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Trip Moments

Libo Seven Small Arches (Xiaoqikong) Scenic Area
The first stop is the Xiaoqikong Bridge, the ancient business travel channel, opposite to the Guangxi border, a bridge across the two provinces! ! Xiaoqikong Scenic Area, also known as Xiaojiuzhaigou, is not an exaggeration. Last year I went to Jiuzhai, and the water there is really similar. Its green~~ Some people say that I have to go to Jiuzhai to go to Xiaoqikong. I dont think that the motherland is good. River Mountain, where is it not worth seeing? Moreover, such a place where the original ecology has not been developed is worthy of being lucky! !

Right, Xiaoqikongjing is divided into two parts, east and west. I am from the east gate. The west gate is from the end of Mawei. Tickets are common. The tour line is reversed~~ I said at the beginning. The difference between the three lines is that the small seven holes are the first place to go from the tail to the small seven holes and then to the chop, or from the chopping to the tail, of course, you can also go back to the same place that day. Grasp yourself!

Get off at the first stop to play these three attractions, then continue to take the bus to the next scenic water forest, the feeling of swimming in the forest, is walking ~

Please remember, Whether it is from the upstream to the downstream after the West Gate, or the downstream of the East Gate, the upstream is not going back, about half an hour to the exit, take the scenic car to the next attraction ~~~ natural oxygen bar to breathe fresh air ~~~ These days, I completely relaxed my eyes and moistened my lungs. I can live for a few more years~~~

Export to the next stop, Cuigu Waterfall~~ This photo captures the perfect pendulum~~He sees When I was taking pictures, I was very good at posing with this picture. I just took out this photo. I wanted to borrow a golden hoop with him. Later I found out that they are deaf and dumb, respecting their profession, or forget it. ! ! The green hills and green waters of the road, the natural oxygen bar is well-deserved! ! !

Wolongtan Waterfall, the shape is good, half moon shape, but at the same time there are several tour groups coming in from Simon. The uncles and aunts are rushing to occupy all the easy-to-see positions. I will go to the back lake area. Going and seeing a lot of small stones on the ground, I played with the lake at the lake~~~ Its fun! ! When the tour group was almost scattered, I also had a rest. I went to the waterfall and took a few shots. To tell the truth, the artificial scenery is not too interesting. It is also possible that I have been tired of aesthetics~~

The last two points, an ancient Guli (artificial ranch) is interested in riding a horse, a lake, you can row! I just looked back and looked back~~ There is a cave on the top of the mountain, which is very attractive to me, but the mobile phone has limited pixels and can only be seen with the naked eye. I dont know how to do it~~

Wuhu is the place to row, but the background of this picture is a lot of bee friends have shot, I also came one! ! On the way back, I finally saw the legendary trunk waterfall in the car. The water flowed through the trunk of an old tree, into the water flowing in the tree, and finally became a waterfall. I had to admire the magic of nature! !
Milan Prince