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Things To Do in Luqu

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National Park
山在穷游Before I came to Bohai Lake, I really didn't have too much expectation for him, just to go to Gannan to Langmu Temple a punching point. But when I really entered Bohai Lake, but long time do not want to leave, I feel that only two hours is too little time. If you have the opportunity to come here, don't rush off, drive around the lake and have a good look around, although the entrance to the lake is surrounded, but there are other places to drive, when we walk in, be sure to protect the environment, You'll find the lake so peaceful, and sometimes birds fly over it. If you'll allow it, I'd like to stay here for one night, feel the stars, or jump into the lake and explore the secrets.
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轻快的行走脚步Zecha Stone Forest is a good scenic spot in Gannan area! Canyons, forests, mountain peaks, etc. constitute the spectacular scenery of Zecha Stone Forest! Drive here, be surrounded by nature, and fully experience the charm of Zecha Stone Forest!
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刘小霁Gandan Saichi Temple, the local people called Gansu Langmu Temple, was built in 1748, was known as the pure land of Brahma, to meet the world's expectations of Gannan. In fact, the temple looks on the mountain and built, only to see the momentum of the Tibetan Temple. The most anxious praise is that the quiet, monks and believers look peaceful, as if they were outside the world.
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鱼和尚Hongshi Cliff is a famous landscape in Langmusi Town in Gannan. The towering red cliff overlooks the entire Langmusi area. In Langmusi, you can see the red mountain in the distance from all angles, which is very visual.
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Historical Site
轻快的行走脚步The famous Xicang Temple in Gannan area, the temple is a characteristic Tibetan style temple, the Xicang Temple surrounded by mountains is very spectacular! Not many people come here, you can visit the charm of Tibetan Buddhist culture here!
Nearby City
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AURURA木木It can also be said that it is a wetland, the environment is very good, and it is coming to the Xiahe, the Xiahe can be said to be the best hotel we have stayed in. Although the grass is not completely green in May, but combined with the current, it is very good.

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Gannan Gahai Migratory Birds Nature ReserveGannan,China

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Xicang TempleGannan,China

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Zecha Stone ForestGannan,China

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Red Stone CliffGannan,China

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Langmu Si Jingqu-Yi CollegeGannan,China

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Gandansaichi TempleGannan,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Luqu, including: Gahai,Zecha Stone Forest,Gandansaichi Temple
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