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Observation Deck
Dongba Observation Deck

Dongba Observation Deck

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"Observation Deck"
"Lijiang ancient city gives me the overall feeling is elegant, everywhere the small bridge flowing water, there is also a good-looking willow on the side, there is a taste of the river south water. Of course, when you come to Lijiang, you must find the best viewing platform, take pictures, punch in, and daze. It is a pleasant smell to sit here and blow the wind for half a day. Lion Rock is the highest peak of Lijiang Ancient City, with the best view of the panoramic view of Lijiang Ancient City, when you climb the mountain, you will be able to marvel at the grandeur and beauty of the ancient city, Lion Rock is named because the mountain is like a sleeping lion, the ancient city architecture follows the mountain, surrounded by the foot of Lion Rock, There is a "Lion Rock Observation Deck in Lijiang Ancient City" on the mountain, which is one of the best places for tourists to enjoy and take pictures of the ancient city. Many tourists choose to leave a "trip to this place" photo. In addition, a closed viewing platform - Dongba viewing platform is recommended. It's a small slope near Lion Mountain, which is also one of the few small bars on the mountain. The Dongba viewing bar has the best view over Lijiang Old Town, and the rooftops are covered with wish cards and bells. You can see almost half of Lijiang Old Town on his viewing platform. Here, order a small drink, sit in the bar row facing the north of the town of the view window, overlooking the whole town and the distant Yulong Snow Mountain, this is the slow time in Lijiang ancient city. I am a clockwise, a travel love photography love punch-up young people, although not professional traveler, but travel is my life is a compulsory course, is an indispensable part of my life, I love casual photography, and I love to share my journey experience and experience, If you think my notes are helpful, please give me a compliment."