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HongKou-LongXi GuoJiaJi ZiRan BaoHuQu ZhenXi DongZhiWu ZhanShiTingNearby City

HongKou-LongXi GuoJiaJi ZiRan BaoHuQu ZhenXi DongZhiWu ZhanShiTing

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Open from 9:00am-7:00pm (Local time)
"Don't pass the ticket to Chengdu surrounding the most complete summer vacation strategy (here) Dangdang Dang ~ You are looking forward to Chengdu surrounding the most complete summer vacation strategy next episode ~ How to play? How to eat? All arranged for you~ Shou hides it, just go directly! [Shy R] Dujiangyan Liansanping Liansanping is the location of "Where is Dad going 2", many children are willing to come here! Natural pools, touching, like putting your hand into the refrigerator freezer. The deepest place in the middle is 2m+, wear life jacket insurance point. [Wow R] You can find a level camp at night, the starry sky is super beautiful, and fireflies~[Drink milk tea R][Drink milk tea R] Temperature: 15.2℃ Scenic Area Address: Longxi Hongkou, Dujiangyan (direct navigation connecting Sanping) Ticket Reference: Free Traffic Guide: ①Self-driving: Chengdu-Tanchang Expressway-Babai Road-Rainbow Road-Liansanping (about 102km, about 2h), one day round-trip ② by car: take a train to Dujiangyan City, then take a taxi to open time: gourmet: ① 5 minutes drive from the pool, you can eat the local special cold water fish; ②You can also bring your own barbecue ingredients and tools (remember to pack your trash). Next to the No. 3 Bridge Camp Camp in Zhongba Village, there is a stream. The stream is very clean. It is suitable to step on the water and take pictures. Tips: to camp friends remember to bring mosquito repellent, mosquitoes a little more oh. [Shut-out observation R] Temperature: 15.6℃ Address: Zhongba Village (near Tiewa Temple), Xiaoyudong Town, Pengzhou City, Chengdu: Free, camping fee 50 yuan / night / top tent, chair 10 yuan / handlebar, table 20 yuan / Zhang Traffic: ① Self-driving: Chengdu-Chengwan Expressway-Pengbai Road-Tiewa Temple (about 1.5h) ② by car: Five-stone passenger station or East Station bus station to Pengzhou, then Pengzhou Station to Longmenshan Town shuttle bus, halfway through the small fish cave can be hiked to [Wow R] Food: Farmhouse Le is about 25/adult, children are free Dujiangyan Wangpoyan Wangpoyan is more popular, I go once a year in the summer, hiking in the mountain trail, deep breath can feel cool~ can bring a doll, play water + self-service barbecue whole. [Color R] Temperature: 15.2℃ Address: Wangpoyan Tickets for Zhongxing Town, Dujiangyan: Free! Parking 15, unlimited time! Transportation: Driving to navigate Wangpoyan, driving for about 2 hours. After arriving at Wangpoyan, choose the right road to continue, reach the big ears, stop and walk to Xiaojiuzhai Scenic Area. Food: 60/person, yusutang, playing mahjong and tea is free! I also have to eat barbecue, that is 80/person, these are all my own private playground, every summer, go to a few times, super comfortable, come to eat no loss ~"