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Qiluo Library

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Lonely Wang
"You can come in and read it. The book belongs to everyone. I am Wang Gui. I am introducing the broadcast today in the wandering world: The basic information of the Siam Library is as follows: Visiting tickets: Free visit opening hours: 08:00—19:00 (Tentative) Scenic Area Address: Attractions near No. 69 Wenchang Community, Atami Community, Tengchong City: Lijia Courtyard, Siam Ancient Town Play Time: 20-30 Minute Recommendation Index: Personal Viewing Experience The book is the ladder of human progress. I don't like reading books, but I like bookstores, libraries, and want to walk and see. Feel the smell of some books, accept some culture, is also good. Siam Library is the journey of the unexpected joy, originally not in the Siam ancient town of the play plan, just in the road to the Mabang yard accidentally saw, according to their curious nature, go in and see. On weekends, many village students are doing volunteer activities to help the library clean, some mopping, some glass-wiping, some carrying waste products, some sorting books, busy and very active, they all help each other, happy in it. The grandfather who rents books finds me taking pictures outside the door, dare not enter inside, then warmly accost me to enter to take randomly, say these are old things, I can like it, things can be like only valuable. The Siam Library was built in 1919 years, and it was almost 10 years before the Hoshun Library, and it was originally located in the reading hall of the newspaper in the small town, but it was moved to the Siam bunsho Gu shrine with the increase of the size of the book, and it was renamed the Siam Library. Today's Siam Library is a new library, which was completed in 1993, after the three easy sites, with more than 10,000 books in the library, including the library, the reading room, the children's reading room, the newspaper store room, etc. Siam library is not as good as those provincial and municipal libraries, or as well as those online red bookstores to come with distinctive features, but it has done people-oriented, service the people, each year hosting thousands of rural readers, is well-deserved "farmers love the library"."