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Things To Do in Lianyungang

5,553 Reviews
_We***80Too crowded for holidays, mountain is not difficult to climb to the peak. Who cannot climb there are many bus stops on the way to the top. there are some activities on the way back as zipline for example.
2,378 Reviews
D36***41Had a really great time 😝👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. Such breathtaking views and so many fun activities. Ate sea food and went out for nice walks at night. The place is so beautiful 😍
1,190 Reviews
National Park
_We***80very nice view from the top if sky is clear and you're lucky. top is on 624.4 meters, one morning or afternoon for this is enough
1,239 Reviews
_zx***86Good scenery, good place for expansion of the group building; good place for cool and leisure; good place to climb the mountain, play with the children, climb and jump, exercise the courage and endurance of the children! There are waterfalls, water curtain caves, reservoirs, megaliths, sky ladders, streams, gazebos, monkeys...40 yuan tickets are particularly worth it. It is said to be more fun than Huaguo Mountain!
195 Reviews
Historical Site
Emily DongThe last day of the holiday was only half a day. I chose the peach blossom. I missed the peach blossom season. The peach has grown out. There are very few people. I saw the rock paintings of the General Cliff with more than 10,000 years of history. There are eight peacocks who open the screen at the same time. It is very convenient to take the No. 3 bus.
179 Reviews
Kilven198804The parking lot is relatively small, when I went to stop at the primary school next door. The traffic is still OK, the entrance is a circle of the Buddha Hall gate. Behind is the Yishan Giant Buddha. Going up the steps can burn incense, wish, see the Buddha see the mountain see the murals. Then you can go up the mountain from the right, if you go up the mountain from the Buddha Temple, you may be dragged into the fortune-telling by the old monk to donate sesame money (don't ask me how to know 😂😂). Then you can exercise, the mountain road is still steep, there are steps, there is a template road, along the road the scenery is good, then is the pavilion, stone Buddhist temple, wishing tower... is a circle, from morning to evening, almost can go around the road developed by Dayishan. Tickets are OK, not expensive, in addition to burning incense, wishing, fortune telling, sesame money, almost no more places to charge money, take children to live there for one night, play for two days, exercise and appreciate the Buddhism culture are very good, Guanyun consumption is not expensive, the price is very good, the price is high, the scenery is good, Overall good

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Minzhulu Culture StreetLianyungang,China

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Xufu GuliLianyungang,China

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Qingsongling Forest ParkLianyungang,China

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Sucheng Shiwaitaoyuan Sceneic AreaLianyungang,China

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Chengshi Culture ParkLianyungang,China

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About Lianyungang

Lianyungang is located on the coast of the East China Sea. Here there are no particularly beautiful mountain ranges or deep blue ocean waters. However, as for the people living in the Jianghuai Plains of Jiangsu, Yunu Peak in the steep Huaguo Mountains is well worth a memorable visit. Yuntai Mountain on the sea can also be said to be a beautiful place. The sea here is relatively clean here for Jiangsu Province and there is an abundance of delicious seafood. It is a good option to travel to around summertime and to play in the water.

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Here are the best places to visit in Lianyungang, including: Mount Huaguo,Lian Island,Yuntai Mountain
You could try Yuntai Mountain,Yuwan Scenic Area,Suma Bay,Dayi Mountain,Lianyunganglao Street in Lianyungang
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