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Libo Seven Small Arches (Xiaoqikong) Scenic Area
Recently, I have seen Libo's small seven holes in many hot costume dramas. For example, the eighth episode of "Double World Pets 2" is a beautiful and beautiful fairy tale. There is also the "Adventure with Bell" adventure. It is also very attractive. There is not only the water of Jiuzhaigou, but also the mountain of Guilin, which belongs to the karst landform. It is a national AAAAA scenic spot and a world natural heritage. There is a small seven-hole ancient bridge in the Daoguang period, so it is called "small seven holes." Address: Libo County, Guizhou Province - Minnan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Libo County, 206 Provincial Road How to arrive: Guangzhou to Libo has direct flights, arrive after taxi or drive before; Guyang to Wave, Guiyang Bus Station takes the bus for about 4 hours. Famous attractions: 1. Xiaoqikongqiao: The legend is the bridge of loyalty, the couple can walk and can handle the old man. At that time, I deliberately got up very early, and saw the small seven-hole bridge covered with mist, coupled with the mirror effect reflected by the calm water surface, as if in the fairyland. 2. Wolongtan: It can be said that it is the most beautiful spot in the scenic spot. The blue water of the people is like Jiuzhaigou, but it is very grounded, because it can be intimate contact with the water, if you wear Hanfu people. One must be beautiful. 3. Raya Waterfall: After seeing the small seven-hole bridge, you can see the Raya Waterfall. The Raya Waterfall is a special form. In the summer, you can listen to the sound of the waterfall. Walking barefoot on the small stone steps will make you feel cool in summer. Other water forests, lagoons, 68 waterfalls, everyone can
When it comes to the northeast snow town, many people will say, "Isn't that in Heilongjiang?" The answer is not right. In reality, the northeast snow town is indeed in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, but there is also a snow town in Libo County, Guizhou Province. This snow town is in the ice and snow world of Libo County. It is about half an hour's drive from Gannan Libo Airport. It is almost a replica of Xuexiang, which appeared in the variety show "Where is Dad?" This northeast snow town has streets, houses and various life scenes. In the miniature world, the style is similar to the houses, decorations, figures, and trees hanging in front of the door. Even the stars in the sky are northeast, giving people a sense of "fake" and not easy to contact. Southerners who come to the snow, especially in Guangdong and Guangxi, Fujian and Hainan, will feel deeper. Every winter is the tourist season in the northeast snow town. Only at this time, Xuexiang presents a fairytale dreamy beauty. The "Snow Township" in the world of Libo Ice and Snow is artificially manufactured, only one season a year. Due to the cold, visitors must obtain cotton jackets and gloves at the door to ensure that they are not frozen. How cold is this artificial version of Xuexiang? If you don't use a scarf or other objects, stay in it for a long time, your nose will be sore; if you don't wear gloves, your hands will be numb. The whole "Northeast Snow Town" is dominated by white and blue tones, which looks particularly dreamy. The yellow light makes people feel the fireworks of this "fairy world". In addition to Xuexiang, there are many ice sculptures in the world of ice and snow. These ice sculptures mainly include figures, animals, fairytale castles, etc. The most striking is the cartoon image sculpture.
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