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Trip Moments

Boundary Island
Sanya Tourism!! I am going to the super beautiful island, the small photo taking place

Sanya is a super beautiful travel destination, there are many islands, it is the Mid-Autumn National Day, share a small island that Danmei loves.
Place name: Dijiezhou Island
Address: Lingshui Li Autonomous County, Hainan Province
Bird's Nest, White Church, Infinity Pool, Punch Card Super
/ Hh/ From Sanya, it takes only over an hour to reach the border island. It is smaller than Wuzhizhou Island. There are not many people, and the water is clear and white. It is a small island suitable for vacation.
Bali net red bird nest, infinity pool, white church building, hot air balloon, and a European castle, really super suitable for taking pictures.
The vast sea of the beautiful scenery

The waters of the border island are relatively clean, and the photos taken on the coastline are really super. We walk along the shores where there are few people, the sea is slap on the rocks, the endless sea, especially the local atmosphere, and the focus is a place similar to the castle, especially the artistic conception.
Reference time: One day
Tickets: 127 yuan/person (tickets + tickets)
1Automobile: Sanya - Divided on the island, about 1.5h (the most convenient way to travel)
2 motor: Sanya - Lingshui (about 20 minutes), Lingshui station to take the shuttle bus to the border island; return to the ticket office at the ticket office To Lingshui Station or Bus Station
3 Bus: Bus stop from Sanya to Lingshui, then take the shuttle bus to Lingshui Bus Station to reach the scenic spot
Boundary Island is really a very Dont miss out on the niche islands that are worth punching!
Boundary Island
The dividing island of Sanya is really a lovely place. On the island for two days, there are small surprises everywhere. I recommend some photos to watch and dont miss. ~
Fig. 1 Hot air balloon and infinity pool by the sea There is a big hot air balloon decoration on the road, and the little fairies can pat a lot. The infinity pool is actually quite small, and many of them take wedding photos. The time for the fight is fast, so that the friends keep pressing the shutters and there is always a haha that can be no one.
2 Romance church and sea view pavilion The collective wedding that was encountered on the island was held here, and the sea view pavilion next to it could see the endless sea.
3 Flower Threshold Next to the seaview pavilion, there is a door built with flowers and plants, and a metal-colored chair. It is estimated to be prepared for the group wedding of the day. It is beautiful, especially suitable for taking pictures.
4 A stone path that extends into the sea. At the end are two pavilions surrounded by coconut trees. Then when you look back, you will see the double-sided stone on the border of the island standing in the mountains.
5 Seaside motorboats and banana boat Border Island has a very rich sea entertainment project, motorboats and banana boats stop at the beach, the little brothers are super enthusiasm, will let you go on the motorboat, he also Will help you shoot ~
Figure 6 Lighthouse Time is too fast, I can only press a far away, go to the lighthouse to sit and take a good look ~
Figure 7 wind moving to the observation deck On this viewing platform overlooking the seaside plank road is beautiful, human flesh aerial photography is visual sense ~
Figure 8 Bird's Nest Bali with the same bird's nest, just placed on the ground hahaha, just next to the sea view pavilion, go to the Roman Catholic Church One-time punch.
Figure 9 Coconut How can you not pat the coconut on the island? The coconut on the ground is simply a summer artifact.

Boundary Island
Divided to the Island Island Aquarium, I heard that such a small island and an aquarium are also very magical. I went to know that this is a sea area, and I took a passage at the sea to let everyone watch the animals. The animals inside are really living in the sea, so I think it is very good. Although it is a bit simpler than other tall aquariums, there are many animals inside, including seals, dolphins, whale sharks and pelicans. Wait, living in the sea is equivalent to the wild. There are regular dolphin shows here, and we caught up with one of them.
The sea lions are rolling around in the water at the entrance, and they are very cute.
See the dolphin show! The project has a comparative basis, including jumping hula hoops, topping the ball, team performances, and the venue is relatively small. Instead, they can feel their sense of freedom more closely, and the animal trainer expertly guides them.
I want to say that at a very young age, the animal trainer in the aquarium is my dream lover because they usually take special care of the children, and when they train the animals seriously, the gestures are generally super handsome, with animals. People who can live in harmony must be very attractive. Ah, I have been watching these animal trainers with the stars, wondering which ones are more handsome, and I have not seriously watched the performance...
After the dolphin show is a sea lion show Unlike the flexible dolphin, the sea lion is twisted and twisted, and it looks like a man.
Boundary Island
The border island of about 1.2 nautical miles from the nearest coast of Hainan Island is one of the most popular islands for tourists.
The boundary island is the remaining vein of Hainan Niuling. The climate in the north and south is very different. In winter, the climate in the north of the border is relatively cold 2-3 degrees, more gloomy weather, and the south is sunny, a warm summer. Style.
Sunshine, beach, clear water, blue sky, constitutes the most beautiful island image, while Coconut Grove is another romantic landscape on the island. There are many coconut trees on the island of
, and they are distributed along the coastline.
Walk along the Coconut Grove, the sea breeze, the warm sunshine gives a good mood. When you are tired, just sit down on a stool or a stone and quietly enjoy the motorboat gallop on the sea, or enjoy yourself and enjoy the surf at sea.
The side of the island facing the Lingshui is a beautiful beach, the waves are gentle, the other side is the cliff, the waves are rushing. Ascending the mountain peaks on the island, you can see the scene of the rocky reef. From the distance, the waves rushed to the reef in a layered and rhythmical way, like the "General Order" that played a wave version.
The highest peak of the border island is only 99 meters. It is not difficult to climb. Standing on the mountainside, the beautiful scenery on the beach is unobstructed.
Transportation: Take the scenic bus at the entrance of Lingshui Station. You can go directly to the scenic spot of the border island in about 15 minutes. You can also buy the ticket to Lingshui at the Sanya Bus Terminal and take the border in Lingshui Bus Station. The island shuttle bus will take you to the scenic spot.