10 minutes, but please ask a tour guide. It is quite fun to listen to the history of the Jokhang Temple. Also be sure to ask a tour guide to explain, we are a tour guide outside the Jokhang Temple, one person 50 yuan, each person sends a headset.

Wearing Tibetan clothes in the Jokhang Temple is the best way to integrate into the local Tibetans. After a few laps at the Jokhang Temple, I will involuntarily recall the six-word mantra. Its hard to have such a calm time in the middle of the week, so that I can calm down and think about the meaning of life and the true meaning of life.

Of course, the Jokhang Temple is also the best place to take pictures. No matter where you go, there are red wall yellow wall background decoration, wearing bright Tibetan clothes to take pictures, all are big.
Posted: Sep 1, 2019


An Insider’s Travel Guide to China: Xi’an, Guilin and Yangshuo, Zhangjiajie and More
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China is an enormous country. The world’s most populous nation is a case study in contradiction. Gleaming skyscrapers dot the Shanghai skyline while the garrison at Jiayuguan has guarded the country’s western approaches since the Ming Dynasty. Time seems frozen in Shangri-La, deep in remote Yunnan Province. Beijing’s modern architecture rises above centuries old, densely-packed hutongs. Everywhere you go you find a country constantly moving towards the future yet never managing to escape its past. In this short guide, we provide our recommendations to those places that captured our imagination. Places that stuck in our heart and minds long after we left. This is our insider’s travel guide to contemporary China.
TripBlog   Jan 20, 2020
The 10 Most Popular Lhasa Hotels
Landmark Buildings
Vacation Hotel
Reasons for Recommendation: Prominent Tibetan culture and close to the Jokhang Temple. Tangka Hotel, near Jokhang Temple Square, is only a step away from Jokhang Temple, and around a ten minute walk to the Potala Palace. The unique location makes getting around convenient. There are hand-painted Tangkas in the lobby and Tangka decorations in every floor and passageway, reflecting the richness of Tibetan culture. It is a four-story hotel with over 100 Tibetan-style guest rooms, 78 of which are fitted with oxygen making equipment, and the superior view rooms overlook the Potala Palace.
TripBlog   Dec 26, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Yaowang Mountain, Lakenla Pass, Nianqing Tanggula Mountain Observation Deck, Lhasa River, The Xianzu Island.
Here are the best places to visit in Lhasa, including: Norbulingka, Sera Monastery, Tibet Museum, Yaowang Mountain, Drepung Monastery.
Trains or planes are fine.