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Heiheyanlin Sceneic Area

Heiheyanlin Sceneic Area

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"I am looking forward to the Populus euphratica forest in Ejina. In order not to see the crowded scenery, I deliberately went there on October 12th. Time is still quite dangerous. In case of rain, the trees will be bald. The temperature here on the 12th It has started to minus 2 degrees, and it will be 8-10 degrees at noon, but there is a breeze that is quite cold, Feel: Travel: From a bridge (people get together) to Qidaoqiao (the most beautiful scenery, second and sixth roads) and Badaoqiao (sandboarding, camel riding, beach car and motorcycle) Food: The classic includes simmered noodles for 15 yuan, instant noodles for 10 yuan, grilled sausages for 5 yuan, and grilled lamb chops for 78 per catty. There are grilled lamb skewers and other delicacies every time you get to the bridge. One bunch of yuan, 3 bunches of 10 yuan for small bunches, 5 pieces of green cantaloupe 10 yuan for 10 yuan; Clothes: If you go after October, you must wear a down jacket, the temperature is below zero Accommodation: It is not recommended to live in the town near Ejina Populus euphratica. It is too expensive, and the houses with nothing cost less than 200-400 per night. There is not much to eat in the morning. It is recommended to finish the tour of the Aerospace Town of Jinta County (here The accommodation is cheap and clean, because it is very cheap to eat in the residential area of the army...Three steamed buns and three bowls of soy milk cost 21 yuan, and 5 red-heart roasted sweet potatoes are only 11 yuan. They are all from the local residents' self-driving land, which is cheap and cheap. It’s delicious, and the law and order is super good,) Play strategy: starting from a bridge: Pets: Pets are not allowed. They cannot be entered at the ticket gate, so they can only be placed in the car. If it is a small pet, be sure to take care to keep warm. This time we took me and I couldn’t enter. Put the dog back on the car; the latter is not recommended (the two-way lanes are narrow, unsafe, and you cannot see the Populus euphratica forest in full)...Of course you can follow the navigation to the Badaoqiao, and there is a car between the first bridge and the second bridge. A place where you can enter, but you also have to have a ticket to let you in, a car is 100 to 200 yuan, a two-way lane and a scenic bus walk along the road, there is an emergency parking zone "sand" along the road, so you can put the car on; In the picture, the bus route map of the scenic spot is attached. You can take a look at it. From a bridge to Badaoqiao station stop, Badaoqiao returns to a bridge;"