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Aoruite Huanle Shui World

Aoruite Huanle Shui WorldNearby City

1/51 Reviews
"Water Sports"
"Water Park"
"There is a lot of garbage, it’s a waste of money to take a taxi, there is no such place"
Jiumahua Mountain Canyon Drifting

Jiumahua Mountain Canyon DriftingNearby City

4.6/59 Reviews
"Water Sports"
"Canyon rafting in Jiumahuashan Mountain is also a very good experience project. The first time I came here on the Lijiang River, I was really attracted by the beautiful scenery. It is so beautiful. I really like to come here and play very well."
Fuliqiao Zhufa Drifting

Fuliqiao Zhufa DriftingNearby City

4/51 Reviews
"Water Sports"
Monday to Sunday 08:00-19:00 (Local time)
"The bamboo rafting at Fuli Bridge is organized and operated by the local villagers themselves, and it is also the gentlest section of Yulong River rafting. There is no flushing dam here, and more is to float quietly on this Fuli Bridge to see the rivers on both sides of the Yulong River. Feel the idyllic scenery of rice paddies in the green mountains and green waters. There is no direct bus to Fuli Bridge. You need to take the bus from Yangshuo to Baisha Town towards Jinbao and tell the master to Zhengfang Village."
Jinmaoshan Panyan Base

Jinmaoshan Panyan BaseNearby City

5/53 Reviews
"Extreme Sport"
"I just finished climbing today, and I was on the roadside of Shili Gallery. There is a young lady in front of me, the lovely one, after climbing the medium difficulty, then challenge the highest difficulty. It is a pity that she hurt her little hand and felt distressed. My climbing is of medium difficulty. It was easy to start with the middle, but it was difficult in the final stage. Fortunately, a coach pulled me halfway to the top. Thank you coach."
Wujiutan Yi Caoping Guanyan Lijiang Zhufa Drifting

Wujiutan Yi Caoping Guanyan Lijiang Zhufa DriftingNearby City

5/51 Reviews
"Water Sports"
07:00-06:00 Monday to Sunday (Local time)
"The beauty of Lijiang! You can't see it overnight! Drive all the way from Guilin to Yangshuo for the reflection of the yellow cloth and the Nine Horses Painting Mountain! Never thought that the scenery along the way is already intoxicating! There are also good homestays and restaurants in this small town passing by! The rafting scenery is also beautiful! It's best in summer! Now the hillside is full of sugar oranges and oranges. The orange farmers are very kind! Take a photo with you! Compared with Yangdi Pier, there are a lot fewer people, maybe you like quietness."
Laibin Water Amusement Park

Laibin Water Amusement ParkNearby City

"Water Sports"
"Water Park"
Channel Longdi River Drifting

Channel Longdi River DriftingNearby City

3.9/540 Reviews
"Dragon bottom rafting is worth a visit. The rainy season is quite exciting, but it is dangerous. My daughter and I went through a dangerous beach and the rafting boat overturned. My daughter was caught under the boat. I floated up and looked for people everywhere. , I finally sent my crying daughter to other boats, but I got out of the mother boat and could only drift down the water, but the water on the beach was turbulent, reefs and sharp rocks were everywhere, causing me to scratch many places. In another place, several drifting boats turned over, and 4-5 people fell into the water. Fortunately, there was no serious problem."
Beidi Mountain Drifting

Beidi Mountain DriftingNearby City

3/51 Reviews
"Water Sports"
"It's not open yet, just call the attraction! Said to be near the New Year!"
Cormorant Fishing

Cormorant FishingNearby City

4/51 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 52 reviews
"Water Sports"
"The traditional method of cormorant fishing is still preserved in Guangxi. When you visit Yangshuo, you can often see local people fishing with cormorants on the Lijiang River. It has also become one of the sightseeing projects in the Zhuang Autonomous Region."
Yangshuo Traditional Tai Chi School

Yangshuo Traditional Tai Chi SchoolNearby City

4/51 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 76 reviews
Monday - Friday am 9:00 - pm 6:00days: Monday - Friday, times: am 9:00 - pm 6:00,days: Saturday, times: pm 9:30 - am 11:30, (Local time)
Laura Grace Tarpley
"This tai chi school is open to people of all levels, genders, and ages. If you want to go to Yangshuo primarily to study Tai Chi, you can take classes, receive food, and have accommodation at the school for 1,000 RMB per week. If you just want a quick lesson, a 2-hour introductory course only costs 150 RMB. The school teaches several different styles of Tai Chi, including working with weapons and boxing." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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