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South Wudang Tourist Attractions
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Geological Sites
一路 向北South Wudang Mountain, a national 4A-level tourist attraction, is located in Wudang Town, Longnan City, the southernmost tip of Jiangxi Province. It is located at the junction of Jiangxi and Guangdong, about 40 kilometers away from Longnan City. South Wudang Mountain is known as "Little Wudang Mountain" The reputation of is a scenic spot with Danxia stone forest landform and Buddhist culture as one. Compared with Wudang Mountain in Hubei, Longnan Xiaowudang Mountain is much less well-known, and there are not too many tourists here, but it has its own unique scenery. If you happen to visit Longnan, or if it is not too far from here, it is still very It is worth a visit, and of course there are many tourists who come here specially for Xiaowudang Mountain. Tickets for South Wudang Mountain are a bit expensive, 80 yuan per person, which is only 25 yuan away from the 105 yuan ticket for Wudang Mountain in Hubei, but the scenery here does have its own uniqueness. In the South Wudang Mountain Scenic Area, there are 99 strange peaks, just like abruptly rising from the flat ground, stretching for more than tens of kilometers, the peaks are not too high, and the main peak is 864 meters above sea level. It is reported that the peaks here were formed by frequent movements of the Paleozoic crust, and they are conglomerate peaks, typical of Danxia landform landscape. Looking at the peaks and ridges from a height, the trees on the tops of the mountains are lush, and the cliffs above the mountains are very smooth. Some tourists say they want to grow big carrots on this magical land. In addition to the strange peaks and rocks, there are many scenic spots in the mountains, including sister peaks, skyscrapers, Qingfengguan, stalagmite peaks, Yixin Pavilion, Wenhuaxuan, Tiesuo ladder, cliff Tianmen, Desheng monument, Yixiantian, Wudang Temple, sky corridor, Huimian Buddha and other cultural and natural landscapes, especially Yixiantian, look extraordinarily fantastic. Seeing the peaks here, you can also feel the steepness here. When I went to the top of Wudang Mountain, there was only the "chain rope ladder", but it was too steep and not suitable for today's tourists, so I built it on the cliff. The plank road for traveling around the mountain is 900 meters long and is about 400 meters away from the foot of the mountain. Therefore, it also has the reputation of "air corridor". Walking through the air corridor, you can have a panoramic view of Nan Wudang Mountain. In addition, there is a section of glass plank road, which is a nightmare for the faint-hearted. Underfoot is an abyss, trembling and cautiously walking on it. The thrilling feeling may only be immersive. You can understand it. Although Nan Wudang Mountain is not well-known, the scenery here is indeed magnificent and beautiful. Whether it is the beautiful mountain peaks or the ancient villages dotted with white walls and tiles in the mountains, they all have a unique mood. Standing on the top of the mountain, you can see what you see before your eyes. The scenery is like a fairyland, more similar to Tao Yuanming's "Xanadu", if it is late autumn, it might be more beautiful. [Scenery] [Scenery] What’s more exciting is that a “glass sky bridge” was built in the mountains, spanning between the two peaks and volley above the verdant forest. If you are lucky enough to encounter the wonders of the sea of clouds, take a stroll Above the glass sky bridge, it is like walking through the clouds.
Jiulianshan Xinhe Drifting
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滇国剑客Because of the mountains, the natural conditions for rafting are formed here. Therefore, people who like rafting or adventurous people will love this place as a place to cultivate courage and activate physical potential.
Heyuan Heping Hot Spring
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Hot Springs Resort
Ornamental Hot spring
真诚7577Experience pure natural, non-pollution, high-quality "Lingnan Health Preservation First Hot Spring" 👍 Hot Long Hot Spring, various accommodation standard rooms in the hot spring, villa rooms, let you choose [seduce] [seduce], and are very close to the natural scenery, hydrophilic
Baiyun Building
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Historical Architecture
M42***98awesome! It's worth going. Let people linger. Daqing is one of my favorite tourist attractions in the places I have visited. Since ancient times, it has been a paradise, beautiful scenery, fertile land, and cultural resort.
Lianping Museum
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205***23Lianpingzhou has been a quasi-prime minister in the history of the country. It is a sacred place of scenery. It can develop tourism around the world and develop various economic constructions. It should be larger than a county-level city in Heyuan and become a city directly under the central government.
Wanlu Lake
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GerryOnTourI went here from Dongguan, 90 minutes by train. The lake indeed has a jade green colour with red sandbanks. The attractions on the boat trip are of, little interest but it's nice to be out on a boat. One thing that put me off was many guys were allowed smoke on the boat and throw the butts into the lake. The whole area is littered with butts and other rubbish. I felt this questioned the 190 yuan price which is a little high. But well worth it if you time on your hands in this city.

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South Wudang Tourist Attractions
South Wudang Tourist AttractionsGanzhou,China

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Jiulianshan Xinhe Drifting
Jiulianshan Xinhe DriftingHeyuan,China

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Heyuan Heping Hot Spring
Heyuan Heping Hot SpringHeyuan,China

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Baiyun Building
Baiyun BuildingHeyuan,China

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Lianping Museum
Lianping MuseumHeyuan,China

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Wanlu Lake
Wanlu LakeHeyuan,China

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Jan 23, 2021 Lianping Weather:Sunny, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:88%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:07/18:01
Lianping Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Low

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