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About Luan

Lu'An is located at the northern foot of the Dabie Mountains in the western part of Anhui Province. It is the birthplace of Gao pottery culture. This is why Lu'An is also known as the "City of Gao". Lu'An is a famous old revolutionary base. Dabie Mountain is one of the birthplaces of the Red Army. Traversing deep into Lu'An's Dabie Mountains visitors can see the national forest park of Tiantangzhai as well as scenic spots such as Nanyue Mountain, Tongluo Village, Wanfo Mountain and Bagong Mountain. There is also a national historical and cultural city Shouxian. Shouxian still has the extant ancient city walls built in the Song Dynasty, as well as other ancient buildings, ancient tombs and ancient battlefields.

Popular Attractions in Luan

Ocean World
116 Reviews
Ocean World is a large-scale aquarium in Anhui Province, located in Zhedong Business and Trade Plaza, at the intersection of Jiefang Road and Dabieshan Road. It is also a large modern marine science museum, which integrates viewing, popular science education, entertainment, and business exhibition into one place. There is an underwater viewing tunnel to showcase sea life. Marine animal shows are also regularly updated every week in the Marine Life Show Area. In the Popular Science Area, visitors can to gain a better understanding of marine life.
West Anhui Great Rift Valley
525 Reviews
The West Anhui Great Rift Valley was originally named Piwang Cliff. It is located in the southern part of Liuan City. The local people call this the "three gates." The entire scenic area is shaped like the three parts of a pond lotus. Some places in the rift valley can only be reached by climbing simple metal ladders. These areas are so narrow they can only accommodate one person at a time. In some places, even on the cliffs, water curtains cascade downwards. Although the valley is not very long, it still offers lots of fun.
The Liuan Twin Towers
62 Reviews
Ancient Pagoda
The Liuan Twin Towers, often called the "North and South Gate Pricklers", is a pair of ancient towers located in the north and south of Liuan, and is a symbol of the ancient city of Liuan. The "South Gate Prickler" sits to the west of the South Street, inside the old Guanyin Temple, and is also called the Guanyin Temple Tower. The "North Gate Prickler" rests to the east of Beiwai Street, inside the old Duobaoan Temple, and is also called the Duobaoan Tower.
Dabie Mountain Grottoes
222 Reviews
Geological Sites
Dabie Mountain Grottoes scenic spot is located in the eastern corner of the Dabie Mountains. It was formed by the gravity of the rock billions of years ago. The scenic spot mainly includes a primitive ecological forest, a silkwood forest, a natural canyon, and a hundred-step "ladder." Here, you can watch the grottoes with the history of billions of years, listen to the Buddhist music, view royal temples, taste the Buddha tea and the wild food. The fresh air in the scenic spot is a natural oxygen bar. It is a museum of geological nature and a paradise for animals and plants, being rich in flora and fauna.

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Trip Moments

The location of Mazhai Mountain in Jinzhai is very advantageous. She is located in the Tiantangzhai National Forest Park in the south, the Xiangshan Temple in the north of the Millennium Buddhist Temple, and the Little Huangshan Mountain in the east. The famous Xizhuang Hot Spring in the west is a 48-kilometer-long natural palace that is incomparably rich and unique. She is like a charming natural scroll, stretching slowly in the depths of the Dabie Mountains. The peaks are everywhere, the trees are towering, the flowers are lush, the valleys are vertical and horizontal, the Longtan waterfalls, the streams The clouds are haunting and deep and unpredictable, just like a fairyland. We walked down the small radial scenic spot, and soon I saw a waterfall leaking vertically. Falling on the rock protruding from the stone wall, the syrup flies, the jasper smashes, and the splash of water forms a large spray, like a milky white light cloud. The trees around the waterfall are dense and dense, and they are connected into a large piece. From a distance, it looks like a large group of thick green clouds condensed at the foot of the mountain. The stream in the distance is just flowing quietly there, whispering softly, the surface of the water is like sesame oil, and it is a ripple of water. Continue to move forward, come to a string of stone steps across the stream, the clear stream of water flowing down, squatting, singing according to the earth, like Song Tao, like a harp, slap the sound of Xu Resounding between the mountains and forests. The falling stream is like a silvery white snake, flowing between the rocks.
Posted: Dec 27, 2018
Posted: Nov 2, 2019
Rachel Yu   
The words "Maotan Factory" are deeply rooted in people's hearts because of the spectacular scenes of 10,000 people. The town, which is known as the "world college entrance examination factory", has a 90% rate of enrollment. It is really curious. . "full of economy", it has a long history, to understand, go to the ancient streets of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Bluestone, pebbles, planking doors, red lanterns... all of them do not reveal the aroma of the book and the smell of fireworks. Mingqing Old Street is located in the southernmost part of Jin'an District, Lu'an City, Anhui Province. There is a small town called Maotan Factory. It was once one of the important towns of Dabie Mountain, and is also a famous ancient town. This old and new street in Ming and Qing Dynasties is the most complete ancient dwelling house preserved in the western Yunnan area. Ming and Qing Old Street was built in the early Ming Dynasty. It has a total length of 1,330 meters and is east-west. The pavements are all paved with bluestone and cobblestone. The Old Street building has a long history and is rich in variety. There are five-column porch room in the Ming Dynasty, the volcanic house in the Dagu small liangliang in the Qing Dynasty, and the herringbone wooden frame in the Republic of China. The shops along the street are residential, wooden structures, and paved doors. They are usually two or three in, and they often show the characteristics of the Dabie Mountain dwellings. Ticket price: no opening time: all day scenic address: Maotanchang Town, Jin'an District, Lu'an City, Anhui Province Recommended Tour: Dongzhamen 18 pillars Tu GongRed Umbrella Traditional Hand Workshop Peoples Commune Grand Canteen Yuanheng Memorial Hall Xizha Gate
Posted: Jan 5, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Dabie Mountains, Dabie Mountain Grottoes, Baima Canyon, Huoshan Mountain Canyon Rafting Center, Tongluozhai.
Here are the best places to visit in Luan, including: Dabie Mountains, Dabie Mountain Grottoes, Baima Canyon, Huoshan Mountain Canyon Rafting Center, Tongluozhai.
A very famous tea named after the area. Bought that as a gift.