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About Luoping

Luoping County is situated in eastern Yunnan province, bordering Guizhou province to the east and Guangxi province to the southeast. It is a popular tourist destination known for its picturesque hills surrounded by fields of yellow rapeseed flowers. The county is also home to the Jiulong Waterfalls, one of China's most beautiful waterfalls. Other attractions include the Duoyi River, the Lubuge Dam and Wanfeng Lake.

Popular Attractions in Luoping

Jiulong Waterfalls
987 Reviews
The Jiulong Waterfalls are located to the northeast of Luoping in Yunnan Province. The waterfall system is over 4 km long and drops over 100 m. The waterfalls are situated in picturesque surroundings and can be heard from far away. Visitors are rewarded with spectacular views over the towering cascades.
Luoping Canola Flower Ocean
312 Reviews
Rural Area
The Luoping Canola Flower Ocean attracts many travel and photography enthusiasts from China and abroad. Sites recommended for viewing and photographing the canola flowers include the Jinji (“golden rooster”) Peaks, Niujie Township, Wanzi Lake Reservoir, and Shiwanda Mountain. Every year during the flower season, Luoping County is submerged under a sea of canola flowers in riotous bloom. The Luoping Canola Flower Ocean is concentrated around the vicinity of Luoxiong Town, and is most conveniently reached by contract car.
Jinji Fengcong
196 Reviews
Observation Deck
Jinji Fengcong is located in northeastern Luoping County. Its local pastoral flavor invites urban residents to slow down and relax. Every year, when the canola blossoms are flowering, visitors come to Jinji Fengcong and climb the Flower Ocean Observation Deck to see the many interestingly sized and shaped fields of canola flowers that span outward like a sea. Stretching off into the distant blue hills and blending into the distant sky, the vista creates an intoxicating and naturally beautiful landscape.
Screw Field
110 Reviews
Terraced Field
On Niu Street, on northwest side of the county, Screw Field is a well-known place for photographing rape flowers. The terraced paddy fields and dry land here are arranged in neat circles on each level, looking like threads on screws from a distance, which is why they are called screw fields. A screw field is a natural landscape composed of beaded karst funnel landform with very peculiar shapes. It is very rare.

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Trip Moments

On the banks of the Duoyi River in Luoping, Yunnan, there is a minority called the Buyi. This ethnic group is mainly concentrated in Guizhou. Some people migrate to Yunnan, and Luoping is the only place in Yunnan where the Buyi people are concentrated. The spirit of the Bouyei Dalping Qingshan Xiushui is full of charm.
Entering the village, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, and the rivers are nestled by the river. There is a beautiful scenery of the paradise. There are some colorful flowers and rice at the entrance of the Buyi people, calling you to taste.
Multicolored rice is one of the characteristics of this place. The sleek and full-bodied glutinous rice grains are wrapped in colorful coats. The colorful colors make you love it. People who come here can't help but buy one. Taste the taste.
The locals call this colorful rice a flower rice, and they still retain the custom of eating rice. These rice can be dyed into various colors with natural plant juice without adding any artificial pigments. They will use various plant flowers, red orchids, yellow rice flowers, maple leaves, purple orchids, etc. to root and stem. The flowers and leaves are smashed into juice to soak the glutinous rice. Each juice has their own different colors. After the glutinous rice is colored, it becomes a flower rice, red, yellow, white, black and purple. The five colors
are very festive because they are brightly colored, so they are often used as one of the must-have foods for the traditional festivals of the March 3rd National.
Posted: Dec 27, 2018
JOJO’s wonderful trip   
If you want to appreciate the spring of Yunnan, the most important thing to miss is Luo Ping. The longing for Luo Ping is derived from a photograph of China's national geography. There are thousands of acres of golden islands floating in the ocean. It is known as the most beautiful peak in the world. forest. At the beginning of March, it was the best time to see rape blossoms. Then let go of everything and rush to the golden flower sea that yearns. After a few trips to Luoping, the cold weather is almost the same as that of Chongqing, but the occasional appearance of the sun still makes me feel.
Luoping sees more places in rapeseed, but the more famous places are Jinjifeng Forest, Screw Field, Jiulong Waterfall, and Dui River. The first three places are more interesting.
1. County to Kowloon Falls: Luoping Bus Terminal, the fare is 10 yuan, after Jinjifeng, it is convenient to visit Jinjifeng when returning.
2, County to Jinjifeng: Take the passenger station, you can take a trip to the Kowloon Falls car to visit. If you don't go to the Kowloon Falls, you can go directly to Jinjifeng, and the fare is 5 yuan.
3. County to Screw Field: The car is not at the passenger station. You need to go to the Hualian Supermarket in the county seat. It takes 10 minutes to walk to the Hualian Supermarket at the passenger station. You can ask all the way, everyone in the county knows. As long as the car in the direction of Agang will pass through the screw field, the fare is 5 yuan to 8 yuan. (Look at the mood of the ticket seller).
Posted: Dec 4, 2018