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Things To Do in Lintao

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Water Park
M27***72The experience is very good, it is recommended, the scenery is good, interesting and fun. The swimming pool generally feels much better than the swimming pools in Lanzhou New District and West Happy Garden. The most important thing is that there is a circle of drifting pool around the swimming pool. You can take your own swimming ring to play. Great experience
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SwyhInteresting and fun, good scenery, high cost performance, overall great, life gave me a lot of wonderful opportunities, I successfully caught. Say love is too vulgar, say happy is too light, can only say that you seem to open in the spring breeze peach blossom. Here, I want the three mu of farmland south of the city, wait for the flowers to bloom, sit for you. The pillow is full of moldy dreams and people who can't have them. That's my evaluation of the Lanzhou Aquarium.
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D32***30English speakers:Great museum. If you want an English speaking guide, this must be arranged a day in advance (and naturally paid for). some great catalogs in English, and a particularly superb/unusually comrehensive pottery collection. silk route objects also spectacular. Note many of the buddhist statues are reproductions. Nice cafe.
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江湖一秀才The flower of Songmingyan is very famous, and it is called "April 8 Flowers", an ancient Han people's folk custom. In the days of April 26 to 29, the lunar calendar is held in Hezheng County National Forest Park. The flower meeting held in Songmingyan, a provincial scenic spot. The main style is the Hezhou flower. In fact, the flower meeting was approved by the State Council on May 20, 2006, and the first national intangible cultural heritage list. However, as a ride, we are coming to feel the scenery. From Lanzhou City, after climbing the seven beam tunnel, we will go downhill all the way. It is about 100 kilometers. It is basically Songmingyan. Because we need to climb the slope when we arrive at Hezheng County. And the physical strength has been consumed relatively large, so the arrival of Hezheng County is basically close to 6 pm. The next day is a tour of Songmingyan, that is, to go shopping in the cycling area. The most famous Songmingyan is the pine trees everywhere. It really looks very spectacular. From the name of the scenic spot, pine trees, rock is the main point of view of the scenic spot, because of the special geological topography, so the pine trees growth is quite good, Songming rock natural also became the most famous tourist attractions in Hezheng County. There is no need to pay attention to scenic spot tours. In the summer and autumn peak season, tickets are 50 yuan. In the off-season, they are 10 yuan cheap. The scenic spot management in the previous years is not very standardized, and these years are relatively better. The more famous point of view is that there are high people living in seclusion when the Yuan Dynasty comes to pass. Second, this is also a more proud of the scenic area, the building has the corresponding temples, but also pretty.
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小蛮公主It is best to go in 7.8 months. I was going to take the children on foot, but the water didn't bring enough, so I walked back on the 4/1 journey. If there is a water seller along the way, it's best ~
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D78***88Gaode Navigation Xinglong Mountain Scenic Area is just at the entrance of Xishan Mountain. The scenic spot is divided into two parts, Dongshan (Xinglong Mountain) and Xishan (Xiyun Mountain). Tickets can be purchased separately at 40 yuan each. Now you can apply for an annual ticket with an ID card for 60 yuan, and you can visit the two mountains unlimited times. The scenic spot has few natural scenery and many small temples and Taoist temples along the way. I climbed the Xishan first, and it took 2.5 hours to reach the top, taking pictures and resting all the way. The speed was not fast. From the back mountain, it took half an hour on the steps and half an hour on the gravel road to the door. I personally suggest that Xishan can climb to Hunyuan Pavilion. It takes more energy to go up and it is not worth seeing. There is a Fuyun Pavilion on the top of the mountain, and the door is not open. The entrances of Dongshan and Xishan are 500 meters apart, and the Zhang Yiwu Memorial Hall in the middle is free to visit with ID card registration. I climbed Dongshan for an hour. I got to Sanguan Pavilion. I was boring. There were still a few halls on it. I went back the same way. I reached the entrance of Dongshan in 20 minutes. There is a ropeway between the two mountains, but it has not been opened due to the impact of the epidemic. Note that the parking lot in the east and west mountains of the scenic spot are charged separately, and the car is 15 yuan.

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