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Battle of Lazikou Battle Memorial Hall

Battle of Lazikou Battle Memorial HallNearby City

4.6/57 Reviews
"Memorial Hall"
Diebu Top 2 in Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 8:30am-5:30pm (Local time)
"Driving back from Diebu to Lanzhou via Lazikou, the mountain road was rugged and winding, and it was a very hard road. In September 1935, the First Front Army of the Chinese Red Army of Workers and Peasants entered Lazikou after passing through the grassland. Lazikou is a pass on an important road from Sichuan to Gansu, with cliffs on both sides. On the evening of September 16th, the Lazikou battle started. The Red Fourth Regiment took the second battalion as the assault battalion, but failed to capture the pass after many assaults. The Red Army then changed its tactics and used the second battalion and six companies to attack from the front. The other two companies used ropes to climb the cliffs on the east side of the canyon and detour to the commanding heights behind the enemy. At dawn on the 17th, the Red Fourth Regiment's frontal assault and detour troops attacked simultaneously, conquering Lazikou in one fell swoop and annihilating the enemy defenders. The remnants of the Kuomintang retreated to the second pass, attempting to use the natural barrier to continue the attack. The Red Fourth Regiment took advantage of the victory and chased down the enemy's deep defense in one fell swoop, winning the battle of Lazikou. On the 18th, the Red Army captured Hadapu by victory! nowadays. Lazikou National Forest Park is located at the source of the Lazi River on the north bank of the Bailong River in the Jialing River system in the Yangtze River Basin, on the eastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the northern branch of the Minshan Mountains, and the Dieshan Mountains. It belongs to the Longnan Mountains in the south of the West Qinling Tectonic Belt. It is located in the Diebu County of Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province, and the Lazikou Forest Farm Management Area of the Diebu Forestry Bureau of Bailongjiang Forestry Administration of Gansu Province. Lazikou National Forest Park is connected to Dangchang County in the east, Zhuoni County in the west, Min County in the north by Tiechiliang, and Luoda Forest Farm of Diebu Forestry Bureau and Sangba Forest Farm in Diebu County to the south. The park is 322 kilometers away from Lanzhou City, and the provincial highway Mindai Highway runs through the whole area. "Lazikou" is a combination of Tibetan and Chinese, Lazi Tibetan means mountain green, and Tibetan and Chinese agree as a mouth on mountain green. Passing by here must take a photo!" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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