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Chongqing Museum of Natural History  (New Hall)

Chongqing Museum of Natural History (New Hall)Nearby City

4.8/5173 Reviews
Chongqing Top 1 in Must-Visit Museums
Open on Tue-Sun,9:00am-5:00pm;Closed on Mon;Open from 9:00am-5:00pm during Chinese public holidays (Local time)
"Many people have never been to the Natural History Museum, or have visited relatively few, so they are not quite sure what the status of this museum in Chongqing is. As a museum madman who has been to hundreds of museums across the country, one can say without connotation: Chongqing Natural History Museum is the best natural museum and the best dinosaur museum in the country. This new pavilion has only been opened for two years. It has a late-comer advantage. Compared with its older brother pavilions that cannot keep up with the times, it has learned too much construction experience, whether it is the location of the pavilion or the architectural design concept of the pavilion. And the environment, exhibit design, service, etc., can be seen ingenuity and uniqueness. From the perspective of site selection, it was selected in Beibei, which is considered to be the main city. In fact, the south bank of Yuzhong Yubeijiangbei Shapingba has never regarded it as the three-ring layer 40km away from the main city. It is considered long-term. Beibei is the cultural hometown of Yudu. Liang Shiqiu’s former residence is here, Zhang Zizhong’s tomb is here, and many literati and writers have left their marks here. The most important thing is that industrialist Lu Zuofu chose it as a research site for geology, so the Natural Museum Can't leave Beibei; second, the architecture of this exhibition hall takes into account a very important component, which is the most eye-catching dinosaur hall. Dinosaurs are oversized exhibits. They need an open environment to display and a place to take pictures. I have given such an environment and added a (seemingly) background when a meteorite impacted the earth. It feels like Jurassic and Cretaceous. Came out. The entire exhibition hall is majestic and majestic, and the planning is reasonable. Unlike the naive and young Zigong Dinosaur Museum, it is a popular science venue for all ages; the third is the exhibits, this is the most important, because Lu Zuofu’s reason is to be a natural treasure, just harmony The history of Chongqing is not touched. The museum closely revolves around the theme of nature, without deviating from the central idea. The whole story ranges from the explosion of the universe to the Devonian to the production of rock and soil, to the production of life, to the derivation of various animals and plants, to the emergence of humans. Combining Chongqing's own long geological history, karst landforms and many characteristics of various fossils, one line is pulled through, and all the current methods and measures you can think of are used to show this magnificent earth history and the birth history of mankind. It is extremely exciting . Talking about a few important points, the Dinosaur Pavilion is the main feature, and a series of dinosaurs such as Hechuan Mamenchisaurus, Yongchuansaurus (Chongqing Yongchuan, China's most ferocious carnivorous dinosaur), Shusaurus, Bell Raptor, and other dinosaurs are put on display in categories. It’s clear and clear. The biggest feature of ZZB is based on its natural landscape and natural existence. It derives the whole system and knowledge points related to it. For example, the Dinosaur Museum lists all the dinosaurs in the world and distinguishes points. After analyzing and analyzing, in the rock slabs behind, almost all knowledge points of sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock, and magmatic rock were explained in the form of a knowledge tree, and the sparkle of real objects was used to attract attention and deepen interest. A lot of knowledge is definitely not for children to see and play, it is very suitable for adults, especially young people to popularize, with points to bring out the meaning of real science; the second is the richness of the exhibits, except for all the rock displays of the rock slabs just mentioned, the dinosaur hall displays The vast majority of Chinese dinosaurs, just make models if they don’t have one."
Museum Cluster Jianchuan

Museum Cluster JianchuanNearby City

4.8/5208 Reviews
Chongqing Top 4 in Must-Visit Museums
Open from 1/1-12/31,8:30am-5:30pm (Local time)
"Mr. Fan Jianchuan (you can Baidu Mr. Fan Jianchuan's resume) from the private museum built by the original air-raid shelter. The address is not easy to find. Under the Eyan Bridge, there are 4 roads to walk in, and there is only one road by car. There are dozens of parking spaces. In Chongqing Gaode navigation is not allowed, you must use Baidu map. Online ticket purchases are 5 yuan (45 yuan) cheaper, and people over 65 are free of charge, just show their ID to the staff. For children over 6 years old, the discounted price is 30 yuan and they need to be purchased on site. I heard that Chengdu Jianchuan Museum is much larger than Chongqing Jianchuan Museum. There are 8 museums in Chongqing Jianchuan Museum. We started to look at it slowly from 12 noon. We haven't looked at them one by one. Some of them are still watching the flowers. They only came out at 17:30. There are aircraft, cannons and tanks on display at the door. There are machine guns, pistols, rifles and other weapons displayed inside, as well as pictures and text explanations. The contents of the 8 halls are different and rich in content, which is very learning for teenagers and adults. From ancient times to the present, we have talked about weapons, the War of Resistance, the development after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Buddhism, Taoism, weddings, Chinese medicine, tickets, and the development process of Chongqing. The 45 yuan ticket is worth the price. It can be seen that Mr. Fan Jianchuan has spent a lot of effort building this museum." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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