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Los Angeles

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About Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is located in California. It is both a well-known entertainment center and a city with a strong cultural atmosphere. In Los Angeles, visitors can admire the Hollywood sign in Griffith Park on Mount Lee, or visit the movie kingdom, Universal Studios, or feel the passion of the original Disneyland near the ocean. The climate of Los Angeles is exceptional all year round. Endless beaches make this area a charming place.

Popular Attractions in Los Angeles

Universal Studios Hollywood
4,638 Reviews
Film Studio
Universal Studios Hollywood is a popular theme park in Los Angeles. In the 1900s it was a Hollywood film studio but it is now a major movie theme park. There are very realistic film sets where you can personally experience movie scenes such as airplane crashes, floods, and explosions. There are also various exciting roller coasters based on famous movies. There are numerous restaurants and shops in Universal Studios. After exploring the attractions, don't forget to try the delicious food in the many restaurants, or buy posters, movie props and various other souvenirs in the many shops.
Griffith Observatory
488 Reviews
Observation Deck
Standing opposite the "HOLLYWOOD" sign, Griffith Observatory is a landmark of Los Angeles and where many famous films and TV shows have been filmed. Come at sunset and evening to watch the stunning LA sunset, city lights and the starry sky. Astronomical exhibitions are display in lively fashion in the Observatory's halls, where the ceiling is hanged with models of the eight planets of the solar system and decorated with exquisite murals. The dome theater here is modeled on the sky canopy. Lying on the seat and watching films about the evolution of celestial bodies, the vast universe seems to be within reach.
Hollywood Walk of Fame
1,249 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
The Hollywood Walk of Fame has over 2,000 star emblems inscribed with the names of celebrities in recognition of the honorees' contribution to the media and entertainment industry. The star emblems fall into five categories, i.e., classic film camera (representing motion picture directors and actors), television receiver (representing anchors), phonograph record (representing singers), radio microphone (representing radio broadcasters), and comedy/tragedy masks (representing theater/stage performers). The Hollywood Walk of Fame attracts film lovers from around the world. Locating your idol from among the stars and taking a picture with them is something you cannot miss when you visit LA.
636 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
Located in the northwest of Los Angeles, Hollywood is a place name concept known for its developed film and television entertainment industry. It is the cradle of American movies and has become synonymous with American movies. Because it is facing the sea to the west, close to the desert, less rain, and pleasant scenery, it is an ideal film shooting location, which has attracted companies such as Columbia, Paramount and Universal to make movies here.

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Los Angeles Travel Tips

Los Angeles Transportation

Flights: There are 9 terminals at The Los Angeles International airport of which terminals 1-8 serve only American airlines. The only terminal that caters to the other airlines is the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

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Best Experience in Los Angeles

With over 130 kilometers of beaches; LA is also known as the land of the sunny beaches. The highlights here also include Hollywood; the movie kingdom, Universal Studios and Disneyland Park. These are the globally acclaimed entertainment parks. Beverly Hills is one of the world’s most known neighborhoods and there are many opportunities to chance upon movie celebrities. Of course coming here you must not miss out on a baseball match at the legendary Dodger Stadium where at the opening of each new baseball season, the currently ‘hot’ movie stars will be invited for appearances.

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Los Angeles Weather

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Jun 1, 2020
Los Angeles Weather
Los Angeles (LA) is sunny the whole year round, however the temperature difference between day and night is huge. Summer time is from June to August and is the best time for visiting LA. LA is known for its mesmerizing beaches, surfing, and other sea sports. For April-May and September-October, it is also considered pretty good timing to hit the beaches, although it could be a little cold in the morning, so bring along a light jacket. The raining season here is from November to March; it is advisable to bring along rain gear and warm clothing if you are planning to go outdoors. From November-December, there are 3 main events that entail parades and much festivity; they are Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Christmas celebrations. This is also open season for shopping, whereby huge discounts are given. So be prepared to splurge and spend.

Trip Moments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the absolute best restaurants in Los Angeles: The Bazaar by Jose Andres, Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong (Koreatown), Animal, Perch, Pizzeria Mozza.
I recommended Joshua Tree National park, Hollywood Hills, Malibu Beach, Huntington Beach, Runyon Canyon Park.
Here are the best places to visit in Los Angeles, including: California State Route 1, Hollywood, Getty Center, Staples Center, Sunset Boulevard.