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Things To Do in Longnan

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首席监理Wudu Vientiane Cave is located in Yangpang village, 15km east of Wudu District, Huainan City, Gansu Province, because of its caves, lactic rocks, Linzi, like the all-embracing Xiangyuan Xiangong named. The Vientiane Cave was formed 3 billion years ago, and it is a typical karst landform. The natural landscapes of the caves, such as stone milk, stone bench, stone pillar, stone bench, stone flower, etc. The Vientiane Cave Scenic Area is now a national 4A level tourist attraction, a provincial key cultural relics protection unit, a provincial patriotism education base, and a provincial geological park.
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真诚7577There are six gully system, there must be water, water must have waterfall. There are pearl waterfalls with big pearls and small pearls falling on jade plate, there are nine days of the magnificent waterfall, there is a dream like waterfall clouds, there is a dream of waterfall, there is a reflection of the sun, the rainbow waterfall of red orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
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M35***00"People in the painting" is enough to say the beautiful scenery of tomorrow's pool, the folk wind is simple, no overdevelopment, no commercialization, the nearby farm is good to eat and live 👍👍👍 The most beautiful Tianchi [interest] not overdeveloped [price/performance] price/performance ratio is too high
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吴立珍West narration scenic area has two scenic gates, east gate is about 12 kilometers from Chengxian, there is a small parking lot at the entrance, there is public toilet in the scenic area. Entry into the scenic area can only be hiked, the entire walk is about 3 hours, can take another gate from the local taxi back to the entrance gate to drive.
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相请不如偶遇Yangba Scenic Area can be said to be the first scenic spot in Longnan. The scenic area has a high degree of development, beautiful scenery, clear rivers and bottoms, the scenery does not lose the scenery of the south of the Yangtze River, the forest coverage rate is 90[%], and there is "natural oxygen bar charming Yangba" In the scenic area, climbing hills, I don’t feel short of breath, and there is plenty of oxygen. There are large tea gardens, rich in tea. The only shortcoming is that the scenic area still has 83 kilometers of mountain roads from the county seat. Although the road is flat, the traffic is still inconvenient. The Shiyan-Tianshui expressway has an entrance to Kang County, and there is still 30 kilometers away from the county seat. It is really not easy to go there.
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娴雅小溪Jifeng Mountain is located in Jifeng Town, Northwest Daping Township, Chengxian County, Gansu Province. The strange peaks of Jifeng Mountain are abrupt, with clouds and han dynasties, and Jifeng towering green. The temple on the top of the mountain is surrounded by the sea of fog, misty and misty, with lush forests and mountains. The top of the mountain is like being in a fairyland.

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Jinhuijiu Culture Ecology Tourism Sceneic AreaLongnan,China

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Longnan Xixiasong CliffLongnan,China

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Kangxianchongwen TheaterLongnan,China

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Santan DriftingLongnan,China

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Longnan Yangba Meiyuan RavineLongnan,China

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Tanchang LibraryLongnan,China

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About Longnan

Located in southeast Gansu Province among the Qinba Mountains, Longnan City is the only part of Gansu through which the Yellow River flows. Longnan has a long cultural history. Many visitors come here for history, traveling the mountain roads in search of vestiges of the Three Kingdoms Period of thousands of years ago (when the heroic Zhuge Liang discussed matters of governance), thinking of all the homeless soldiers in each war, and seeking the imprints of history. The attractions of Longnan Guan’egou Geological Park, Wanxiang Cave (“Cave of Ten Thousand Images”), and the Bailong River (“White Dragon River”) will all provide you with a unique experience.

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Here are the best places to visit in Longnan, including: Guan'e Valley,Wanxiang Cave Scenic Area,Xixiasong Scenic Area
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