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Trip Moments

Mount Gongga
There are always a few moments in a person's life that are worth collecting for a lifetime. There are always a few moments to hit the heart of the heart, and this is the case when you see the Gongga Snow Mountain, where the snow-capped peaks of the clouds stand under the blue sky and white clouds. Shocking, the feeling of touching the sea of clouds on the top of the cloud...
said that the desire and reality are only one step away, and we have finally reached this goal by stepping over this step. It is your persistence and touched this mountain. From Hailuogou to Fantasia to Xinduqiao, we finally gave us this surprise at Zimeikou.
That cold windy afternoon, I stood in front of the king of Lushan. I have seen a lot of snow-capped mountains. I thought I would face it calmly, but I was wrong. When I saw the magnificent snow-capped mountains and people When I was suffocating, I was deeply impressed!
4550 meters of Zimeikou, the continuous snow peaks lined up in front of the word, the highest main peak is like the king's general arrogant peaks, it is far from heaven, standing in the clouds, but overlooking the world, calm and warm, blue sky Under the white clouds, the king of Mount Lushan showed its beautiful outline very much.
I came from afar, just for the appointment on your side. In front of the magnificent mountain, we are so small, make the most sincere wish, the camera shutter can be heard hundreds of meters away in the quiet valley. Sound, don't turn around, you know that you have been...
Luding Bridge
Luding Bridge, the Dadu River, "flying the Luding Bridge" China Workers and Peasants Red Army on the way to the long march left a glorious time here, although the time has passed so long, but still can feel the historical footprint. Today, Luding Bridge has become a scenic spot in Luding County, Ganzi Prefecture, attracting countless tourists every day. I came here in the afternoon. Unlike many attractions, it is located next to Luding Square in Luding County. I like this location very much because the traffic is very convenient and it is very gratifying to the travellers. Maybe the chain can lock a bridge, and it will not stand for a hundred years, but how many people can lock the heart, do not change their minds for life, do not make a soft promise. The reason why walking this bridge is very challenging is not only because of its own iron structure, but also because it is under the danger of crossing the river! In front of the river, the Dadu River, which has a wide river and abundant water, is the largest tributary of the Minjiang River system. I look down from the shore, even if there is a certain distance, I can still feel its extreme danger! I bought the tickets, and I wanted to go over and feel the history of the wind and rain. The 13 chains locked the Luding Bridge tightly together. Now I have laid the wooden boards, so I am not afraid of it now. There are various poses on the top. Luding Bridge, from the initial important traffic ties, to the military to Tianjin, and now to the 4A-level tourist attractions, its role and identity has undergone great changes. But even in today's very relaxed atmosphere and safe environment, there are still many people who are scared off by its thrills. The Red Army was hard to imagine! Opposite is the bridge head, reaching out and touching the Luding Bridge, which was exchanged for blood and life. Some chains rusted and dropped iron filings. [Travel Tips] [Address]: Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Luding County [ticket]: 10.00 yuan [traffic]: After arriving in Luding County, stop the car and walk on it.
Luding Bridge
Tiesuo Dadu Tianzhu Tonglu - Sichuan West Small Loop Line 6

The bridge is always in the eyes of the traveler, and the Red Army Luding Bridge is the eternal scene of the heart. I did not expect this trip to look at the two bridges on the Dadu River that are called "".
In 1705, Emperor Kangxi unified the rivers and mountains, strengthened the economic and cultural exchanges in the Sichuan-Tibet area, and built a total of 13 42-ton iron cables into a bridge. Three hundred years later, the Dadu River was another 1411 meters long. The 1100-meter steel truss suspension bridge was opened to traffic at the end of 2018 and is also known as the "Net Red Bridge".
When I think about the construction of the iron bridge, it is a bamboo cable sling. The legend is that the king finally used the treasure conch to blow three times to succeed. Now the Jiante Bridge has used the drone, and the first lead is used for 3 minutes. The main tower is connected.
At that time, the iron bridge pillar stone was bonded by glutinous rice, lime and egg white; now the super bridge is a high-tech bridge built in high altitude, high seismic intensity belt and complex wind field, which cost more than 1 billion yuan. Many of the world's first.
At the beginning, there was the iron bridge of the Western Salt Gate First Bridge, which ended the history of the Dadu River relying on ferries and zippers; nowadays there is the Sichuan-Tibet First Bridge, Yakang Expressway to Kangding The city takes only 4 hours.
Spring on the west of Sichuan, I have walked through the trembling old iron bridge and the new bridge of Xintong.
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