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WushanNearby City


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"Memorial Temple"
Ranked No. 6 in Fuzhou Amazing Natural Scenery
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"A large number of landscaped mountains in Wushan Mountains have been gathered around Wushan Tianchi. The mountain body here is majestic, the mountain is very high and the terrain is dangerous, and the layers are stacked. 900-1000 There are 23 peaks in the rice mountain, and 2 peaks above 1000 meters, with the dragon bed stone at 1107 meters above sea level as the highest peak. It is a mountain of a huge rock, which can accommodate more than 2000 people, known as "the first megalith in the southeast. " The stone puppet "Tai Chi Xian wen" steep and straight up, straight into the clouds; the mother and son stone puppet "the stone monkey Moon" like a monkey, let the view; the five-fingered stone puppet "the lion long roaring" such as screen unfold, the momentum is enormous; plus other strange mountain rocks, each has a form, lifelike, countless. The rain is abundant, and the vegetation is abundant, and the water quality is very clear. Especially, "Wushan Tianchi" is located on the mountain of 700 meters above sea level, the water area is nearly 800 mu, the water quality is crystal clear, far from the Cangshan Mountain, near the Green Island, the landscape is intersecting, the view is delightful, as if in a fairyland. The ecological forestland around the Tianchi, the vegetation is abundant and lush, the air is fresh, the sky is high and the cloud is light, the original ecology is very good."