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Drive from Lanzhou and go straight to Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The carpets along the way are generally alpine grasslands and flowers that forget the seasons and elevations, the sun is fresh, the cool breeze has the taste of grassy cattle and sheep, all the way to the high saturated color makes people's visions succinct, constantly amazed and sighed Between words, I feel that the word is poor. I dont know that the language of this world is scarce enough to describe the scenery in this eye... A mid-summer with only 20°, we are a miracle for the city that just fled 40°. The miracle of returning to spring in an instant. When it comes to the Yeliguan Scenic Area in Lintan County, the scenery becomes wonderful and steep, and the landscape is dignified. It is no longer the pastoral song, but with the corner of the Jinge Iron Horses border fortress, there is a More than a thousand years ago, the penetrating fierceness of the history was fierce--the Ye Liguan, which was the must-have pass of the Han and Tibetan tea-horse roads in ancient times. It entered the Tibetan portal and was a battleground for the military. Because of the competition and integration in the past 1500 years, this place like Jiangnan Wuling has gathered many ethnic groups such as Han, Yi, Tibetan, and Hui. Flower, is the place where we are in the place where Yeli is locked, even the name is beautiful and admirable. However, the actual flower buds are very different from the imaginary ones. The flower buds are not the places where the poets or aesthetic furniture of the world are now their own thoughts and the world, but the government's poverty-stricken people's livelihood projects. B&B has a total of 17 small courtyards, each of which is the villager's own residence in Miaohuashan Village. The extra rooms are used as rooms, bars, coffee houses, tea rooms, restaurants... each small courtyard is similar However, there are different, each room has a different theme and layout, concise and Zen.
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