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About Lishui

Lishui was called Chuzhou in ancient times, first named in the 9th year of Emperor Suikai (589 AD). It has a history of more than 1,400 years and is the political, economic and cultural center of Southwestern Zhejiang. Famous for its landscapes and gorgeous scenery, Lishui has a reputation as “Zhejiang’s Green Valley” and “Zhejiang’s Sea of Trees”. There are 3,573 mountain peaks with an altitude of over 1,000 meters. The area is home to many historical sites, including cultural relics from the late Neolithic period, the remains of the Longquan celadon kiln, the ancient Tongji water conservation project and more. Jingning She Autonomous County in Lishui is the only autonomous county of the She nationality, as well as the only remaining ethnic minority county in Eastern China.

Popular Attractions in Lishui

Guyan Huaxiang Scenic Area
3,259 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Boat Tour
Historical Site
Guyan Huaxiang Scenic Area is located in Dagangtou, southwest of Lishui. This area has the exquisite, grand outlook of a water town. Its photographs or sketches are especially beautiful. For this reason, many art colleges have chosen this place as a sketching base and it enjoys the reputation of being a “painting town”. In Jiangbin Ancient Street, you can see many people with their creative painting boards propped up. The place has a nice literary atmosphere. The water conservancy project with its thousands of years of history is a must-see for tourists who come to visit this ancient painting town. The Lijiang River scenic area is divided into two sections. The “Guiyu” is the Shantou Village on the north bank. The “painting town” refers to the Dagangtou town where the Nan'an Town Government is located. The two areas sit on opposite sides of the river. There is no bridge between them, so the only way to travel from one side to the other is by boat.
Yunhe Rice Terraces
1,123 Reviews
Terraced Field
The Yunhe Terraces are one of the larger terraces in Eastern China. Apart from the terraces and clouds, sunrises can be seen from May to June. These are mainly divided into two major tourist areas, Silver Valley and Jiuqu Yunhuan. Among them, there are two viewing platforms named "Sunrise amongst Sea of Clouds" and "Sky and Cloud", between which the former is suitable for watching sunrise and has a nice sea of clouds landscape.
Adventure Island Water World
1,213 Reviews
Water Park
Adventure Island Water World is located in the Liandu District of Lishui City. It is centered around the medieval European Viking Dragons. It is based on the theme drifting river and runs through the island's splashing water project, allowing visitors to experience the thrill of the equipment. The Vikings' wisdom and courage are immersed in the scene of the Viking Dragons, allowing visitors to start an adventure.
Xiandu Scenic Area
1,336 Reviews
Xiandu Scenic Area is located in Jinyun County, Lishui District, Zhejiang Province. Because of the beautiful scenery, many film and television dramas have taken photos here, such as "The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils" (Zhang Jizhong Edition), "Swordsman" (Yu Zheng Edition), "Swords of Legends", etc., on the tour, you can look for scenes from these dramas. In addition, you can also overlook the Dinghu Peak of the Pillars in Buxu Mountain and Zhutan Mountain, and its elegant reflection in Haoxi.

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Trip Moments

The poor villages will change their paintings, the whole village will be photographed, and there will be a thousand-year-old
xiaoqiao running water with Dujiangyan, Jiangnan Water Town, to say the ancient town, the south of the Yangtze River in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, especially the rainy, abundant The land of fish and rice, as if born, there are many small bridges, many rivers, and so many poetic paintings. Like the water town of Wuzhen, my youth who is the master of Xitang, the combination of Chinese and Western Nanxun, and the central part of Zhejiang, the bank of the Lijiang River, the birth of the famous "Lishui Barbizon School", a professional art student's base "in the water One party has a creative base. Everyone has a camera at home. Everyone is a photographer. Here is Lishui, Zhejiang. The ancient painting township
from the painting has always been very curious. Why do so many people love photography? It is said that every household has a camera, with my doubts and curiosity, walk into the ancient painting township, to get a close look at the unique charm of this small city, the morning sun, the morning fog, the green hill in the distance Background, as if an ink painting was unfolded in front of the eyes, this is a sneak voyage in the distance that is slowly coming, like the scene of Mei Changsu from the sea, but only the late special effects of the plot. It is a real picture, especially in spring and winter. At that time, the amount of water is small, the river surface is calm, and the river reflects the sailing, blue sky and green hills. Just a shot is a thick and colorful landscape painting. It also has a beautiful name called , its no wonder that the locals will take pictures. In the face of such a beautiful hometown, who can bear to record without a shutter.
I heard that it is still the hometown of art, or is it a famous art sketching base in the country? Entering the ancient town from the intersection of Du Nan Road, you have not been to the ticket gate, you have been graffiti on the wall, deeply felt the deep artistic atmosphere, playing pinball, firewood, traditional popcorn, long rope, these are commonplace Ordinary childhood memories, but they carry our happy childhood, even if there is no advanced science and technology, no convenient communication facilities, and even the network is not developed, but simple and happy.
Posted: Jul 24, 2019
The ancient painting township scenic spot is located in Bihu Town and Dagangtou Town, Liandu District, Lishui City, 20 kilometers away from Lishui City. The core blocks include Dagangtou, Shantou, Pingdi and Baoding. The historical and cultural heritage is deep and the atmosphere strong. The scenery on both sides of the Lancang River in the scenic area, as well as the millennium ancient banyan tree group are very interesting.

This is still the hometown of oil painting. The reason why it is called painting township is because there are famous Lishui Barbizon Painting School inside and outside the province, and there is Lishui Barbizon Exhibition Hall and Lishui Oil Painting Institute. The ancient painting township exhibition hall, the ancient painting township branch school, etc., as well as a professional art sketching creation base - "water production team on the water side."

When you arrived at the scenic spot, there were already a lot of people. The temporary parking lot was already full of cars, but compared with the scene when you left in the afternoon, it would have been quiet! When purchasing tickets at the ticket sales area at the door, I found that online shopping can be cheaper, decisive ordering, and can be used immediately, without reservation, very convenient. Guiyu and Drawing Township are divided into two scenic spots, one is the ancient scenic spot including Tongjiyu and Shantou Village, which is located at the Songyin River on the north bank of the Minjiang River. The painting township scenic spot is located in Dagangtou Town on the south bank of the Minjiang River. . So there are two imports.

The weather is really good, the sky is clean, and I haven't seen the blue sky and white clouds for a long time. The scenery on both sides of the Lancang River is particularly charming. The water people on the banks of Dagangtou Town and the ancient banyan tree clusters form a beautiful landscape painting. The ancient painting town is very suitable for friends who like photography. There are many best photography points signs in the scenic area, which can guide the photographers to shoot good works.
Posted: Apr 4, 2019