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Houlong Mountain

Houlong Mountain

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"Cycling, from Dazu Wharf to Dacaohai, passing by Lover Beach, the front section occasionally travels along the lake occasionally in the village, the slope is not big, and then on the Panshan Highway, there is a public toilet, and then to the road sign seen in the picture. Taiwan, the front is Goddess Bay, the left is the Houlongshan Pedestrian Walkway; we parked our bicycles in the parking lot of this three-way intersection, and then climbed 99 steps to the altar, known as the 100 most beautiful scenic spots in Sichuan; then we went down the mountain and returned to Sancha I went straight to Goddess Bay, the mountain road twists and turns all the way down, I went to the good snacks recommended on the Internet to check in, and then went to Goddess Bay to have a closer look. It was really beautiful; the original road to Sanchakou was the hardest and most challenging part of the day. Longshan Walkway, the road is wide, the whole cycle is feasible, but it requires a lot of physical strength, everyone has to do according to your ability, I was tired and stupid after the day was over, and I couldn’t eat dinner and went to sleep. Basically, I took a few steps and carried a few steps. A step, I am a small girl, with the help of a big boy in the same class, I walked smoothly. Only the two of us were carrying bicycles and walking along the walkway. I was worried that the walkway could not be used for bicycles. There was no special consultation with the inn owner. As a result, with novel and perturbed mental arithmetic, it is a successful path exploration. There are several viewing platforms on the road. The scenery is not a little bit beautiful, it is very worthwhile. . . ."