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Lijiang tourism must see the big show, the super exciting Lijiang love story Although it is not the first time to watch the performance of the ancient times, but still shocked! The magnificent "Liangjiang Eternal Love", relying on the profound historical and cultural soil of Lijiang, reproduces the history and legend of the Lijiang River for thousands of years. In the ancient wasteland of the ancient times, the Mosuo Flower House on the shore of the lake In the hurricane-wrapped tea-horse road, in the ancient town of Bianchi, where the Mang is dancing, in the romantic and beautiful Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, in the idyllic Shambhala, you will have an unforgettable moment. 0The chapter of Naxi Genesis tells how the ancient and intelligent Naxi people created a splendid Dongba civilization in a difficult living environment. Leading us through the millennium and exploring the "Everywhere we come from, where to go" is the eternal proposition of human culture... 1The first chapter of "The Daughter Country" shows the quiet and beautiful lagoon and ancient mysterious Daughter country. In this fascinating world of humanity, there is a branch of the Naxi people. This is the only ethnic group in the world that retains the matriarchal clan relationship. It still continues the "male marriage, female marriage" "custom. 2Chapter 2, "The Legend of the Caravan," tells the glory of Lijiang that the horseshoes stepped out. Lijiang, famous for its ancient tea-and-horse roads, has been playing the life of the caravans on the rugged tea-horse road for thousands of years. This is the most impressive chapter. The actors close-knit performances show the love and hateful feelings as if they were brought into it, and they have experienced the joys and sorrows. 3Chapter 3, "The Ancient Road and the Wind" is a joyful scene of a man-made dance song and a string of strings. The Tea Horse Road is also known as the "Southern Silk Road" and is the civilized road for economic and trade exchanges between ethnic minorities in southwest China and foreign countries. As a unique transit center on the ancient tea-horse road, Lijiang has ushered in the glory of merchants. 4 The fourth game, "Yulong Third Country", tells a tragic love story. As a nation that advocates freedom of love, the Naxi people have paid a heavy price for love in the process of the original marriage system to the "parents' life, the words of the matchmaker." Ending "Finding Shambhala", the sky descends from the White Tower, and the sky passes through the sky. Now people from all over the world come here to find the Shambhala in their hearts. "Lijiang Eternal Love" uses advanced high-tech means to restore a dreamlike stage for the audience, bringing a feast of audio-visual feasts; and the actors' smart gestures and wonderful interpretations, portraying Out of a familiar figure, a fascinating and beautiful legend, a scene of the tragic scene of Changhong, the interpretation of Lijiang's human history, and the use of culture touched the depths of the audience, making people remember for a long time. .
Xiang Li Jing Pin Private Kitchen Restaurant
Lijiang Ancient City Food Exploration Shop | Lane Boutique Private Kitchen Environment: This shop is on the red lantern street, you can punch together. The store is small and exquisite, and there are two places to eat. The store is very literary and fresh, there are many flowers outside the window. When I eat, I saw a few young ladies wearing Hanfu punching cards here~ Service: The waiters in the store are local Naxi girls, warm and simple, the boss is a Guangdong People, warm hospitality, nothing to go in and drink tea ~ Recommendation: The dishes in the lane are very rich, the taste is also very authentic, both Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine, suitable for most people The taste. Really great, I have been surprised by the value of its dishes, except for the high value of the outside, delicious is not too little! 1 Gufa Salted Chicken: It is a long-established Hakka dish. It is soft and tender, delicious and delicious. It is one of the signature dishes. It is so delicious, it must be! 2 stone pot tofu: This dish exceeds my imagination. I listened to the boss and said that it was created by myself. Combining tofu and eggs, bite it down, its crisp and soft, and the taste is simply awesome! 3 Secret snow-capped fish in the lane: The main dish of the signature is also a must. The fish is tender, delicious and appetizing. 4 Blueberry Yam: The value of the yam is not too high. It is very suitable for the dim sum after cooking. This dish is delicious and healthy. It feels like a dish for both men and women. 5 Meicai buckle meat: meat is soft and rotten, fat but not greasy, is a classic Hakka dish. Price: per capita 60 Address: 1-3, Zhenxing Lane, Wuyi Street
Baisha Ancient Town
Into the ancient town of Baisha, feel the most simple ancient town culture of Lijiang ancient and full of mysterious Dongba culture, deep melodious music, all gave a mysterious veil to Lijiang. The Lijiang civilization, which has been around for hundreds of years, has played an insignificant role as the ruling family of the ancient kingdom of Lijiang, and the Baisha ancient town, the birthplace of the Mu family, is the best preserved place to date, whether it is architecture or folk customs. Of course, economic development will inevitably have a certain commercial atmosphere, but in the three ancient towns of Lijiang, Baisha Ancient Town is the least influential one. It is also the oldest town near Xueshan. It is snow-covered by snow-capped mountains. It is the snowy wind of the snowy mountains, because this is a village very close to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The old people here are still wearing the oldest Naxi clothing, following the earliest way of buying vegetables. The houses on both sides of Qingshiban Road are still old buildings, and they have not been repaired, but they are still firm. The most worth mentioning point of is the square street of Baisha. The square street of Baisha Ancient Town is the prototype of Shuhe Ancient Town and Sifang Street of Lijiang Ancient Town. Baisha Town is the earliest political, economic and cultural center of Lijiang, with a history of more than a thousand years. The center of Baisha Ancient Town is called Sifang Street. It used to be a bustling trading center. Therefore, when the Naxi ancestors established the Shuhe Ancient Town and the Lijiang Ancient Town, they also absorbed the planning mode of Baisha Ancient Town and built the ancient town center into the center of trade and trade. It was named Sifang Street, which means in all directions, the right of the Quartet. Sifang Street in Baisha Ancient Town was built very early, so there is no such thing as Shuhe Ancient Town and Lijiang Dayan Ancient Town. Now Sifang Street is the main place for local grandmothers to sell vegetables. The original ecological dishes and the old grandmother of traditional Naxi costumes are a scenic line on Sifang Street. [Baisha Ancient Town Hand Letter]
Cheriton Resort
Come to Lijiang to live in the hotel, network red hotel accommodation experience 1 Lijiang listening to the flower garden private garden inn recommended index listening to the church is really red There are many branches in Shuhe and Dayan, and they are mistaken when they are not careful. Everyone will take a photo call in their small garden, and the highlights can be said to be this place. When I want to visit Dayan Ancient Town for a day, I chose this online red shop. Here I booked a cheaper room type - the tulip bed room. This room type is on the first floor. The door is the small courtyard of the garden. It is the closest to the highlight. From this point of view, there is still no choice. However, the room did not know whether it was changed furniture or refurbished. The decoration materials were very savory and the breathing was very difficult. This was a lot less. 2Lijiang and Pavilion Garden Boutique Inn Recommended Index Before the small red book was also over, it was not too eye-opening, even Not booked. Thanks to the cancellation of Shangri-La's trip, I temporarily booked a pavilion's dusty bed room and found it, it was amazing! is located in a quieter part of Shuhe Ancient Town. The fixed room type belongs to the cheaper here, 40 square meters, the price is not to mention. The most care about the room is very good, the bathroom is dry and wet, the toilet, the shower, etc. are all TOTO, and the floor heating is provided, and the facilities are advanced and perfect. The furniture is all solid wood, antique, without any smell. The comfort level is comparable to that of a star hotel, and I completely forget that I am in the hotel. The landscape in the courtyard is also very chic, and the overall feeling is well managed and orderly. If there is a chance to come to Lijiang in the future, it will be non-existent.