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Trip Moments

"Baohe. Yueshang" Inn
lived in the moon, living in the traditional Naxi residential courtyard. The entrance to the door is full of wooden loft rooms, surrounded by green plants, which look like flowers and green.

The room is simple and clean, with plenty of space, a sun lounger against the window and a balcony with a small courtyard.

Open the curtains in the morning, the small courtyard is full of sunshine. Sitting under a 70-year old tree, eat a bowl of rice noodles. Listen to the sound of the water, basking in the sun and the flowers.

The small courtyard has its own food and beverage, food and accommodation integration. There is a delicious breakfast before 10 o'clock in the morning. For lunch and dinner, you can directly ask the boss to make a hearty Naxi local dish. When you leave, pick some hand-made gifts in the courtyard, Yunnan tea, fruit drinks, tea and so on.

If the weather is good, you can enjoy the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain on the terrace on the top floor and enjoy the Naxi residents' buildings in the entire Shuhe River. Take a sun, look at the snowy mountains, and spend a time.

Time arrives at night, put on a coat to the top of the building and feel the smog starry sky.

Back to the room, the bathroom is also very large, the sink has a folk custom, the shower has ample water, and you can take a hot bath for a comfortable day. The toiletries are well prepared, and it is worth mentioning that the sanitary napkins and hair bands are provided with great care.

No matter which season you arrive, the rooms are equipped with air conditioning. Even in the cold winter, don't worry about the cold bed and the bedding are comfortable and clean, there is no smell, soft and can sleep well!

beautiful Lijiang, leisurely and comfortable Lijiang, come back Lijiang Mo forget "Monthly" ~

Lijiang Songcheng Tourist Area
One day in the sun, the most design hotel in Kali River This is an old house built in the Southern Song Dynasty. It is one of the few key protected houses in Yunnan Province that can be used in the ancient city. The stone carvings under the eaves originated from the Qianlong period, and the "three-layer carving" technique on the wooden doors has long since disappeared. ~ It is said that the design of the whole hotel was inspired by the famous international technology concept architect Joao Lemos, who will The building structure of the old house is integrated with the technology to create the first high-quality environmentally friendly intelligent homestay in Lijiang. This is the first in Lijiang that is used in ancient buildings to transform the old house into an all-intelligent home. . The front atrium has a large space for everyone to rest. The surrounding wooden screens always project a unique light and shadow effect under the sunlight; occasionally sit down and listen to the locals telling about some Lijiang The story, blowing the spring breeze in the ancient city, drying the warmest sun in Lijiang, and then taste the unique flavor of the local plum wine, I feel that Lijiang is worthwhile ~ eleven rooms throughout the hotel The layout of the space is completely different. Some outdoor leisure, some surrounded by bamboo forests, and some ascend to the distance, it can be said that each has a different landscape. All the homes in the room are equipped with integrated remote control, high-tech, smart check in, wireless lighting control, bio-thermal induction, robot butler, etc. The rooms are made of warm wood. The wall pattern echoes the wooden screen; it is worth mentioning that basically, in addition to the heart, drink, pillow, and other rooms have bathtubs.
Lijiang Ancient City
Lijiang Ancient City
Lijiang Travel | Lion Rock Hill, the value of the ancient building is not worth buying tickets?

I have been to Lijiang many times, and I have never been to the Lion Mountain Scenic Area every time, because every time the small partners say that they can find a coffee shop to overlook Lijiang, no need to spend money. I bought the tickets and went in and saw that I stopped at the ticket gate.
This time I went to Lijiang for a wedding photo, he was the first time to come to Lijiang, naturally it was fresh, so I bought the tickets for Lion Rock. We went to the building~ So 30 yuan tickets are worth it. Tweed ~ Tuanzi will share it.

is the manor building of the ancient Mu's toast family, the first floor of the all-wood structure of China's one-column roof is not connected, many photography movies are It is taken from here. Looking up in the ancient city, you can see the Wangu Tower standing on the top of the lion.
Possibly because it is necessary to purchase tickets, there are not many tourists in the Lion Mountain Scenic Area. Compared with the crowded places in Sifang Street, it is more pleasant to visit. I thought it would climb the mountain. In fact, there are several stairs directly. Go to the Wan Gu Lou.
After boarding the building, you can overlook the entire Lijiang ancient city, the new city, and the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. When the weather is good, the view is quite good, the roof is cool, the windows can be opened, and the wind is very comfortable.

Recommended photo point:
1 There is a viewing platform on the side of the Lion Mountain Scenic Area. You can see the panoramic view of the ancient city of Lijiang, and you can also see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It is the best angle.
2 There is a trail leading to the Mufu Observation Deck, where you can take a panoramic view of Mufu. After strolling from Lion Rock, you can go down to the Mufu Scenic Area directly. It is Unicom's, but Mufu needs to buy another ticket, and the ticket is 40 yuan.
3Climb the Wan Gu Lou, up to the top floor, it seems that there are 5 or 6 floors. The two floors of the glass on the top of the building are hollowed out, so you dont have to worry about reflecting the photos. The view from the top of the building can be said to be superb. Now! Full value back to the fare!

Therefore, the summary of the dumplings is that the 29 yuan is really worth the fare. The scenery that can be seen at the top of the Wangu building is the height and angle that no one can compare with any caf or home on the Lion Rock. Otherwise, how about the estate of the toasts before, it must be a great place.
If it is the first time to come to Lijiang, the Wan Gu Lou is still worth a visit~