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Trip Moments

As a county-level city under Changzhou, Fuyang has a small urban area, but the neighborhood is clean and tidy. Compared with Anji, which is similar to it, Fuyang is easier to reach. Tianmu Lake relies on the lore of the three provinces, and the forest vegetation coverage rate is as high as 95%, which has become an emerging popular travel destination.

The "Yuhu Peninsula Hot Spring Hotel" occupies its geographical advantage. The three face the lake and witness the mountains and green forests. The opposite is the landscape garden. It is adjacent to Taigong Mountain and Zhuangyuan Pavilion, and is about 30 minutes drive from Nanshan Bamboo Sea.

The combination of yellow and brown furniture, without losing the charm of Jiangnan, elegant and full of new ideas. Lying in bed, you can look at Tianmu Lake without any difficulty, and appreciate the beauty of the mountains covered with forest. With the light rain dripping from the window, I feel that returning to nature is natural.

The five outdoor hot spring pools in the hotel will feature different themes depending on the season. Rose Pool? Ginseng Pool? Or Milk Pond? In the misty water, feel the skin is steamed well~

The patio courtyard of the restaurant and the pyramid of the basement pool are integrated into each other. The ingredients for dinner are very fresh. The liver and wild mountain bamboo shoots are fried and the tortoise fish and tofu are more than simple. By the way, the craftsmanship of the grass bag Umi is popular. I have eaten the heart of the Tianmu Lake casserole fish head ~

Address: No. 8, Huanhu East Road, Tianmu Lake, Tianmuhu Town, Puyang City, China

Take a taxi and arrive in about 10 minutes.
Shenma Farm
There is a Shenma Farm near Changzhou Meilu, which is not only suitable for family-friendly travel, but even my adult has been very happy to play.

You can do all kinds of handicrafts here, you can also go to the farm for picking. We want to make a simple hand-made work, which can make the girlfriends and the baby work together, and look at the sachet is very chic, so Everyone decided to give it a try. I like green. I specially chose the pattern I liked. I tried to sew it up first, then pour the lavender carefully. The young lady taught me very carefully. I can never do it by hand. well done.

Watching the girlfriends and the baby look so serious, I couldn't help but take a lot of photos for them, super love. After loading the lavender, knead it into a triangle shape and finally close it. This step needs to be careful. The whole production process is not long. Everyone can try it. Lavender is very fragrant. I personally make a sachet hanging on the bed and help sleep at night. .

After finishing the work, the baby said that she wanted to see the small animals, so we continued to move forward. In fact, Shenma Farm can also rent a bicycle to ride, we have no rent with the baby, walking and breathing fresh air is not bad.

Baby is very happy to see the lamb, and quickly ran over to touch his head, the lamb seems to like the baby very much. I heard that in addition to the lamb, there will be grass and mud horses coming from afar.
Nanshan Bamboo Sea
It takes less than half an hour from Nanjing to take the high-speed train to reach Fuyang City. It is located at the junction of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces. It has a beautiful environment and is a good place for a holiday. The two most famous scenic spots in Fuyang, one is Tianmu Lake, and the other is Nanshan Bamboo Sea.
Nanshan Zhuhai is located in the southernmost mountainous area of Fuyang. It is a mountainous area in Anhui Guangde County. It is home to 35,000 mu of bamboo, and bamboo shoots grow in the bamboo forest in the early spring. It is also a famous summer resort in the summer. The Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Bureau once organized and selected the top ten summer resorts in Jiangsu Province. After more than 4.6 million netizens voted, Nanshan Zhuhai ranked first.
The forest coverage rate is as high as 85%, and the negative oxygen ion content is ten times higher than that of the city. It is still a huge natural oxygen bar.
The essence of Nanshan Bamboo Sea is in the mountains. There are two hills in the scenic spot, namely Wu Yuedi Yifeng and Jiming Village. You can reach Shouxing Square by taking a small train from the entrance of the scenic spot or walking along the bamboo forest path. In Chinese culture, Nanshan has been associated with longevity since ancient times.
Jiming Village is at the top of the mountain. Take the ground cable car imported from Austria. It will take you to the top of the mountain in a few minutes, and you will be in the bamboo forest of 30,000 mu.
Jiming Village is located at the junction of the three provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. The chicken rang in three provinces, hence the name Jiming Village. There are ancestral halls of the Qing Dynasty and ancient dwellings of the Ming Dynasty. You can feel the simple life scenes of the residents of the three provinces.