Long Beach
Pacific County
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Things To Do in Long Beach

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当地向导杰游Interesting little museum to learn how cranberries are grown and harvested. The gift shop stuff is so cute! You can walk to the pond, or just look at the artwork, etc.
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__赛__The scenery of Long Beach is still good, especially the sailing sunset is a major feature. Don’t miss it. The snorkeling conditions are average. Generally speaking, the cost performance of several islands in Southeast Asia is relatively high, that is, there are too many tourists. On public holidays in China, the island is really full of Chinese people. There is no language problem at all. The locals are very enthusiastic, the prices are not bad, accommodation and meals are not very expensive, and there is no need to worry about visa issues. It is still worth visiting. of
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__赛__It’s very suitable and relaxing to bring children. In fact, the scenery of Boracay is beautiful, especially the sunset on the sailing boat. The beach is very beautiful. The surrounding restaurants are very local. It’s interesting to feel the local customs. In fact, the islands in Southeast Asia are also very similar. After all, for the domestic tourism market, these islands are the most mature. If you want to clean up, I suggest you choose Palau Fiji. These prices are also higher but more cost-effective. Long Beach, Phuket and Bali. The language for free travel does not have to worry about many hotels have Chinese. Serving the locals very warm and affordable is the advantage, the scenery is also good
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泰宁根吴承恩The Astori Crossing Sea Bridge crosses the Columbia River and is also the border between the two states. The bridge is a full 200 years old. It is still in use today and the structure is very strong and particularly beautiful
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CoachA bit foggy and dreary when we went but if you’re already in the PNW when you read this...well...you’re fully aware. Despite the weather the beach is a beauty with huge cliffs sticking up out of the water. There are nearby restaurants within walking distance that have some delicious seafood and bar grub.
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泰宁根吴承恩The Columbia Waters Museum building is very beautiful and characterful. Very close to the beach and visiting the beach was where our party came in. The museum exhibits were very informative and taught me about the ocean's rich resources.

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Discovery TrailPacific County,United States

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Long Beach TavernPacific County,United States

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Crab PotPacific County,United States

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Cranberry MuseumPacific County,United States

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Marsh's Free MuseumPacific County,United States

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World Kite Museum & Hall-FamePacific County,United States

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