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Many places in Lijiang can often be photographed too many times, so I went to ask local people some small people who traveled frequently, so many locals recommended this place, Qingxi Reservoir.
The Qiqingxi Reservoir is located on the road to the snow-capped mountains. Therefore, the Qingshan Reservoir can clearly see the distant snow-capped mountains, and there is no shelter in the high-rise buildings nearby, so the view is more open.
According to locals, Qingxi Reservoir is the drinking water of the people of Lijiang Old Town. It is indeed clear water, and it can clearly reflect the snowy mountains and have the feeling of a sky.
The Qiqingxi Reservoir is free of tickets. Here you can see a lot of people taking wedding photos, flying kites, picnics, drinking tea, and being close to life. The water side should still be safe, there will be staff on duty nearby, and will not let you close to the water.
It is also very suitable for taking pictures here. The background is snow mountains and water. If you want to go to some small places in Lijiang, it is better to come to Qingxi Reservoir.
Posted: Apr 17, 2019
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"I am going to hit the snowy mountains in the daytime, picking up the stars and watching the stars in the night"
I have been curious about what kind of yard this is. I went to Yuhua twice, but now I want to go again.
A few kilometers north of the ancient city of Lijiang, a village called Wulken means the village under the snow mountain.
This is the Yuhu Village, which is picturesque and picturesque.
Name: Designed by XueshanLijiang Shujia Yuxi Designer Resort Hotel
Hotel Nie Jianping, the building looks very atmospheric, with Yulong Snow Mountain as the background, blending into a landscape painting. There are a lot of Naxi traditional dwellings in the treatment of timber and design details. It is more like a work of art than a designer hotel.
Room tier design makes the space feel stronger. The soft design with blue as the main tone, the bed comfort is extremely high.
There are large floor-to-ceiling windows on all sides of the room, and you can enjoy the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the room.
skylight design, you can lie in bed at night to watch the stars. The

wash basin is hand-built. The two wash areas do not disturb each other, and the toiletries are international brands.

Hotel's breakfast favorite rice noodle set meal. Especially recommend their vegetable juice hot pot, every time you come to Lijiang, you want to come over and eat it once.
I have lived in some homestays. Yuxi is the best service in my heart.
Address: 400 meters
below the Yuzhu Qingtian Scenic Area, Yuhu Village, Lijiang City: 1200-6000
Lijiang Ancient City
It is found that every place in the ancient city of Lijiang is a landscape, a road with bluestone slabs, and ancient houses on both sides. Unfortunately, every road is basically commercialized.
Lijiang is the most popular square street. After ten o'clock, there are more and more people. Although the temperature here is not high, the sun is still very hot. After the sun goes down, you can feel the temperature difference.

Follow the signs to Sifang Street, the center of Lijiang Old Town, extending in all directions, there is also a small creek here, but now the taste is a bit big, the little friend said that it was very clear when he came.

Sifang Street, with many lanes, chose to go up the mountain, want to see the panoramic view of the ancient city, along the most central road from the bridge in the center of the square, all the way up.

There are many inns here, and they are all found in the middle of the mountain. The steps along the way, the houses are beautiful and intoxicating, taking photos with them, and taking a break.

Walking around, I found a quaint heavenly upper house. I thought it was the old site of the visit. I found that it had become an inn. It is very large inside. It was once the exhibition hall of the Lijiang Command of the Second Army of the Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army. It can also be visited. Going out from the upper house of Tianyu, it is the Dayan Central Primary School. Walking along the slope, you can go to the viewing platform.

Some of the observation decks are inns, so don't get into the hustle and bustle, continue on, there is a larger viewing area. This is a panoramic view of the ancient city of Lijiang. Unfortunately, the weather is not very strong.

Face to face with the viewing platform is Wenchang Palace, very quiet, "Wenchang Palace" was built in the first year of the Qing Dynasty (1723), has been more than 280 years of history.
This hotel should be the most cost-effective villa hotel in all the hotels I have stayed in. It is super cheap. After booking the hotel, the hotel staff will call you to confirm. If you don't understand anything, you can ask if the service attitude is good.
My room type is two bedrooms. The second bedroom is on the first floor of the yard. The master bedroom is not in a building. It is two meters away. His family also has a three-bedroom room type. The cookies were placed in the bedroom and the plates were wrapped in plastic wrap. The details were in place.
The main bedroom has two bathrooms on the first floor, one second floor and one second floor. The toilet on the second floor is smart. It won't be cool. The second floor bathroom is divided into a bathtub and a shower. The two are separate. Next to the bathtub is a floor-to-ceiling window to see the scenery. All the large and small windows in the villa have curtains to block the privacy. The toiletries in the bathroom are very comprehensive.
The entire villa is under the warmth of the floor. In fact, the weather in Lijiang is very comfortable. Only in the winter, you need to open the floor heating and provide an independent electric heater
main bedroom window. You can see that the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain does not cover the second floor balcony. Also very large in the villa, comfortable, completely do not want to go out to live here for a lot of days comfortable and do not want to go. This hotel also offers a gym.
The staff will send breakfast to the table of the villa restaurant the next morning. It seems that there are several kinds of breakfast at the latest: Chinese breakfast, western breakfast, Yunnan special breakfast, you will call the staff when you choose to send breakfast. Open the door.
If you say that there is a painting in the country, I think that Banyan Tree in Lijiang will definitely be on the list.

Last week, I went to Banyan Tree Lijiang for the second time. One was to give myself a short vacation, and the other was to miss the beauty that had been amazing.

