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Things To Do in Luhuo

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白马炯釥There are countless reasons to come to Luhuo! You can perceive one or two by looking at the picture! ! There is a very ancient Gelugpa monastery—Shouling Temple! There is also the 30-meter-long Sakyamuni Buddha that has been built for a long time! (It was all funded and built by the temples and believers to protect the peace of one party.) The Buddha will be consecrated in July and August next year. Those who are going to visit must go to worship! The Thangka and Buddha murals of Shouling Temple here are simply treasures on earth! You must come to visit Luhuo! It's quiet, beautiful and not noisy, there are horses, cows and various flowers on the road, so I don't want to go when I come!
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白马炯釥This is a super cow but super low-key Gelugpa monastery! (There are actually no pictures on the Internet. I was shocked. The masters of the Gelug Sect did not promote it by studying or practicing!) The history here is so long and the thangka murals are so brilliant that many people don’t know, too. Pity! The 30-meter-long Sakyamuni Buddha that is currently under construction will finally be consecrated next year. I hope that those who are destined can also worship! Super shocking! It’s not possible to take pictures during the pilgrimage to the monastery... (I asked Master to prepare for private collection, but found that Ctrip didn’t have pictures of this monastery, so I decided to put it up. I hope more people can know this low-key and awesome Temple) Juewo Buddha Hall is behind the main hall. You can ask Master to open the door and worship! (As long as it is stated that it is a pilgrimage, Master will open the door) The main hall (the place where the masters go to the temple is surrounded by super beautiful murals, see the pictures) The three statues of Sakyamuni, Master Tsongkhaba, Auspicious Tianmu, The mighty King Kong, the Green Tara...I see the red-billed crow and the mountain flowers blooming, I don’t want to leave when I come here! Hope that more people can appreciate the sacredness and beauty here! [Scenery] First class
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Hot Springs Resort
游vs人生The hot spring here is okay, it is natural, not artificial
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青仙CyanUnder the blue sky, thousands of kilometers of red wooden houses, a few magnificent halls, it is hidden deep in the mountains of the world's largest Tibetan Buddhist Academy. Here people do only one thing all day, is practice. Away from the earthly cumbersome. Along the winding hills southwest of the tower overlooks the entire Buddhist Academy, which is a great photo opportunity. There is a shuttle bus down the mountain, and if you have enough time, it is highly recommended to take a walk, which is a wonderful experience for both the visual and the spiritual.
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CD云上Kasa Lake ~ is located 70 kilometers west of Luhuo County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is a curved highland freshwater lake which is regarded as the mother lake by the local people. Whenever something important happens, it will walk around the lake sincerely and wish for good harvest and good luck. The lake is a colorful lake surrounded by mountains, snails grazing on hills, eagles flying in the sky, I enjoy the broad breast of the lake
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你好-周星星Although it is smelly, it is really magnificent. Feel the baptism of life, and there are so many people coming and going. You can see the magnificence of those vultures in groups, and you can also see the reluctance of seeing off loved ones. Look

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Yirigou Hot SpringGanzizhou,China

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Luhuo Ethnographic MuseumGanzizhou,China

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