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Trip Moments

Park of Marquis Liu
Friends who have been to Liuzhou in Guangxi must have been to the Liuhou Park in the city center. As one of the landmarks in Liuzhou City, if you come to Liuzhou for less than Liuhou Park, you will definitely stay. Regret.
"Liuhou Park" is located on the north bank of Liujiang River in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province. It is a park built to commemorate the Tang Dynasty's great writers and former Liu Zongyuan of Liuzhou. It is also one of the most famous places of interest in Guangxi.
"Liuhou Park" was built in the first year of Xuantong (1909) in the Qing Dynasty. It is now a national 4A-level tourist attraction. In 2008, "Liuhou Park" was also selected as the third batch of "National Key Parks" in China. And became the first national key park in Guangxi.
is both a national 4A-level tourist scenic spot and a national key park. At the same time, the Liuhou Park with these two golden signboards is now free to the public. It can be said that it is very Conscience".
"Liuhou Park" covers a total area of 15.52 hectares, including nearly 7 hectares of artificial lakes. The lake is full of trees and pleasant scenery. It is like an oasis in the downtown area of Liuzhou. It is a good place for local people to enjoy leisure and walking. place.
Therefore, you can also see many people who sing and dance and play chess chatting in Liuzhou's "Liuhou Park". If you want to feel the local customs of Liuzhou, this is also a good choice.
"Pose of the Sea"

rotates back and forth in the form of a large pendulum, swinging left and right. Its irritating, really thrilling. To put it another way, if you don't scream during the game, you are God. In the process, sometimes suddenly suddenly like a dragon-like sway, sometimes the speed suddenly slows down, on the surface you may think it is over, but in the next second you may scream the throat because of the stimulation. Its really a facility.

"Shengdi Ancient Tower"

known as the screen jumper, is to watch with glasses. This project is a feature of this amusement park. In other amusement parks, similar amusement projects cannot be found. During the tour of this project, there will be a funny image of the ancients, taking me to explore the ancient tomb. The screen shows the thrill of exploring the ancient tomb and the funny when challenging the tomb guard. It is precisely because of these factors that this project has become the treasure of the playground.

"Rushing Forward"

After rising to a track of up to 26m high, it will slide at a high speed and then enter the water-filled exit track area. When the ship enters the water, it will cause a spectacular "water wall" to rush to the observation deck, so that I can feel the majestic momentum of the observation deck, the waves will splash on the bow and the sides of the hull. During the game, I experienced various stimulating feelings such as high-speed surfing, weightlessness, and centrifugal force. I feel a bit cool when I sweat in the hot summer days.

"Red Flame Dragon"

rumbling mine car, sharp turn, straight down, I can not think of where the next corner will open. The mining car has a lifting height of up to 16m and a ride time of approximately 130s.
The Liuzhou Industrial Museum
The museum is very dull? Not also!
At least Liuzhou Industrial Museum is a trend museum that keeps up with the times and veins. Here you can learn about the history of industrial development in Liuzhou for more than 100 years. The
museum consists of three exhibition halls and the outer exhibition area of Liuzhou Industrial History Museum, Liuzhou Enterprise Style Pavilion and Liuzhou Ecological Livable Hall. Walking into the museum and following the directions, the first thing that comes to mind is a relief on the inner walls of the two sides, vividly showing the work that has appeared in the industrial development of Liuzhou. Liuzhou has a wide range of industries. The pharmaceutical, leather, paper, textile and other industries are the main representatives of light industry. Machinery and automobiles are the representatives of heavy industry. Different exhibition areas can see historical photos and newspaper clippings of many treasure houses, and illustrate the development process of Liuzhou industry and the celebrities appearing in different periods.
Heavy industry is one of the most brilliant industries in Liuzhou's industrial history. In the exhibition hall of the museum, we saw many heavy machinery, including simulation pictures of the production workshop.
There are a lot of precious locomotive artifacts in the pavilion, which reflect the car manufacturing technology and aesthetic evolution of different periods. The best car in the pavilion is the "charcoal car". The birth of the charcoal car has opened the history of Liuzhou automobile manufacturing. Today, Liuzhou manufacturing is still popular.
In the "production workshop", you can get a detailed understanding of the manufacturing process of various cars. The workshop adopts a combination of virtual and real display. The virtual part refers to the background oil painting, and the real part refers to the vehicle model and the simulated wax image. Its hard to argue, it feels like visiting in a real workshop.
In the impression, the amusement park is a paradise for children and a romantic place in the hearts of thousands of girls. In Liuzhou, there is such an amusement park, which can be said to satisfy both children and the beautiful fantasy of thousands of girls, that is, Liuzhou Kaile Planetary Amusement Park. When I arrived at the Carre Planet Amusement Park, I was attracted to the castle-like building when I arrived at the door. European-style castles, fresh and dreamy colors, novel and interesting shapes... all give a feeling of a fairy tale town. The plaque at the entrance reads Carle Planet, and there is a feeling that after entering the amusement park, it will go to another wonderful world, which is full of expectation. The
Carle Planet Amusement Park is mainly composed of five major themes: Sun Tribe, Mermaid Kingdom, Kale Town, Cloud Tribe, and Cassino Street. There are more than 30 play projects, not only that, but it is still full of high A science and technology amusement park, playing inside the planet, is a surprise everywhere. In the mermaid kingdom, shrouded in the legend of the mermaid, there are mermaids everywhere, and you can see the elements related to the sea step by step. Even the play projects are closely related to the sea.
The Poseidon Hammer is one of the most exciting play items. Sitting on it, it is spinning, it is high altitude, and it is turning up and down in a circle. The power of the big pendulum can't be underestimated. Every time it rises and falls, people can't restrain the fear inside. They clench their fists, yell, and turn their stomachs in the stomach. After a few laps, they have already had soft legs, but they have to say that they are quite exciting.