Yulong Snow Mountain, where the clouds are tumbling, there have been more travels in the past two years, and there is no time to plan. The best solution is to book a hotel vehicle to pick up the plane. What is fun around you, you can Through the mouth of the driver's big brother, you can get the fastest information about the surrounding tourist attractions, and filter according to your hobbies. In the journey to the hotel, you will make your plans for the next few days properly.

Driver Li Da Ge told me that he worked here at the Banyan Tree in Lijiang, and as a local, he is also very familiar with the surrounding, and Lijiang has different ways of playing all year round, if Come to Lijiang in May and June, you don't have to worry about rain and rain, just do a good job of sun protection, most of the time it is blue sky and white clouds. When he learned that I was interested in the human landscape, he recommended the Baisha Ancient Town and Yuhu Village for me.

The second time to Banyan Tree Lijiang, it is not unfamiliar to this place. After you have settled in, you will go directly to the Mingyue Yunnan Restaurant. So why do you have to have lunch at the hotel? This is because the Mingyue Yunnan Restaurant is a rare landscape restaurant in Lijiang. It not only enjoys the view of the hotel's iconic lake pavilion, but also overlooks the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.
Lijiang Songcheng Tourist Area
Lijiang Songcheng Scenic Spot includes Lijiang Qiangqing Grand Theatre, Tea Horse Ancient City, Lijiang Love Song and Lijiang Paradise. The functions and supporting facilities of the entire tourist area are very perfect. General visitors can basically visit most of the cultural types of attractions in Lijiang. Although these are man-made, the degree of simulation is very high. It can be said that through such a tour, the effect of interpreting Lijiang culture is achieved, and the effect is very obvious. The doorplate outside the entrance of the
Lijiang Songcheng scenic spot gives a very distinctive regional culture. After entering, it is built in accordance with the ancient social style of Lijiang in the Tang and Song Dynasties. During the game, you will be living on a tunnel that passes through time and space. It is very interesting. Is it not a happy choice to read Lijiangs Naxi culture, tea horse culture and Tibetan culture through such interesting tourist products?
When you open the park at two o'clock in the afternoon, you can enjoy the blue sky and white clouds in every scenic spot in Lijiang Songcheng. You can enjoy the ancient city culture of Lijiang without going to the ancient city, and you can also know the charm of Yulong Snow Mountain without going to Yulong Snow Mountain. I dont know the feelings of the Mosuo people in Wuhu. This is one of the biggest gains from visiting the Songcheng scenic spot in Lijiang.
There will be some big and small performances in the scenic area, such as the performances of Naxi costumes on the street, selling, doing business and daily communication. This kind of performance is that the actors are not separated from the masses in the scenic streets. You and me are interactive. At this moment, I might think that I was integrated into the bustling streets of Lijiang City during the Tang and Song Dynasties. There is also a lively event in the Mufu recruiting of the Lishi Tusi Mu's family. Not only the princess is high, but even the besides are beautiful. The performances of the actors are all very heart-warming. Its a good choice to go out and watch the night scenes after watching the end of the ages. Because the night view of Lijiang Songcheng is very beautiful, especially in the ancient streets, a flowery Tang and Song society makes every Chinese person proud of it.
All in all, the success of such a show is also very interesting and it is worth visiting here. Therefore, the performance of the performing arts category can be so successful and exquisite in the country is very successful. At least Lijiang locals agree that the performance here is very cultural, and I like it and tell me that I often come here to play.
Well, the brief introduction of the entire Lijiang Songcheng Chama Ancient City has arrived here. Let's share the more useful information about the Raiders.
1, About the scenic spot ticket:
Lijiang Songcheng Tourist Area ticket price is 280 yuan, online price is 260 yuan, VIP seat price is 340 yuan, online pre-sale price is 270 yuan. This ticket is included in the cost of the Lijiang ancient performances.
2, scenic opening hours:
from 14 pm
Steven Zhang
The Romantic Show of Lijiang
The memory of history is admirable and heavy. Now you can experience the most original tea horse culture in the Lijiang Ages. You can watch the caravan legend in "Liangjiang Eternal Love" and feel the spirit and flesh of Lijiang, life and death, Love and love. The third act is the glory of Mufu. Lijiang was thriving because of tea and horse trade. In the 471 years of Mufu's governance of Lijiang, and neighboring ethnic groups and countries such as Myanmar, Nepal, India and other countries, Lijiang has become the hub of economic and cultural development in the southwestern part of the motherland. In 1382, the Central Government of the Ming Dynasty commended Lijiang Tusi for its patriotism and enthusiasm, and praised the "wood" surname. The news came that all ethnic groups and friendly neighbors came to congratulate! The Persian beauty swayed youth, and their graceful posture was really intoxicating. The splendid Dongba civilization is inseparable from the wisdom of the ancient Naxi people, the history of vicissitudes, and the culture of Lijiang today is a more touching soul. Lijiang Qianguqing crosses the snowy mountains, walks through the beautiful Penghu, follows the horse man, in the original wild land, and smashes the ancient tea-horse road covered with hurricane. Feel the glory of Mufu, the romantic lyrics of the third country of Yulong. The four seasons have changed and we have moved to the stars. We have come from history. The snowy mountains are still the same, the ancient city is like a song. Every year, tens of millions of tourists gather in Lijiang, shocked by the sentimental feelings of the past, and are spurred by the belief of the freedom of love. They are here to find the Shambhala in their hearts!