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Langmu Temple Resort
Langmu Temple | Gannan must pass the pilgrimage site Some people say "Do not come to Langmu Temple, equal to not to Gannan", which shows the importance of this Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Gannan. Langmu Temple is generally planned to travel in Gannan or North Sichuan. It is close to the Gannan Labrang Monastery to the north and the Zoige Grassland to the south. [Recommended travel itinerary] arrive at Langmu Temple at noon on the first day. In the afternoon, visit the Gedi Temple in Sichuan, then walk to the Bailongjiang Gorge and stay in the town at night. The next morning, I went to the Gandan Sai Chi Temple in Gansu. After that, you can take the Noons shuttle bus to leave Langmu Temple and go to other attractions in Gannan. [What can I experience here? 1 Langmu Temple Riding Langmu Temple There is a horse-riding tour nearby. The horse team has a consultation shop in the town. The price ranges from 150-400 yuan. The horse-riding destination includes the source of Bailongjiang and Hongshi. Cliffs, flowers and other places. 2 Langmu Temple celestial burial is biased toward Gansu in Langmu Temple. There is a celestial burial platform on the back hill of Saiji Temple. The celestial burial in this area is more open and can be viewed by tourists. If you have the consent of your family, you can take pictures. 3 Turning the mountains and turning the water to the stupa Tibetan people's devout faith is the snow lotus in the sky, full of pure to pure. They are kind and simple, and they only turn for the faith. An ancient turn of the road outside Xiahe Labrang Monastery is a lap I have to go to the Labrang Monastery every time. This is also one of my favorite temples.
The holy lake Bohai has been dried up three times in the land of Luqu County, Gannan Prefecture, Qinghai Province. It is a holy place in the hearts of Tibetan compatriots and is known as the Pearl of the Plateau. However, since the 1950s, with the increasing population and overgrazing, people have taken the use of grassland resources lightly. The Bohai Sea has experienced an unprecedented ecological disaster: the surface is bare, the grasslands are deserted, and the water table is declining year by year. The wetlands are shrinking. In 995, Bohai Lake saw its roots for the first time. The holy lake that once had a thousand hectares and the Tianhu Lake became a huge bunker. In the spring of 1996, Bohai Lake had a small amount of water. In 1997, the lake dried up again. In 2000, the most serious dryness occurred in the holy lake of the holy lake. The creatures in the lake suffered from the catastrophe. The stinky smell of dead fish floated like a ghost in the sky above the grassland. The damming and diversion of water to save the three dryness of the plateau Pearl Lake and the Bohai Sea has attracted great attention from the relevant departments of the province, Gannan Prefecture and the Bohai National Nature Reserve. It consists of the Shishilin Scenic Area and the Laiwu Migratory Bird Nature Reserve. Then Shishilin is located in the south of Luqu County. It is a siltstone landscape. I saw the strange peaks of different shapes standing proudly. Some are like knife-cutting axe, some are like downhill tigers, and more exotic monkeys The month, the general peak, the monk stone, etc., the image is really cool. Among them, the "Shimen First Line" of dozens of feet, the momentum is smoldering, and it is spectacular. There are nearly 100 meters of wooden plank roads in Shimen for tourists to enter and exit. There is a risk of "one husband is the customs, Wanfu is open", which is the only way to enter Shilin. Bohai is located in Lehai Township, southwest of Luqu County, 53 kilometers away from the county seat, with an elevation of 3479.7 meters. The total area of the nature reserve is 162,000 mu. The wild animals and plants are rich in resources and the plants are flourishing. Many rare birds migrate southward. The foothold and breeding base. The Bohai Grassland is also one of the finest pastures in Asia. Every summer, the water and grass are beautiful, the beef and sheep are fat, and the climate is cool and pleasant. It is an ideal place for people to spend summer and summer.
Langmu Temple Resort
At the junction of Gannanchuan North, there is a place called Langmu Temple. At first, Langmu Temple was a temple. Later it was discovered that it was a place name. It was a small town. Although there are two temples in the town, they each have their own names. The Bailong River in this town is the dividing line between Gansu and Sichuan. Since the large-scale commercial development has not yet taken place, Langmu Temple still retains the traditional quiet appearance, the town is not big, the north of Bailongjiang is under the jurisdiction of Ganqu County, Gansu Province, and the south of Bailong River is the Zoige County of Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province. Jurisdiction, the temple on the Gansu side is called Da Cang Lang Mu Sai Chi Temple, and the temple on the Sichuan side is called Da Cang Lang Mu Gedi Temple. To Langmu Temple, mainly to see these two temples. Both are Tibetan Buddhist temples, and the monks add up to more than 1,000 people, accounting for one-third of the population of the town. Lamas in red clothes can be seen everywhere in the town. To visit the two temples, you have to buy tickets separately. Most of the time, the temples are very quiet. There are not a large number of tourist groups coming in and out, and life is dull. It is a bit of a lively town, opened a lot of inns and restaurants, to receive visitors from all over the country, the taste of food is mainly Sichuan.
Langmu Temple Resort
Perhaps it is the reason for the off-season. The Langmu Temple is very few people. Occasionally, the monks and locals who passed by just smiled at me and took a very happy shot. When we went to the main hall to take pictures, there was still no one. I asked if I could be outside the monks on the side. Taking pictures, he said that he can shoot outside, just take it. After a while, the uncle and the uncle have said, have you ever seen it in the main hall, you can't take pictures inside, but you can go in and see. When we said it, we opened the door to the main hall and let us in. The hall is a bit shady, and every object is quietly displayed, with a beauty of still life.
[] is located in Menghai Township, Luqu County, Gannan, about 36 kilometers from Langmu Temple. July and August is the most beautiful season in the grassland. The endless green is like a clear and bright mirror, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds, which is a longing for people. Continue to the Langmu Temple along the 213 National Road and continue for 40 minutes on the ramp leading to Maqu. An open and endless lake shines with emerald light. This is the plateau mirror in Gannan. - Bohai Lake. Bohai Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Gannan, located in the center of the grassland. When it is sunny, the blue sky and white clouds reflect in the water, which is very beautiful. The water was almost dry when we went, but the scenery was still beautiful. is the habitat of rare birds and cranes. Every spring and autumn, more than 80 kinds of migratory birds such as white swan, grey crane, black pheasant, great egret, wild duck and waterfowl will travel from the south of China to Southeast Asia. Nepal, the Himalayas, fly here to breed. In the exclamation of the crowd ahead, a small fox ran to us, thin and not working, it is estimated that the prey could not catch the hungry, and not afraid of tourists. We have taken it with food such as ham and sausage, and it is a miracle to see this animal in this place. Meet two Tibetan girls, wearing national costumes to take photos with tourists, you can give some compensation, but don't get used to them. I hope this piece of pure land can be protected, whether it is the environment or the humanities.