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"This early summer, take a trip to Lucerne. The Vierwaldstattersee Vierwaldstattersee lake is not to be missed. The first time I visited Lucerne was in June this year. A good friend and I came here and took a 10-hour flight to arrive. It is a typical coastal city. There is a direct bus from the airport to Vierwaldstattersee. When we arrive at the lake, we directly buy a ticket to take a cruise to go sightseeing and enjoy the surrounding scenery slowly. Many of them are local tourists. The lake is surrounded by mountains, a bit like the Three Gorges Reservoir in my country, with a beautiful environment. The cruise ship drove for nearly two hours before reaching the shore, and we took many photos along the way as a souvenir. The food guide has restaurants on the cruise ship. Eating here is not as expensive as I thought, but it is very economical. Ren Sui Pai is the most famous, and the chocolate ingredients in it also reflect the memory of Lucerne. The level of consumption in this city is also high. It is also considered a developed city in Switzerland. We got off the cruise and bought a lot of specialty products in the souvenir shop. We also saw some Chinese products. The cheese fondue and chocolate fondue are the most famous. Features. Experience that Lucerne was a fishing village a long time ago, and the Vierwaldstattersee lake in this city impressed me the most at night. The night view is too charming. The faint moon sprinkled on the lake and the surrounding scenery make people linger." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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