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Lingshan Town, Nianhua Bay

4.6/511,028 Reviews

Business Hours

9:00-20:30 (Sunday to Thursday) 9:00-21:00 (Friday to Saturday); Ticketing time: 9:00-20:00 (Sunday to Thursday) 9:00 -20:30 (Friday to Saturday)


No. 68, Mashan Huanshan West Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City
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About Lingshan Town, Nianhua Bay

Lingshan Township's Nianhua Bay is a Zen-inspired resort town where you can go on a journey of spiritual discovery. The town is built in ancient Chinese style, with Zen as the central theme. During the day, you can visit the Zen music halls, the flower chamber, the music gazebo and Nianhua flower garden and tower, and other architectures. You can check out the arts and crafts shops. When you get tired, you can sit down somewhere to get a drink or grab a bite. In the evening, you can photograph the quiet night of Nianhua Bay and take a look at the novelty 3D water screen movie on Nianhua Lake.

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  • 豆包他婶

    Thirty-eight degrees, the sun is in the sky. Early second Wuxi Huanghua Bay ticket, so pull up the flying children's shoes to meditate. All the way around, finally arrived. Changzhou, Wuxi is not far away. This town with Sanskrit, Zen and elegance is located at the foot of Lingshan Mountain. Sun, moon, stars, waves, quiet at the foot of the mountain, waiting for those clean crowd. When the sun fell, the stars twinkled and the town shone brilliantly. That light guides the way.

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    Reviewed on 1497153002000
  • Owen周

    One of the greatest features of Huanghua Bay is its strong Zen spirit, which gives people a kind of relaxed and happy peace, can feel the special calm of the mind, and the style of the town is more retro. White buildings, green slope top cover, small bridges, flowing water and small garden attractions embellished in the town, very poetic and picturesque! ___________ At eight o'clock in the evening, there will be a lighthouse ceremony. Masters will recite the sutras with you. The moment when the lighthouse is clear is very beautiful and can not be missed.

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    Reviewed on 1495197663000
  • 喵小汐

    Lingshan Town, Huanghua Bay, is a quiet Zen town with beautiful environment and Japanese style. In fact, we can stagger the time to watch the performance of lakes, towers and lotus flowers. In time, we can all enjoy the performance of towers. At last, it is shocking that the first floor of Buddha Tower is lighted instantly. To go to Huanghua Bay, you can buy brother Lianpeng and sister Lianhua, as well as the little Shami, which means super good!

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    Reviewed on 1496547782000
  • 上海大雄

    Located in Lingshan Town, Huanghua Bay is between the mountains and rivers of Mashan National Scenic Spot in Wuxi City. It has always been called "Pure Land, Pure Air, Pure Water , which is called beautiful ecology and superior environment. The Huanghua Bay is close to the mountain lake and the Lingshan Great Foyi Mountain, which can be said to be full of human spirit. Because it is winter, flowers are not in sight. Only in spring and summer can we see flowers blooming all over the land. Don't miss the night light show. Wuxi Railway Station has a special through train.

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    Reviewed on 1549799197000
  • 紫气东来1616

    At first, it was rather nervous, a new man-made scenic spot, but after going there, it felt worthwhile. We live in the Shanhua Inn in the scenic spot. The whole scenic spot has beautiful scenery and fresh air, especially the Brahma Flower Sea, which makes people feel comfortable in the embrace of nature. Lighting shows and water screen movies at night are also great, very comfortable and suitable for leisure attractions.

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    Reviewed on 1498405709000
  • _WeCh****67138

    Huanghua Bay is a very beautiful town. First of all, the advantages: one grass and one wood design is unique, not stereotyped, Tang and Song legacies, taste is also very high, people feel comfortable. The night scenery has its own charm compared with the day scenery. There are also some shortcomings: if the small vacation arrives, congestion is inevitable. Everyone drove to Beijing. We pulled our luggage and got off one stop in advance. We went to the scenic spot. We found a ferry in the scenic spot. It cost money to let him pull you to the hotel. The hotel is still a long way from the entrance. The staff advised us that we had better drive here. Many restaurants in the town do not receive guests after 8 o'clock, which makes us feel super inadaptable. It's not a good thing to have no meals. Breakfast should also be ordered one night in advance, starting at 100 yuan. There is no breakfast room in the morning. The restaurant doesn't open until 10 o'clock. Having no food, this palace spent the morning with its stomach empty. So take something to eat, just in case. The atmosphere of the building is worth visiting.

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    Reviewed on 1491398686000
  • M53****445

    They are all Buddhist resorts. The scenic spots are very far from the city centre and there are few buses. Personally, I think it's the main night scene. Unless you travel by car, you can drive freely. It's difficult to get out by bus or taxi. There are many black cars, all starting from the ground price. The bus shut down early.

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    Reviewed on 1485979417000
  • Smooth melody

    The second time I came to Huanghua Bay Town, this time I took my parents to play. My parents liked it very much. Although I didn't encounter the flowers, it was a pity, but it was good to walk around here and stay for a night. At the beginning of November, the temperature here was quite low, especially in the empty place. I still felt a little cold in my down vest. Compared with two years ago, now the shops are more abundant than the last one. There are more people and businesses. At the time of evening performance, there are a lot of people. When there are more people, Zen is not so strong. When there are fewer people, they prefer quiet and quiet, away from the noise.

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    Reviewed on 1541078437000
  • dafuleelee

    It's a very unique scenic spot. It's great to take pictures when people are not many. The disadvantage is that there are too few shops in the scenic area, and there is no brand of coffee, milk and tea fast food, which is inconvenient for tourists. Food and beverage patronized two restaurants, the taste is good, the quality is really good, the price is fair! The activities organized by the company are quite busy, but they live in scenic spots. There are no activities in the evening. There is nothing to do except watch the wonderful lighting show. Should we consider setting up bars, coffee and DIY to kill time? Don't be quiet after 21:00, dark!

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    Reviewed on 1504320772000
  • 马勒夫

    Wuxi is one of the famous scenic spots. Listen to the name is very beautiful, very Zen, New Year's Day to play with my father, not many people during the day, but you can feel the unique Japanese-style architecture of the town, you can experience a lot of activities such as flower arrangement, Scripture reading, there will be performances, to the evening, the three lights show the most beautiful, if you stay in the town for a night, of course, very pleasant, just a thousand oceans at night, so it's just worth a visit. town

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    Reviewed on 1517249714000
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