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Things To Do in Longhai

Baitangwan Tourism Resort Ancient Crater Scenic Area
1,178 Reviews
栊笑爻Volcanic Island ❌ Crater, volcanic island is a merchant piled red dot, this Baitangwan Volcano Geopark is the true 24 million years ago of the ancient crater. After entering the park, walk along the seaside, you can see the high rocks next to the crater. Before you travel, you must see the tide check out, and you can see the crater when the tide goes out. We are on the second day of the lunar calendar, the tide check out time is 11:30, and it will reach the ticket office at 9:30. It is very easy to play with the sea all the way. The beach has some mirror effect. The thin layer of sea water does not have to take off your shoes or play with your feet. Scattered with dark volcanic rocks of all sizes, sitting on the crater of the ancient volcanoes, the layers of volcanic rocks never seen before. After the pat, you can see the whole volcanic structure up the side path, or you have to wait for time, the tide is rising fast, we are dawdling, the panorama is still submerged by the water at 5:30, so there are not many people in this spectacular sight, We only see the tour group after the return journey, but they certainly did not do their homework, naturally nothing to see, can only hehe.
Xiamenwan·baitangwanhuo Mountain Hot Spring
787 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
小田田Going on a weekday, there are fewer people, the scenery is good, the wind is a bit big on the beach, the service here is great. There is also dry and wet steaming, the warm stone bed is very comfortable, and finally a plate of fruit is very comfortable.
Longjia Ecological Hot Spring Resort
135 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
水果很甜Longjia Hot Spring is much better than when I visited it five years ago. What I'm talking about here is the overall layout, structure, decoration, and decoration, which are more Bali-like. It is a pity that there is no children's play area on the water. We chose a bathing pool with a lower temperature. The other bathing pools have been walked, but the bottom of the feet slipped and slipped. It felt that the stone under the pool was not cleaned particularly clean. The whole decoration feels a bit biased towards the style of Riyuegu, but there are not as many types of pools as Riyuegu. In short, there is not much memory for parent-child travel. When driving from Xiamen to Longjia, don’t take the expressway, because the expressway just goes up, and it won’t take too long to get off. It’s better to take the national road. Now the national roads are very well repaired. It takes this highway fee and time. Basically the same, maybe even less. Longjia Hotel parking is also free, except that the parking place was all muddy the day before it rained.
Jiaomei Duoleng Hot Spring
88 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
m42***32It's quite suitable for taking children. The 1.5m swimming pool is very suitable for children to learn to swim, but there is no buffet inside, and there are very few things to buy in the leisure area. It is recommended to take children.
Daimei Village
68 Reviews
茉竹This short trip to Jingzhou, the biggest gain is to visit the ancient village of Xiangmei, about 30 kilometers from the city of Jingzhou. This is a niche attraction, even if the weekend tourists are not too many, I think this attraction will be more hot in the future, to visit early. The site has been known to outsiders only after it was discovered by a Malaysian in 2009 and photographed online. [Scenic] Guomei ancient village is located in Dongyuan Town, Longhai District, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, the village is surrounded by water, the ancient kiln is everywhere, there are 276 red brick kiln, neatly arranged, villagers told us that the ancient kiln built in the north of the Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, the modern houses built in the south. More than 500 years ago, the village ancestors with a paper to set the pattern of the village, after generations, villagers adhere to the ancient motto, follow the ancestral Chen Shun's philosophy of science, to build their own homes. Whether rich or poor, building by the family unified planning, the descendants are prohibited to change the pattern of the building. If you have money to build a garlic, it's to build outside the village. Because of the deep history, today's Guomei ancient village can be so majestic and beautiful posture to show the world: a river like a jade belt around the village, ancient tiles, gray and white walls, Yan'er tail roof high up, neat and uniform arrangement, rare in the world! ⛰️ After the sightseeing tour is recommended to enter the village, it is recommended to visit the village along the river first. It is close to the ecological picking garden. The ancient kiln can be intersected. The characteristics of the ancient kiln are that there are side doors and front and rear doors in each house. It can be passed through the hall to another house. The locals say that it is not necessary to umbrella or to get wet on a rainy day. 🚗 The location of the transportation accommodation Tanmei Village is a bit biased. At present, there is no public transportation from Tanzhou to Tanmei. It is most convenient to drive by ourselves. We used to call Didi from Tanzhou and the fare is around 100 yuan. But from the ancient city call back to the Jingzhou trouble, car few, here to tell you a solution: ask the village homestay owner to call a car. There is a homestay called "Impression Xiangmei" in the village, and the boss has some chartered resources. It is said that and Tujia can find their home. 🍜 Food recommendations are more special snacks in the village, including old black family macao, ramen noodles, pot edge, etc. There is also a milk tea shop called Tang Yin. The village's folk style is better, you don't have to worry about the rip-off problem. [Fun] The size and scenery are good, definitely not a worthwhile trip. [Cost-effective] Ancient village free visit
Nearby City
Gulangyu Island
43,263 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Historical Architecture
Angie安琪Not to miss attraction in Xiamen!Not only because of being Unesco World Heritage, but Gulangyu Island is plenty of nice architecture, history, nice views and wonderful beaches and streets. Reachable from Xiamen International Ferry Terminal in 20min. The island has two wharfs, one at the east and one at the west. One day visit is is a good idea to get an impression, but I guess in peak season is worth to spend a night and have more time to enjoy the sea and do further sightseeing.Must visit: Beaches, Riguang Cliff with the stunning views and the temple at the top, the parks, the area of former consulates and its buildings. There are many options to eat on the island and buy some local products or souvenirs.

Popular Hotels in Longhai

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Longjia  Hotel
505 Reviews
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Bucuo Hostel
398 Reviews
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Zhaoshang Kadakaisi Meilun Resort
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Echarm Hotel (Zhangzhou Jiaomei CRH Station Renhe West Road)

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Baihua Village
Baihua VillageZhangzhou,China

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Lukai Eco-Resort
Lukai Eco-ResortZhangzhou,China

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Daiwei Village (Daimei Village, Daimei Ancient Dwellings Group)
Daiwei Village (Daimei Village, Daimei Ancient Dwellings Group)Zhangzhou,China

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Longjiang Fengge Memorial Hall
Longjiang Fengge Memorial HallZhangzhou,China

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Longtai Gallery
Longtai GalleryZhangzhou,China

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Tonghua Children Theme Amusement Park
Tonghua Children Theme Amusement ParkZhangzhou,China

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Longhai Travel Tips

About Longhai

Longhai is situated on the southeast coast of Fujian province, at the mouth of the Jiulong River. The city is surrounded by mountains and is home to ten major attractions: the Jiulong Estuary Mangrove and Wetland Park, Ciqi Palace of Baijiao, Ziyun Park, Puzhao Temple, the Ming dynasty town of Zhenhai, Maqi Lianshi Shrine, Jiangdong Bridge, Longjia Hot Springs Resort, Nantaiwu Mountain and the extinct volcano of Niutoushan.

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Longhai Weather

May 12, 2021
25 ~ 35
May 13, 2021
25 / 34
May 14, 2021
25 / 34
May 15, 2021
25 / 35
May 16, 2021
25 / 36
May 17, 2021
Light rain
26 / 36
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Longhai
May 12, 2021 Longhai Weather:Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind:10-17 kph, Humidity:88%, Sunrise/Sunset:05:27/18:43
Longhai Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:High

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Here are the best places to visit in Longhai, including: Baitangwan Tourism Resort Ancient Crater Scenic Area,Xiamenwan·baitangwanhuo Mountain Hot Spring,Longjia Ecological Hot Spring Resort
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