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About Liancheng

Located in the southern stretch of the Wuyi Mountains in western Fujian, Liancheng is where the three provinces of Fujian, Guangdong, and Jiangxi meet. Liancheng is where many Hakka people live and is one of the birthplaces of their culture. Liancheng offers gorgeous scenery, including the Guanzhi Mountain National Scenic Area (冠豸山风景区). There is also Meihua Mountain (“Plum Blossom Mountain”), a national forest and wildlife nature preserve. Cultural sites include the town of Sibao, one of the four major centers of woodblock printing during the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1912).

Popular Attractions in Liancheng

Guanzhai Mountain
1,739 Reviews
Guanzhai Mountain is regarded as a sacred mountain by the local Hakka people. When viewed from a distance, the unusual rock formations look like a lotus flower. The mountain is therefore often referred to by locals as the "Lotus Mountain." The area is surrounded by fern plants, steep cliffs, and crystal-clear streams, which are inhabited by Chinese giant salamander.
Tianyi Hot Spring Resort
326 Reviews
Hot Spring
Tianyi Hot Spring Resort is designed in a traditional Hakka style. The resort is located in a beautiful area surrounded by mountainous forests, making it an ideal weekend getaway for families. Guests can relax in hot spring tubs and experience traditional Hakka culture.
Peitian Ancient Dwellings
416 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
The ancient settlement in Peitian is a fantastically well-preserved village dating from the Ming and Qing Dynasties that has survived for hundreds of years. The settlement consists of several tall halls, ancient temples, academies, cross-street monuments and an ancient street several kilometers long. The buildings are covered with relief sculptures, couplets, famous plaques and stone carvings making the craftsmanship quite exquisite and spectacular. Peitian Ancient Dwellings are wonderful works of architecture coupled with a rare historical and cultural heritage.
Shimen Lake
131 Reviews
Shimen Lake is situated on Shimenhu Road in Liancheng County, Longyan City. It has a serene environment and is surrounded by mountains on its two shores. It is like a jade embedded in the treacherous valley of Mt. Guanzhai. Visitors can board a cruise boat, slowly drift along the peaceful lake, through the narrow valley, and enjoy the scenery on the shores. Occasionally, visitors might see one or two egrets or wild ducks fly out from the green bushes at the lakeside. It is a great place to feel the atmosphere of nature.

Liancheng Weather

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Trip Moments

Liancheng crowns the mountains, the lakes and mountains depend on each other, the lake is Shimen Lake, and the mountain is the Guanlan Mountain. Take a boat trip to Shimen Lake, and the hills are like a water in Guilin. Generally speaking, visiting the Guanlan Mountain must visit Shimen Lake, which is also part of the Guanlan Mountain Scenic Area. The tour of Shimen Lake is relatively easy. It is a boat trip on the lake and the beauty of the lake. Shimen Lake was originally a reservoir with a water depth of nearly 30 meters. It looks like a deep green and clean water. The cruise ship departs on time, the lake is not big, 20 minutes is enough to circle the lake. The dam and the hills in the lake are all covered with dense trees, lush all year round, and the air quality is excellent. Seen from the boat, the scenery around you is like Guilin on the water. There are two piers by the lake. The cruise ships are parked here to pick up and drop off tourists, and then continue to explore. The hills are different in shape, and you can use your imagination to gain a more beautiful visual enjoyment. There are no more people in the grass and rafts, all of which are pure natural scenery. The lake is sometimes wide, sometimes narrow, and the scenery is beautiful, such as the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. The gate of life at Shimen Lake is a wonder of the Guanlan Mountain Scenic Area. is surrounded by dark brown mountains, which is a typical Danxia landform. Suddenly entering an extremely narrow water lane, only one ship was allowed to pass.
Posted: Dec 24, 2018
Like Wuyi Mountain, Guanlan Mountain is a typical Danxia landform. The mountains are not high, and they are uplifted on the ground. They are also quite magnificent and magnificent; the pines and bamboos are beautiful, the scenery is natural and beautiful. is uniquely located, with a replica of the back mountain pass. Walking away, there is no trouble, noisy, I bet many people will be happy to grow up in the mountains and involuntarily. Out of a sweat, the body is Shutai, the body that has washed the mountain wind is swaying. Sunlight came from behind the mountain, part of it was covered by the mountain, and some of it passed over the mountain beam. The soft fan light was very layered. Yanshan forest road suffocating fans, valley warm water deep jade smoke; spring from the wall , . The trees on the trails are unevenly illuminated, some are dazzling green, some are calm green, some are dignified ink. The sturdy cliffs, such as the gods and gods, are swaying from the left side, and they are full of momentum, but they are not cited. The path slid softly around the overlord, and the four and two dialed a thousand, light and smart. Unconsciously, gradually drifting away, gradually getting higher, already overlooking the main building of the two Hakka earth buildings in the hotel. Actually, it is still surrounded by five hexagrams, each other is a corner, and the pattern of air and gas is cited. Is it a coincidence or a high-handed person? The county town not far away can also see it faintly, and the distant mountains are gently protecting the basin, a good place!
Posted: Dec 24, 2018