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Rua da Cunha

4.4/52,258 Reviews
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Open all day, the store opening hours are different.
Macau Taipa Guanye Street
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About Rua da Cunha

Guanye Street, or Rua da Cunha, is a famous street in Macau. This Taipa Village area is filled with restaurants, dessert shops and calligraphy shops, making it one of Macau’s most famous attractions. The tiny street is only about 115 meters long, but is home to old-fashioned cake shops like Koi Kei Bakery, Choi Heong Yuen Bakery and Huangji Cake Shop, where tourists can buy specialty almond cookies, poinciana cookies, chicken cakes and more delicious snacks. Aside from bakeries, there are also a wide variety of restaurants available on Rua da Cunha. The crab porridge at Chengchang Hotel and the ice cream at Mo Yi Ji are particularly worth trying. The street is also frequented by celebrities from Hong Kong and Macau.

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  • 清清1010

    From the new Babai companion, took the bus and came to Guanye Food Street. A short street of more than 100 meters, crowded, all the way through, first is a very national characteristics of the rest pavilion, then is Moyiji, Juanji, Shaoji, Chengchang Hotel, Baohao Niuzao, Cheuxiangyuan, Juji, Puppet Portuguese Restaurant, these are the most famous, the entrance is crowded. There are also many shops left Guanye Street and handed over with it. There are obviously fewer people. In the chewing*incense garden there, I bought pork shops and almond cakes. I feel that there are more varieties than ever. Go back to Guanye Street and have lunch all the way. Bao's cattle are tender and crisp. The water crab in Chengchang Hotel is the most famous. There are many people queuing up to buy other cakes and try them next time. They bought Moyiji's mango chaff, which is similar to jelly, and they didn't feel particularly delicious.

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    Reviewed on 1481007332000
  • 小小琪妈妈

    Guanye Street is also one of my favorite streets. It's next to the Venetian Hotel where I live, but it's a long way to go and there's a long escalator. We went to Macau in the evening and wanted to find something to eat. As a result, the shop on the street at more than 10 o'clock had already closed. We went a long way to the convenience store to buy instant noodles. That day was my birthday. There are many famous snacks on Guanye Street, as well as clothes and letters. They are very busy. There are also some local people living here. They are a little less important than those in Dasanba archway. It's interesting. Coffee shops are very distinctive.

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    Reviewed on 1472559603000
  • yoyoyu

    Near the Venetians and the Milky Way, it's 10 minutes'walk; clean, small and delicate, narrow but stepped roads, thick trees, lush branches and leaves, and chairs under the trees. It's tasty to sit down. Small shops have their own characteristics. They are all kinds of delicacies. At night, bars are near the street, and music is mixed with Magnolia fragrance, which is intoxicating. There are not many people in the street during the day and night. But the endless stream, blue sky colorful houses, people of all skin colors, multilingual, coffee cafes enjoy drinking coffee, giving people a natural, quiet!

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    Reviewed on 1446173912000
  • qinru

    There are special streets, some special snacks and restaurants. There was no one around 10 a.m. until noon. Eat Dali's pork chop bag, Moyiji's durian ice cream, Changji's water crab porridge, the taste is very good; bought Juji and Huangji's snacks, suggested to buy Juji, Jiji*s too sweet. It's comfortable to go shopping around 9:30 in the morning and take fewer pictures.

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    Reviewed on 1440162256000
  • 暂别异化

    Out of the West Wing lobby of the Venetian Hotel (from the East Wing lobby, turn left to the flyover direction is Macao University of Science and Technology), across the flyover, go straight to the right road, go straight for a few minutes after passing the PLA troops in Australia, see the archway on the roadside, it says "Yuanzai" and walk into the Official Street is not far. In fact, there are many restaurants and tea restaurants in Guanye Street, which are good. I've had a "curry all" tea restaurant. Business is good, it tastes good and the price is not high. Guanye Street is dominated by letter shops and restaurants, which are very good. There is also a Beidi Temple to visit, and a Luyu Museum is open free of charge. It is said that there are more native Portuguese people living here than on the other side of the Macao Peninsula. There is a Nike factory store on Guanye Street. It has two floors and many things. If you want to experience a more authentic life of Taiwanese citizens, you can go straight from the Nike factory store at the intersection, then walk for a few minutes to see the overpass, go up to the opposite side of the road, and then you can see a park on the right, which is the living area nearby. On the opposite side of the park is the supermarket, Baijia Supermarket. Further on, there is a 24-hour supermarket on the right, Xinmiao Supermarket. In fact, Longhuan Portuguese Rhyme is also here in Guanye Street, you can visit together by the way.

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    Reviewed on 1539178571000
  • 137****0981

    Guanye Street is a food street about 200 meters long, but things are very expensive, much more expensive than Dasanba. We have dinner in Chengchang Hotel. We have eight dishes and one porridge side. It's nearly 2,000 yuan, but crab porridge and all kinds of dishes are really delicious. Although it's also expensive, don't buy it there. Go to Dasanba and buy it!

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    Reviewed on 1440300484000
  • WJ小居居

    Recommend two streets, Guanye Street and Longhuan Portuguese Rhyme. It's in two directions of an avenue, fairly close apart, huh. Guanye Street can eat and eat, Longhuan Portuguese rhyme beat, Zan [doge] We went to Guanye Street early in the morning, first had a breakfast, casually entered a tea restaurant. Across the store is the famous Chengchang Hotel. Before opening the door, I watched the signature water crab porridge salivate (& #175; & #175;) I could not compete for breath. After eating a pork bag, I couldn't eat any other [tears], reading water crab porridge and durian ice cream. The crowd of Dasanba people, together with visits by relatives, basically did not wander around the new road, and the snacks recommended by the strategy did not have appetite for P2-9. They were in Guanye Street and Longhuan Portuguese Rhyme [/cp].

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    Reviewed on 1508142302000
  • 张老师

    Macau one-day tour, hurried through the busy old city, lost in the brilliance of the Venetians, eating Guanye Street with stomach. After completing the standard tour of Macau with the tour group, it was not until Gongbei left that I realized that there were many regrets and reluctance towards Macau. I immediately felt like the city, like the mutual respect between people, like the feeling of seemingly foreign culture. Next time, I must travel freely, stay for a few days, and enjoy the city well.

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    Reviewed on 1499241428000
  • M21****671

    After visiting Macao with my girlfriend in February, I have been thinking about all kinds of delicacies in Macau. Last Thursday, LG finally took the annual leave to visit Macau with me. It was really convenient to drive to Hengqin Port and cross the Customs. After check in, we took a shuttle bus to the Galaxy. We crossed the road from the Galaxy to Guanye Street. It was very close. For lunch, we thought about eating Tan Jia shark fin early, but it was not too long before, and the taste was still the same. After we had a stroll around the neighborhood, we went to Moyiji and bought a Durian ice-cream from Cat Mountain King. In other words, 68 yuan was really expensive. It tasted good. Basically, there are few scenic spots in Guanye Street. I went to the letter shop and went to Italy to eat a pork steak bag. In other words, I like bread more than pork steak.

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    Reviewed on 1438047622000
  • u海上飘雪

    Located in the vicinity of Venetians, you can come over. Because you live there, you will focus on how to get there, hoping to give some help to others. Living in the North Wing Suite, there is an overpass down Gongye Street. Must ask the waiter, save a lot of time and effort. Go around a large circle, in the hotel around a variety of, come back through the overpass, take the elevator directly down to the ground. After a short walk, you can see the entrance of the hotel, together with the indoor parking lot. Just ask about the elevator to the North wing.

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    Reviewed on 1486379003000
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