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Historic Sites
Beijiao Village

Beijiao Village

4.6/526 Reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"In Beijiao Village, in addition to the "Captain's House" B&B, there is also a local house that is amazing. The blue and white exterior wall and the bright bougainvillea under the wall are in full bloom. The second floor is a large terrace with tables and chairs for people to relax and blooming flowers. Against the background of the blue sky and white clouds, it forms an excellent sea view platform. . —— I remembered that I saw in the article "Ziyan" that the owner of the house is a couple who returned from Rotterdam. After buying this house by the sea, it was renovated to create an enviable "face to the sea and warm spring." "Flowers bloom" sea view room. —— "Beijiaobi" is a boulder that extends into the sea at the very end of Beijiao Village. It looks like a nose from a distance, so it is called "Beijiaobi". This area used to be where troops were stationed, but now they have basically been withdrawn. The local village committee funded the construction of the park, and the construction of part of the excursion plank road has been completed, but it has not yet been completed. ——A blue iron gate at the door that says "Military Restricted Zone, Tourists Stopped" is locked, adding a sense of mystery. If you go further in, you will see the reef and the sea, turning over layers of reefs. "Beijingbi" jumped into view. ——[Address] Beijiao Village, Tailu Town, Lianjiang County, Fuzhou City [Transportation] Fuzhou Huawei Bus Terminal, West Station, North Bus Station, South Bus Station all have buses to Lianjiang to Lianjiang Minyun Bus Station Transfer to the county bus from Lianjiang to Tailu, reach Tailu Town, and walk 500 meters (a downhill road from Jiaonan to Hougang, you will reach Hougang at the end) to Hougang and wait for a bus for 4 yuan per person to Beijiao, or After Tailu got out of the car, he went straight to the Beijiaolu Island Pier. [Self-driving tour] Lianjiangxia Expressway, after the exit of the expressway, drive 500 meters and turn right into the direction of Beijiao, Tailu Town. When you arrive in Huangqi, you will see the "Welcome to Huangqi" road sign. Do not enter Huangqi and go to the middle road and drive straight to Tailubeijiao. It takes about 20 minutes by car. After driving along the road to the end, you will see "Beijingyou welcome". ."
Luoxing TowerNearby City

Luoxing Tower

4.4/5139 Reviews
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"Ancient Pagoda"
Open from 8:30am-5:30pm (Local time)
"Luoxing Tower is located in Luoxing Tower Park on the banks of the Min River in Mawei, Fuzhou. The specific address is No. 83, Gangkou Road, Mawei District. In the past, there was no park as well-maintained as it is now. I remember that I went to it many times when I was young, waiting for the hillside and watching the tower; gradually, the facilities and the cultural landscape were added and improved. The statues and introductions in the cultural landscape make Luoxingta Park enjoy the taste of elegance and common appreciation. In playing or traveling, a good human landscape is the enjoyment of both, and the human landscape is more important than the landscape. The name of Luoxing Tower comes from Luoxing Mountain where the tower is located. Luo Xing Mountain was originally located in the heart of the river, where it was the lower reaches of the Min River, where the three waters converged. Later, because of the construction of Mawei Port, Luo Xing Mountain was connected to the land. According to legend, Luoxing Pagoda was built by Liu Qiniang in the Southern Song Dynasty (according to "Mindu Records", the tower was built by Liu Qiniang from Lingnan). The old-fashioned story is: Liu Qiniang was fancyed by a tyrannical man because of her appearance, set up a crime of defamation of her husband, and died of hard labor. Qiniang sold her property and built a stone tower on the top of the mountain to pray for her dead husband. This leads to the reason why Luoxing Pagoda is also called the Pagoda of Heart-sharpening: "The tower descends into the water and rises into the water, returning to the mainstay, and the water whirlpool, if it is'grinding the heart', so it is also called the'heart grinding tower'." It seems that the construction of towers on the mountain is a product of the development of maritime trade. In the Song Dynasty, commerce and commerce were developed, but the culture was strong and the military was weak, especially in the south of the Yangtze River. The huge external and domestic expenditure needed to be supported by commerce and trade, including maritime trade taxes. At this time, Lingnan was further developed, and the Mawei Port, located at the outlet of the lower Minjiang River, rose in status. Building towers on the mountain had the functions of looking out and navigating like a lighthouse. The Luoxing Pagoda was destroyed by wind in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty and rebuilt in the Tianqi period of the Ming Dynasty. There is textual research, not legend. Luoxing Pagoda underwent an important renovation in 1963, and the Gaofu under the tower was turned into a park. According to another report, there is a "zero point" next to Luoxing Tower, which is a survey mark of Fujian Province. In recent years, the main attractions include Wangjiang Pavilion, Zhonghuntai, Mingchao Pavilion, Youyi Xuan, Luoling Datum, Chinese Tower Banyan, and many stone sculptures. My favorite is watching the river on the mountain, sitting quietly and looking back. That year, the girl with the schoolbag...the river was rolling."