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National Park
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
denis天涯任我行Cook Mountain National Park is about 60 minutes from Shepherd Church, drive west, turn right at T-junction at the source of Pukaki Lake, then trundle through the silver beech forests along the azure Pukaki Lake, a World Heritage Site in southwest New Zealand. It is a combination of Westland National Park, Asperi Mountain National Park and Fjord National Park. The Cook Mountain National Park Camp is at the end of the road. The scenery is like a big movie. There are five best short trails, Governor Jungle Trail, Bowen Jungle Trail, Glencoe Trail, Antelope Horn Trail, and Hook Valley Trail, all set off from Cook Hills, with stunning views. The most popular walk in the park is the Hook Valley Trail, which is longer than the other four trails, about 3-4 hours round trip, more challenging, and the quaint boulders, meadows and the backdrop of three suspension bridges for photo ops are also fun. The trail starts at the Baimashan campground with a wide view. The original place was the Heights Hotel. In 1913, it was destroyed by a mountain torrent. Now there are still some ruins. In 1957, the rebuilt hotel was relocated 2 kilometers away from the plains. It looks around and is covered with shrubs and jungles. Through the "Arhatsong Arch", the beginning of the nine-kilometer walk of Hook Valley, the road is smooth, rugged and complex alpine meadow with woody roads, summer season, the mountains full of daisies, fluffy grass and lily like alpine hair, beautiful. The trail includes a monument to the first victims of a mountaineering accident, near the Hook Valley Trail's villa. Inscriptions show three climbers killed in an avalanche in 1914, only one body was found, but 12 years later the glacier melted. The second body was found at the bottom of Hochstetter Lcefall, 2,000 meters below where the team was buried at the time, and the glacier moved at a rapid rate. The temperature was getting lower and lower as the mountain climbed, and the gravel landslides were visible on the mountainside, and the traces of the meadow vegetation were visible, and finally the lake was near, and halfway up the mountain, there was a viewing platform, and the wooden seats were simple, and the next step was Lake Hook, and the ice-blue fault was on the cross-section of the glacier. There was a blue-sky light. There was a huge stone attraction on the trail, with a photo showing her as the first woman to make the climb to the top of Cook Mountain. After the climb, Freda left her crisp, short skirt and cane-held in front of the rock.
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d36***08There are many lakes in New Zealand, most of which are surrounded by mountains, the shoreline is tortuous, the lake is clear, and the scenery is pleasant. It is an excellent tourist attraction. Lake Pukaki, located in the middle of the South Island, is unique with 4 and is worth a visit. First, because the lake water is rich in rock particles and minerals, under the sunlight, it reflects a distinctive blue color, dreamy and attractive, and has the reputation of "blue milk lake". The second is that the lake is the best place to overlook the Cook Mountains. When the weather is fine, standing on the southern shore of Lake Pukaki, the Southern Alps on the northern shore 55 kilometers away are clearly visible. The highest peak is Mount Cook. The third is the lifelike statue of Taer sheep. Taer sheep, native to the Himalayas, lives between high mountains and cliffs. It is a first-class protected animal in my country and is included in the "near threatened" animal list in the world. In 1904, an Englishman brought five Tahr sheep to the South Island. Because there were no natural enemies, Tahr sheep thrived in the Cook Mountains and became the favorite hunting animals for European and American hunters to hunt in New Zealand. In 2014, people erected the handsome and mighty Thar sheep statue on the shore of Lake Pukaki to commemorate the achievements of the people concerned in protecting the Thar sheep worldwide. Taking a photo with the statue is the best choice for all tourists. Fourth, on the south bank of Lake Pukaki, there is a Mount Cook salmon farm. The salmon meat is firm and tender, and the price is good. Many food lovers come to taste and buy.
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_We***24Hiking up Mount John. Mount John is located on the shore of Lake Tekapo. You can enjoy the beautiful Lake Tekapo and the lakeside town from the top of the mountain. The most notable thing is that there is an observatory on the top of the mountain, which is an important base for space research in New Zealand. Because it is far away from big cities and the sky is clear, it has the most beautiful starry sky at night. It is also one of the four best stargazing spots in the world. It is recognized as the best place to observe the Milky Way and the center of the universe. There is also a coffee shop on the top of the mountain, which is known as the best coffee shop in the world. Climb to Mount John for a cup of star coffee and wait for stargazing
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爱走路爱跑步Tasman Glacier (Tasman Glacier) is located in Lake Tasman in Mount Cook National Park, South Island, New Zealand. It is the longest glacier in New Zealand. It is 27 kilometers long, 4 kilometers wide, and covers an area of 101 square kilometers, with a thickness of up to 600 meters and a height. At 3000 meters above sea level, it is one of the longest glaciers in the world. The Tasman Glacier slides slowly every day at a speed ranging from 23 to 45 cm, and the slowness is almost imperceptible. As a representative of the closest glacier to the ocean, especially since 1995, the glacier has declined rapidly, and the front edge of the glacier has receded by nearly 1 km.
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M49***29The hotel lives on the edge of the beautiful lake Alxandrina. If you walk away, it will only take about 15 to 20 minutes. The lake is beautiful and blue. Walking on the edge makes the whole person relax a lot!
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gracewyinLake Ticabo ( Lake Tekapo) is located in the Southern Alps Mountains and is a famous glacial lake on the South Island of New Zealand. The unique Turkish Blue Lakefront, with snow-white mountains surrounded by four sides, forms a beautiful view. In addition to being a famous attraction in New Zealand, this is the first town in the world listed as a "Star Sky Nature Reserve" by UNESCO. The salmon 🍣 here is also very delicious. Visitors can try the local salmon, very fresh and delicious!

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